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20% off iTunes $50 GC (OOS) | [Preowned] Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $999, iPhone 12 Pro 128GB/256GB $1529/ $1669 S[email protected]


Aus day ozb special.

iTunes $50 gift card OZB exclusive $40 (Online Only, ONE per customer - Coupon applied when you add it to cart. Redemption code will be emailed by Thursday) OZbargained (Sold out)

Refurb/Preowned Apple iPhone 12 - Refurbished to the extent of data wiping and physically cleaning and testing. Change of mind returns and not repaired. Still under Apple wty till Nov 2021 or longer (varies from device to device)

Like New Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64gb $999

Like New Apple iPhone 12 Mini 128gb $1099

Like New Apple iPhone 12 Pro 256gb $1669

All orders placed today will be shipped by Thursday with signature on delivery. Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website or email us at support at phonebot com au. Stay safe and look after each other

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  • any iphone 12 pro max?

    • +1

      not atm sorry. perhaps next month

  • -3

    refurbished? I would pay bit extra just for peace of mind . Thank you op

    • +6

      all g mate :)

  • what is the code for Itunes giftcard, rep?

    • +1

      discount applies at checkout


    • sorry what do you mean. redemption code?

      • Silly me. all good, rep. please ignore.

      • No, he wants you to give him some codes for free ;)

  • 20% off iTunes cards is pretty good, I think 15% is usually the best and not that common. Any chance of doing the same with Google Play cards?

    • +1

      Yes im trying to make it happen

    • very common, 5% price match office works v coles etc.

  • Ugh, where's PayPal Checkout but when you need it? I don't want to create an account (and why do you need my address for a iTunes code?)

    • you dont need to create an account mate. just go through the checkout and pay by paypal

      • +1

        The password box is mandatory.

      • I also can’t see the option to checkout via PayPal without the need to create an account. I tried creating an account during the process and when I click Pay Now nothing happens.

        • its on the bottom left hand corner. we mostly had paypal checkout on itunes without making an account actually

  • +3

    iTunes cards out of stock. Had it in my cart and going through the checkout but upon logging in, it was all gone

    • Yep :( @erroorfree any more being available soon?

  • +1

    iTunes card Sold out

    • Haha that didn't last long. I thought 20% was pretty good. I know if it was Google Play 20% off almost everyone I know would've grabbed a couple for them and their rugrats, I don't know many apple users anymore at least who spend in the app store.

      • What do you use your Google play cards for? I've got a heap of credit that I was using to buy music, but since they've closed Play Music and moved to a subscription only model, i haven't worked out what it's still good for?

  • +1

    Damn mustn’t of had many, already OzBargained after 35 minutes and not many votes.

  • +4

    Are you going to get more stock OP given the popularity or was this a limited offer to get some traffic for your other items (phones and such) ?

    • I wasn't implying anything untoward, nothing wrong with limiting a promotion if there's no profit or small loss involved & using it to get foot traffic, pretty common in the retail world. Just interested to know if there will be more stock or was it like I assume a limited promotion?

  • +9

    Did anyone actually buy iTunes card from here? Else seems dodgy just to promote other stuffs.

    • Probably a loss leader to be honest.

    • I bought an iTunes card

    • Bought it and redeemed w/o any problem.

      • How'd you redeem if they aren't being emailled til Thursday?

        • +1

          Last deals not this one. The person above asked about actual purchase from Phonebot so I just replied to that.

  • +1

    They also have the se new for $639, which I got officeworks to price beat last week.

  • Can you explain if once you buy iTunes cards, can they be applied to paying for the iPhone12 you have on sale and if so how??

    • No

    • +1

      No you can never use iTunes/Google Play cards to pay for hardware. They sell seperate Apple Store cards for non digital purchases. There was a small period of time when you could use Google Play cards to buy Nexus phones years ago back when you could regularly find big discounts on them but they shut that door very quickly once they realised what was going on

  • OP, could you please tell me where your brand new stock is sourced from?

    • -1

      Didnt OP wrote "like new" not brand new?

      • They sell “brand new” as well as “like new” stock on their website. Hence my question.

        • Could be a "special deal" that phonebot has with returns from Apple directly sourced? Just speculating.

  • Does "12 Months (Apple Warranty)" mean it's not AU stock?

  • How are there already preowned iPhone 12's

  • FYI, iTunes GCs are regularly 15% off at Coles. Combined with discounted Coles GC (5-10%), you would end up saving roughly 19% or 23%.

    • Can't buy giftcards with giftcards

      • You can. I did it successfully at Coles.

  • +3

    Still not receive my code 🙄

  • Thanks! Just got my code :)

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