Golden Field N1 ITX/MATX Computer Case - A$52.41 Delivered @ Banggood Au


Great 17 liter case.

Support some small (and much cheaper) MATX motherboard. Great for budget build. Around $90 everywhere else.

Best way to build an "ITX" pc with cheaper parts (MATX low end mobo + atx PSU). Cheaper than sugo 13 but a little bigger.

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  • I have the N2 (basically the same frame but with a solid front panel and brushed aluminium panels). Great little ITX case, really not a MATX case as it is limited to narrow MATX boards (18cm width). I definitely recommend using a SFX PSU to give yourself a little more room, but it will fit small ATX PSUs.

    Also available as the Kolink satellite via PCCG for $49 +shipping which may be cheaper if you can pick up.

  • Thank you! I have been looking for a smaller case to repurpose my older build and a lot of the recommended cases here also look suitable. I want to use my ATX psu still without buying a SFF. I'll measure it all up tonight!

    • whilst not as cheap, silverstone sg02 is a not bad option for a 20L matx case

      • Thank you for the recommendation! I'll check it out. I currently have a bitfenix case, and it might not be worth the upgrade for a little bit of space saved. I took the wings off the case and it fits in the shelf I have. Still, these cases do look pretty.

  • It's a neat little case. I believe the video cards are limited to about 280mm but you could fit a Noctua D15 in it.

  • What's better, this or the recent SG13 deal?

    • This is bigger but supports higher cpu cooler and bigger motherboard (limited number though). It is up to you. This one has better air flow once the sugo 13 is the quiet version

  • ML06 is 7 litres as opposed 17 for this "monster" …heaps better for htpc - if you're using integrated GPU and sfx power :)

    • What's the point of a HTPC these days if you aren't gaming on it?

      Doesn't a Chromecast with Google TV cover every other use case?

      • Exactly what I've found out. Compact NUC is great for noise but I cannae ad moor power. Back to the build table

  • Please note you cannot fit DH15 in this case. I have this case and the DH15 is too wide and hits the top right side rail when trying to install it.

    I have seen people who have put a DH14 and Dark Rock Pro 4 which are less wide than the DH15 but you have to be careful with CPU socket placement.