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Dell Alienware AW2721D 27" QHD 240Hz G-Sync HDR600 $895.20 ($872.72 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Alternative to S2721DGF with higher refresh 240Hz, G-Sync, HDR600, $944 @ Dell Direct


Some cons apparently no DCS, no sRGB clamp but great support from Dell so roll the dice

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    HDMI version 2.0, probably wait a little as HDMI 2.1 is around the corner.

    • What's the benefit for consoles? Most cap at 120Hz which is fine for 2.0?

      • Bigger issue here is that the PS5 doesn't support 1440p currently.

    • why? I though HDMI 2.1 is for 4k

      • HDMI 2.1 is for [email protected], [email protected] But yes i'm not sure why you want to wait for HDMI 2.1 if this monitor only does 1440p

        • Because PS5 does not have 1440p mode…if you want 1440p 120Hz from a PS5 you'll have to feed a 4K120 signal to the monitor and it will have to downscale to 1440p

  • just bought it for 944 on sunday

    • dell offers price guarantee I believe.

      But I don't remember if that applies only to the Dell store, or other outlets.

      • thanks, I will try.

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