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20% off Dell (22% with eBay Plus) (S2721DS Monitor $287.20, XPS 8940 Desktop $1999.20, G5 Gaming Desktop $1899) @ Dell eBay


First decent ebay promo sale for 2021!

Non-ebay plus members (20% off) - use promo code PDLL20
ebay plus members (22% off) - use code PLUSDELL

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEDT on 25 January 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

Conditions. The offer entitles:
non-eBay Plus members to 20% off; and
eBay Plus members to an extra 2% off (total 22% off),

Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code PDLL20 (for non-eBay Plus members) or PLUSDELL (for eBay Plus members) as applicable into the redemption code box during the checkout process. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code 5 times during the Offer Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

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  • I can also vouch for this monitor.

    I bought two a couple of months back for gaming/general use and I am really happy with them.

  • finally bit on the S2721DS. Thanks OP!

    • Got one of these in an earlier deal, really happy with it overall, particularly the brightness and sharpness at 1440p. Would highly recommend using headphones or other speakers as the inbuilt ones are just passable, but work in a pinch.

      Hope you enjoy it!

      • Thanks! I may use this as a second tv when desperate so the speakers might be used occasionally so I really wanted that function. Almost went with the S2721HS but realised no speakers, even if crappy.

  • Can't spot any decent gaming laptop deals.

  • Any special on non height adjustable monitor? Will use screenmount arm.

  • Awww man I could have gotten stands for an extra dollar

    I just purchased the 2721D from the Dell deal last week.

  • "eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time"……………… yes they canceled my orders after 2 months of waiting. Just keep it in mind before ordering.

  • Jesus just noticed delivery dates on the monitors is "Estimated between Wed. 24 Feb. and Fri. 5 Mar. "

  • Can anyone recommend a height adjustable monitor from Dell? It literally just for the office at a second monitor. Looking at either a 24" or 27".

  • If you buy the XPS 8940 replace:

    • CPU cooler with a Noctua NH-U9S (no mounting bracket needed but you need to buy additional M3x20mm screws from Bunnings to mount to existing socket holes)
    • rear case fan with Noctua NF-A9 PWM

    After doing this my desktop doesn't throttle under load (roughly 15C cooler under full load).

    • is that going to ruin the warranty?

      • No - firstly the failure would have to be caused by the changes to void warranty.

        Secondly, you could revert it to stock in less than 5mins. You literally unscrew the cooler, apply paste to the CPU die, screw the factory cooler back on. Unscrew the back fan and put the stock one back on.

    • If you're worry about temperature , don't buy it better alternatives available, you buy this for warranty only

      • Mine cools just fine. First time I have ever bought a premade desktop for personal use and I like the small form factor.

    • Thanks for your advice. Can we put just the fan on the side of existing cpu cooler?

      • The replacement noctua NH-U9S is reportedly better due to 5 vs 3 heatpipes - conducts heat to the fins more efficiently under load.

        The stock K series cooler is a sandwich design with the fan in the middle of the cooler similar to the noctua NH-D9L. The main reason I went with the NH-U9S is because the xps 8940 uses the case for the backplate mount, so I wanted a replacement cooler that could be mounted without any modifications.

        if you had a fan and clips I think it could be possible to add onto the stock cooler, but I think the improvement will be marginal (3-5C vs 15C with full cooler replacement).

        My view is that after these changes the desktop is fine. I previously had a big "mid" case custom build with lots of drives bays and all the bling and this thing would be roughly 1/3 of the volume. Maybe even 1/4. It's tiny.

        Now of course this means if you wanted to upgrade to really non-stock (add a lot more drives etc), then you would have to move the parts into a new case. You can't move the Dell MB because the front ports are part of the leading edge (ie the MB is totally custom, not standard micro ATX).

        This would mean to move cases you would need case, MB, PSU. At that point you might as well just build your own. But you do still have that option down the road.

  • The S2721DS is an excellent second monitor, I have it paired with the S2721DGF!

  • Any views on the XPS 8940 v G5 both with the 3070.
    The xps has 10700k and an optical drive.
    Both seem to have similar expand-ability.
    Im still a fan of optical drives but would always prefer a bluray burner as I still do a bit of authoring work, so I would need an external for that anyway.

    Theres also a 3060TI model https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-G5-5000-Gaming-Desktop-10th... but the 3070 is probably worth the extra

    • Was just thinking the same.

    • The 10700k is wasted on the xps since it'll thermal throttle

      I would go with the g5 variant

      • Replace the CPU cooler as I posted above and it doesn't.

        Also looking at the photos, that G5 uses an identical case and worse cpu cooler (K variants get the "better" stock cpu cooler). The only case difference is the plastic front.

        • Is the case on the G5 effectively the same as the XPS? If so, would the cpu cooler and case fan upgrades work on the G5? (I don't particularly need the overclocking option, ax wifi or extra storage of the 8490).

          • @Unskinbopbopbop: I think the case is the same, but you only get the larger cpu cooler on the K variant. The non-K cpus get the little square cooler which frankly looks poor.

            I've never seen one of those G series Dell PCs in person but I imagine the upgrades would be the same. I would have a quick google for discussions on Dell support forums.

    • Small observation - The XPS has wifi 6, the G5 didn't.

  • Does anyone know if their gaming headsets are any good?

  • Will i get an invoice from Dell?

  • Dell XPS 8940 cooling/airflow is terrible despite having a beefy cooler so expect the CPU to run at 100 degrees. You'd want to put a Noctua or similar on it.

    RAM is also restricted to 2933Mhz only and you can't clock it higher. Oh and a 500W PSU that would limit future upgrades. Still good value for a big brand prebuilt.

    • Being out of the PC gaming scene for a while, this all stood out to me as well.

      Surely that power supply is too low for this build?

      And the cooling, wouldn't putting your own on void the warranty and defeat the purpose of buying a big name pre-built?

      • Roughly taking into account the HDD, SSD, RAM, CPU, GPU, WLAN and Keyboard/Mouse you're looking at around 420W. So 500W is the bare minimum and something like 650W or 700W even would be better. I'm fairly certain Dell are using your standard type of PSU that could be swapped with any other but I don't know for certain.

        Putting your own cooler would void the warranty. I guess the trick is to put the old cooler back on if you had to.

        • tested mine with 100% GPU and CPU and found that the power from the plug is only 370Watts. I guess this didnt take into account the power draw from the HDD as it's most probably sleeping at that time of the test.
          From an upgrade perspective there's still some buffer out there just not sure if it will be enough for a 3080.

  • Dell 27 Inch Gaming Monitor S2721DGF - $485.94


  • Noting cooler and ram limits mentioned a few times above, I’m still seeing great value here unless I’m mistaken?

    10700k is about $475
    3070 $1k+
    $1500 for just those two parts

    So get an ok system for $1950 ($450 more than just the above 2 parts of bought separately)
    And if I want to give building a pc a go I can take the cpu and graphics card from this to a future build.. am I wrong? Lol
    Then be on the hook for motherboard case ram cooling psu

    • Yes, the 10700k in this is probably gonna perform around 80% of a normal 10700k due to heat

      The 3070 should be worse than this $1.05k galax (https://www.umart.com.au/Galax-GeForce-RTX-3070-SG-1-Click-O...) and lower resale since it doesn't have a box

      The other components is really cheap, 500w psu is $50, poor thermal chassis is $50, ram $100

      You'll only buy this if you can't build one yourselves and you'll want good warranty

      • Add another $150 for the Windows licence as well.

        This is good value for a big name pre-built. Could you build something cheaper and/or better? Probably. But that takes time and skill, and if something breaks you can't just call one number and get it fixed straight away.

      • Any good pre builds with a good thermal chassis cos that's what I'm looking for

  • Dell 27 Monitor: S2721HS Full HD 1080p 75Hz AMD FreeSync HDMI - $213.72

  • Hey guys, I'm not very computer savvy… Thought to seek some advices from you guys here.

    I'm looking to buy a desktop that can play some games (occasionally) like COD2, Dota2 and also editing videos, photos.. etc..

    So I'm looking between these 2 desktop units:

    1. AU $1,403.22 (after Ebay Plus discount) -https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-XPS-8940-Tower-Desktop-10th-i7-10700-16GB-RAM-512GB-SSD-GTX-1650-SUPER-4GB/333661268263?epid=3041834233&hash=item4dafc2e927%3Ag%3A-2kAAOSwahFfFm8s&_trkparms=%2526rpp_cid%253D5ff26041812840e701b3464c

    2. AU $1,153.78 (after Ebay Plus discount) - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-Inspiron-Desktop-Intel-Core...

    any thoughts/advices will be much appreciated :)

    • I would recommend consulting a pc builder like virco, these are not very good value

      If you have to choose between the 2, no1 is more rounded, 8gb ram is really low these days

    • Check this out. RTX 3070 PC

    • for those prices if you can find the "desktop computer" tab at the top there is a recent listing of various computer systems being sold by TechFast (more or less the best performance for cost), Virco, or TitanTech if or when they can come back to offering new systems here. There are already a number of recent examples that for comparable costs will give you a much better computer for gaming (e.g. systems with a 3060ti card that is probably the best card for cost available and for future proofing purposes)

    • Either of the PC’s you listed would do for gaming at medium settings (high settings for older games) or general video editing.

      If you’re keen to choose a Dell for warranty and ease of setup (plug it in and go), rather than a Techfast or other PC, then I’d suggest either the cheaper or the two models you shared as they’re very similar in specification, or if you can stretch your budget to $1850 with Ebay plus, you could get this one which has a powerful graphics card about twice as fast as what you listed, with better ventilation and a higher likelihood of lasting for an extra year or two: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-G5-Gaming-Desktop-Intel-Cor...

      Hope that helps.

  • Any recommendation on Dell laptop? Thanks。

    • xps is a solid option. Would give it a lifespan of 3 years until the battery gives in.

  • The G5 looks to be a pretty good deal at $1850, if I didn't already have a gaming PC that is good enough I would get it.

    At good pricing, which likely requires buying parts piece meal especially that 3070, it'll still cost $1750. $100 extra isn't bad for shipping, assembly and whole system warranty.

    10700F - $400
    3070 - $900
    16GB RAM - $90
    1TB SSD - $130
    Ok motherboard - $100
    Ok 650W PSU - $100
    Some sort of case - $60

  • What's the difference between the G5 and XPS?

    Looks like G5 has a 260W PSU…?