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LEGO 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 Technic US$309.99 / A$399.69 Shipped @ Zavvi US


Create an account on the US Zavvi site. Prices are almost always better than the AU site. I’ve ordered a few things never once had to pay GST.

Sometimes I get charged $2 shipping, no idea why. Always seems to be tracked even though $2 shipping doesn’t say “tracked’.

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  • How's the shipping?

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      My Liebherr arrived in excellent condition, but ymmv.

      • Mine arrived in its outer brown packaging box intact.

    • I'm pretty sure all their Lego is shipped from the UK. I had one box come a bit damaged - and was in the system for weeks when Covid first disrupted world wide shipping back in March April. However, since then, I've had three other things turn up in their LEGO shipper boxes in fine condition.

      • Had the London bus from zavvi appear to have been sent from Sydney, so not sure if it's true all time.

        • My last thing from them had a label 'from' Alexandria, Sydney, but all the tracking showed it coming from GB.

          Same with all other parcels.

          BUT, if I was them, I reckon I'd hold some stock in Sydney so, I don't know their plans for sure.

  • Whoa that's a solid "shipped" price, if you don't mind the wait.

  • Cheers. It's hard to keep up with these guys, as in some times the European prices are better. Hadn't thought to check the US myself.

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    Worked out to be $417.34 on my Visa.
    $422 through PayPal.

    • Yep PayPal exchange blows

  • Good 1 OP .

  • Well, ordered one and paid the $2 shipping. Almost as cheap as the deal I got on its brother a while back. Now we'll see if stock is available to fulfill the order and then if it arrives in one piece. Oh the suspenders!

  • Thanks op, hopefully I get one, got an order receipt but says nothing final until I receive a confirmation email saying it’s been processed so fingers crossed.

  • I wonder if Lego has managed to sort out the colour issues with some of the pieces.

    Personally I'm waiting till the end of the model run or till I hear consistent positive feedback that the colour is consistent throughout the set.

    Google this if you don't know what I'm talking about and to see examples.

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      I wouldn’t hold my breath. Their reds and white are still not consistent after all these years.

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      This has been asked multiple times on previous Lamborghini Sian deals.

      Again, it's not going to happen.

      There are dozens and dozens of reviews on Lego's [email protected] site with buyers complaining about the same issue since launch and Lego's customer service reps continually copy-paste the same reply stating: "there may be slight variations in colour consistency on different pieces due to the manufacturing methods used and this is often more noticeable with brighter colors like the green used in the Sian".

      Lego simply don't see it as a problem and this isn't the first time issues related to colour inconsistency/mismatching have occurred in a Lego set; it's occurred with dozens of sets in the past, especially those that used a lot of brightly-coloured pieces. I don't think Lego has ever recalled or re-issued sets for this reason in the past.

    • I got a Sian for Christmas and the variations are still there. It's worst on the rear wing as the variations are on the small elements only, which the wing is full off, thankfully from a distance it looks fine. It doesn't seem as bad as some of the early reviews I saw on LEGO.com but it's quite annoying. I'm particularly puzzled when the variation is on the same element but one element has printing on it (6302570) and the other doesn't (6307436), the printed element is the correct colour. Eg the headrests in the seats are built with these two elements. LEGO are really big on QA so to see this issue that was one the big reasons to avoid Leppin sets is puzzling to me. We didn't have this problem on the 911 with bright orange elements or the Chiron's bright blue elements.

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    Thanks OP! Bought one for the collection. I thought i didnt have an account, turns out i ordered some PS3 games from them 10 years ago for 10 pounds each lol.

    • Wow! So this website was there since 10 yrs ago? Amazing.

  • I got the confirmation email, got shipping for 2$ but they still included the tracking anyway. All up cost me $405.17 AUD using the discount code on the site. Tracking says it’s coming from Great Britain

  • Is anyone expecting to see this kind of pricing here in AU, later down the track?

    • I wouldn't hold your breath, they disappear almost instantly as soon as any store has them in stock.

  • Shipped 😃

    • My order has shipped as well. ETA 02-05 Feb but I won't hold my breath for it to arrive then

  • Mine’s arrived in original Lego shipping box in good condition :)

  • Mine arrived with a damaged box that goes all the way through to the internal piece boxes :(

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    It's on again!

    • Nice. Removed expiry.

  • and again! (kinda wish they'd put something else on a similar deal…)

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    The price is available again, this time with code LAMBO

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