BlitzWolf BW-P11 20000mAh Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W Power Bank US$21.99 (~A$28.55) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Good price on this power bank from BlitzWolf shipping from their AU warehouse.

It features multiple fast charging technologies including 18W USB-PD via USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 via the orange USB port and standard charging in the black USB port. It can be recharged with USB-PD/QC3 via Micro USB or USB-C.

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  • Thanks OP, was waiting for a good deal so I can get my 10th Power bank.

  • Off topic, but I can't seem to find a powerboard with 2 USB-C plugs with decent power. Does anyone have any recommendation?

  • which power bank is good to charge laptop via usb c

    • Not this one. You're going to want one with USB-PD 45W or higher.

      • Just curious how one determines what PD rating one needs to charge there laptop? Have a thunderbolt port with my HP Spectre (think a late 2018 or so model) and i think the normal adapter may be 45w or 60w, but does one need to replicate the watts of their home charger to be able to charge said laptop still? or a lower watt i.e. 45w still works? WHat's the best way to work out what you exactly need via a power bank? Is there a minimum mah powerbank as well to recommend to match up to the power needs of said laptop for at least 1 x complete charge?

        • USB-PD is flexible and goes up to 100W so depending on the charger it'll only draw what it needs. E.g. if your laptop only accepts up to 45W then a 60W charger will go up to 45W. For capacity you always want more, like 20000mAh or 26800mAh if you want to be flight safe.

          As for working out what your laptop requires… Google is often a good place as people are always discussing the popular models like the HP Spectre. In my experience working with HP sometimes only HP branded chargers will work over USB-C, while with other models anything is fine. What I do know is that you'll want 65W minimum for the Spectre.

          • @Clear: So pretty much the charger is backward compatible. SO whatever the Hp Spectre requires I need a battery pack that does the same watts or higher, as it can scale down? I believe the Hp Spectre is 60w but i'llc heck tomorrow am. Have read some reports where some say on 45w it charges slowly if not it just maintains the battery level in some way - is this harmful to the battery /computer vs a properly high enough watts that would actually charge the battery ( while in use)?

            That said does the watts also work for smart phones - for example if i wanted to get an oppo find x2 pro which according to reviews/google uses " 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 " to get the quick battery charrges it claims i.e. 38 minutes to charge to 100% - is the 65 w Super VOOC 2.0 used via phone charger the same as using a 65 W usb c power delivery power bank that we can find online? or is the power delivery/watts different to what the oppo find x2 pro would use to achieve its fast charge times?

      • Can you please give a link of a product. I am new to laptop charging through usb-c. Thanks you clear.

    • I think that Kogan 104W one is pretty good.

  • Thanks @ Clear

  • thanks OP. was looking for one.

  • Have the blitzwolf wall chargers (two or so ports with one QC 3.0) - just wondering: how do their powerbanks fare in terms of quality and safety etc to the mi line of power banks that have earned a good enough reputation?

    the blitzwolf cables so far haven't failed me (especially the ones claiming to pull a car or whatever it was) - but just curious as powerbanks are a new level.

    • Having the same question. I used to buy Xiaomi power banks which feature multiple layers of protection, at least the ads say so, but they’re not on sale much nowadays.

      I’m happy to buy simple stuff like cables, or even wall chargers, from these ‘2nd-tier’ brands like BlitzWolf but still not sure if they’re as good as Xiaomi or Anker when it comes to delicate stuff like batteries.

      • Yeah, a shame the xiaomi no longer seem to be updating as fast and as cheap of aprice now that they are a more premium brand. in the older days they went on sale much more regularly. perhaps blitzwolf will be the same one day… but yeah i know what you mean by the 'ads' seem more convincing if you believe they're true in terms of what layers of protection and tech they use in the battery tech… i'd hope blitzwolf is as good/the same, but i guess the bias of xiaomi etc. is still there.

        Hence great to see what the collective thinks. Xiaomi commenters were also quite good usually at drawing comparisons with different powerbanks on size and reliability. Be interested if other blitzwolf bpower banks give better bang for buck or physical size wise than this. It doesn't look too big, but i guess it could be 'smaller' if I can find something suitable?

    • I have bought 2 of these and they work very well. Charge my devices superfast and my partner has used them to power her laptop when she cant be assed getting a charging cable. Laptop doesnt charge but does suck down enough juice to stave off having to shut down.

    • They are fine

  • Are these decent for a Quest 2?

  • Seems like a good price if it is decent

  • coupon doesn't seem to stack with the new user bonus :(

  • Price dropped to $22.99 but the coupon raises the price now.

    • I just ordered it. $21.99USD. Banggood will automatically turn on shipping insurance. Did you remember to turn it off?

  • Can I charge my laptop with it?