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Boost Mobile $300 Sim Starter Kit (328GB, Unlimited Talk & Text) - $240 Delivered @ Auditech


One of the cheapest deal considering the free Boost $30 SIM Starter Pack
Use code ' BONUS AUSTRALIA BONUS88' to get 20% off total price.
Free Boost $30 SIM Starter Pack Bonus - Receive a Vodafone $30 SIM Starter Pack per order

  • 240GB data on the Telstra 4G network
  • 60GB bonus data if activated before 1/2/2021 Bonus is no longer running. 88GB bonus data if activated before 1/3/2021
  • UNLIMITED calls & text to standard numbers
  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 30 selected destinations:

    Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam

  • 3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected destinations:

    Afghanistan, America Samoa, Brunei, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden
    Stream Apple music data free

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  • +6

    I’d prefer a larger discount, without the bonus free SIM

    • Me too.. But still it's a good one. I almost did not pull the trigger to this one considering my current Boost plan expires on October.

      • So this can be used to recharge an existing Boost plan? My current 12 month 240Gb plan is due in March so looking at sourcing ready for that.

        • there are people who actually recharged using a starter pack contacting Boost customer care. So maybe you can.

          • @notyou: Thanks. I will contact them first to validate just in case.

          • @notyou: Yep, I just did that now, and I still got the bonus 88gb.

  • +1

    Isn’t it an extra bonus 60gb data, so 300gb data all up, if activated by end of January?

    • Yes.. Updated..

  • +1

    fingers crossed theres a deal on the 150

    • +2

      That one has been discontinued, so it might be harder to get discounts as probably all sellers have already got rid of those sims (i.e sold them). I'm looking for a good discount on the $200 plan right now, it's going on ebay for 160ish atm.

      • +1

        On the Auditech website (from this deal), it's $160 for 118gb, instead of the normal $200.
        Just use the same BONUS88 code.

  • Solid price, but would it get shipped in time for you to activate before next Monday for the 60GB data bonus?

    • +2

      I reckon go officeworks and get it right there. Last time I got it price beat successfully from Officeworks with a further 5% off. Best of all, since I bought 2 and at Auditech there was further discount buying two. So I spent $150 for the $200 sim kit.

      • That's the go, wonder if open today

  • Is there voice over wifi Vowifi and volte support for Boost

    • My s10e on boost says i have VoLTE atm and I have seen VoWiFi when I was at a friend's place who had a telstra modem / connection.

      • I got Optus wifi and it even works with airplane mode (obviously with wifi on)

        • doesn't work on my superloop connection

          • @kyzahh: Not sure if you have your VoLTE (not VoWIFI as the VoWIFI relies on VoLTE) enabled from Boost side. I believe you’ve turned it on from your device, have you tried to make a call on 4G and see if it drops to 3G, if yes, you may not have VoLTE working from Boost side.

    • Yes to both of these. I use Boost on an iPhone and both VoWiFi and VoLTE work for me.

    • +1

      It works for me from Boost with a catch. When I joined Boost for my 2 iPhones, both of them need Boost to reset the VoLTE on their end as somehow on their end they recognised my devices as not supporting VoLTE which is not true. Their VoWIFI and VoLTE is the same as Telstra that is the VoWIFI rely solely on VoLTE to be enabled first. Without VoLTE enabled, the VoWIFI won’t be available. The VoWIFI need to drop to VoLTE then to 3G and can’t skip VoLTE. YMMV but I need to jump the hoops and teach the online chat rep sometimes to make it happen in a reasonable amount of time.

    • Yes Boost does. I migrated mum from Aldi to Boost at Xmas time for the sole reason that she needed Wifi Calling.

    • Sure, it has VOLTE &VOWIFI.

      The official support devices are:
      Apple iPhone 6 onwards, Apple Watch 3 onwards
      Samsung Galaxy devices, S7 onwards, Note 5 onwards, A5 onwards
      Google Pixel devices
      LG devices G5 onwards
      Telstra Signature Premium & Enhanced devices
      Sony devices Xperia Z5 onwards

      My oneplus 7T also got the VOLTE &VOWIFI support with the help of XDA.

  • +1

    Can I use this to recharge my current boost plan? Or is this for new customers only?

    • +1

      according to comments in the previous deals, yes. chat with the support team to do so.

      • Yep, I just did that now, and I still got the bonus 88gb.

  • Anything on Telstra 300?

  • This or the 110gb for $171?
    Comes down to data requirements but don't use heaps while have NBN at home, maybe just tidal streaming can reduce quality, cache and download anyway.

    Checked the last few bills used about 9-13gb per month.

    though probably still cheaper than doing a top up during the year if I start to get skinny on data.

    Edit: Optus also have 100GB for $150 (usually $180), online only though, for new customers. Already with Optus post paid, so probably easier porting to another network

    • +1

      The 110Gb comes down to $160 with code AUSTRALIA, which gives you 9Gb per month.
      Sounds like you might need the $300 plan instead

      • Yeah either would be good but with less you'd have to watch it a bit more or do offline downloads, but kind of on the border. Happy with the 300 for $228 but $160 is a good deal even 170 Coles price match

  • Is international roaming back yet? They took it away a while back for upgrades… But gonna need it soon

    • where you going fam ?
      moving OS during covid ?

  • Doesn't work for me , "The coupon code you entered couldn't be applied to your order" , expired?

    • Looks like code been updated to "AUSTRALIA" doesn't mention anything about bonus starter pack

      • Still says 300GB data for $300 and 20% off..
        Wondering if office works is open today prob try match it.

        Edit: with these pre-paid long life sims, do you lose your number after 12 months? Would need to keep porting over to something new but wouldn't need to worry for a while. Been like 20 years since having a pre-paid as primary service.

        Is there much advantage of 365 prepaid over 30days etc?

        • No you don't lose your number instantly, I have waited 2 months after my boost plan expired before I ported to Coles mobile. Boost just sends you periodic messages about offers and recharge during the time.

          • @notyou: ok good to know thanks.
            365 day sims seem like the way to go so don't need to worry about recharging every month, roll data over etc.

  • Checked out just after 8am, went through the payment system with the code applied, but the order invoice came out to be $300 :( I'm guessing the code expired at 8am when I was checking out. Anyone know if it's possible to get a refund before they ship?

    • +1

      Either way you have to contact them to get the refund or discount applied

      Looks like the code changed to AUSTRALIA so just ask them

  • The promote has changed to AUSTRALIA

  • +3

    Successful price beat at OW for $228

    • Do U show them the auditech page?
      Sounds good, wondering this or the 110GB for $171~
      300gb/$228 = $19 & 25gb /month
      110gb/$171 = $14.25 & 9.16bg /month

      Any chance the port would be automatic and happen today?

      • +1

        I just mentioned the company name, i assume they checked the page themselves as they were on the computer for a bit.

        • I thought that officeworks doesn’t price beat coupons? How did you explain this to the rep?

          • @thomB123: Going to check it out soon myself once i decide which plan.
            Extra $5 per month nothing for more data i guess.
            the website states 20% off…
            wonder if 28degrees would match at any rate

          • @thomB123: The rep said the same to me. But I insisted that I have done it many times before. Have it added to your card with the code applied so the price showing is $240. YMMV

          • -1

            @thomB123: They never mentioned it 🤷

        • Just tried at OW Caroline Springs and was told they would not PB a coupon code

          • @raiyani: The attendant here Said no code either.
            I can't find a link for the $300 sim for Coles, only the $200 in Catalogue.

            Edit, They price matched the auditech site, and beat $228. just needed to find someone higher up. Helps showing the Coles catalogue but were happy with The website in the end.


    • Any idea if you can buy it online and then ask them to send you the code on the phone?

  • These are about $250 delivered on eBay.

  • Code not working for me.

  • If I get this; how long is the whole activation process, including porting my number from Telstra using Boost's blank SIM? Is it safe to activate it on the 31st of January (to get the bonus data)?

    • what about porting today with optus

  • Don't bother at Five Dock Officeworks (NSW)

    • What happened?

      • They kept saying no to coupon codes - strictly cannot be used to price match. Despite my efforts saying so many people have sucessfully done so.

    • +4

      Why are you negging the deal for that? You trying to price match has little to do with the bargain.

  • Managed to price beat at Office Works around 12:30 pm, price came down to $228, awesome.

    • Yeah was definitely an activity for this morning.
      Assume Coles don't sell the $300 Sim but that would be another option, they can definitely beat the $200 Coles Sim.

  • On the Boost website, the fine print states "Eligible for new customers who activate on Anytime Ultra from 24 Nov to 1 Feb". Does the bonus data apply to activation on 1 Feb?

  • Ozbargained.

  • Lets see how this porting goes, downloaded all my optus bills, hopefully nothing else to do.
    Edit: All pretty straight forward, waiting for the 'We’ve sent you an email confirming your request to activate'

  • Does anyone know when the bonus data comes through?
    I've activated my Sim but the data allowance doesn't not include the bonus data, can anyone confirm whether it should?

    • did you resolve the missing bonus data issue kevin? you might need to speak to auditech to chase it up if its still missing

      • Hi on the gold,
        Yep, I was just misreading what was there.
        On the boost mobile app, if you expand your mobile plan information, you'll have your original amount and then the bonus data.
        The bonus data came thru asap.

        • Ok. Good to hear it was there all along. Look forward to mine coming. How long was the delivery time for you? Im hoping it turns up within a week to coincide with end of my plan month.

  • +2

    Back in stock. Code BONUS88

  • +1

    It is now "88GB bonus data if activated before 1/3/2021".

    • Just checking, reading on the boost website as +88GB bonus Data on first recharge.

      Would activating the SIM count as first recharge?

      • Yes. After activating the SIM, or maybe at the same time, you "recharge" your account, which will be for the first time since you're activating the account.

  • glad the deal is back!! very timely with telstra just pulling the rug from their data free afl broadcasts. that inclusion was the ONLY reason i was happy to be paying $50p/m with 40gb with telstra.. now with the new boost deal i will be on 27.3gb for $20 a month. sort of the same as 7 months bill free compared to telstra price ($600 per year vs. $240), but get 12.7gb less a month. sounds great to me

  • Optus just forced me from my previous "deal" plan from 30GB @ $38/month to 15GB @ $45/month for. I can do this boost plan for 27.3GB @ $20/month.

  • Can anyone upload the officeworks receipt so I can possibly use that to get it price matched? They refused over the phone price match because of the bonus code.

  • I was able to price match at office works, I get the feeling that I wasn't meant to but I walked old love through every step on my phone and got there in the end paid $228

    • yeah they dont price match bonus codes usually

  • Its now 328gb. A bonus 88gb if activated by 1 March 2021

  • Hi all
    I’m currently on this same plan and would like to ‘renew’ it. My current plan expires 23/02.

    My understanding is that since the plan is only available to ‘new’ customers, you have to port over to another mobile carrier i.e Optus, wait a couple days, and then port back to Boost by activating this sim.

    Is this correct ?

    • It is correct. The deal already includes a bonus Vodafone $30 SIM for your convenience.

  • First timer to these 12 month sims. Am I able to split the full data allowance into months(like month-to-month plan) or is it up to you to self manage?

    • It's upto you to self manage, full data is available at once.

  • Is stock still available?

  • Was with boost near end of yearly prepaid sim. Bought a $4.95 Sim or whatever from Kogan and ported out. Did it at 430pm and port was completed the next morning around 10am or something. Used the Sim for a day, enjoyed the shocking vidse coverage in my area and the following day at 930am ported back to boost to get the new customer sign up data. Took a few minutes for boost port in to be complete. Will definitely do again. Piss easy.

  • Code works for the $200 Sim now too, $160 for 118 Gig but be quick, that deal lasts to 1/3/2021 then it's just 95 Gig after that;