Do You Own a Dog?

Today marks the first anniversary of COVID-19 arriving on our shores. Since then, our lives have changed in so many ways. One obvious change has been the increase in pet adoption. I've seen many more puppies and adult dogs in parks and around my neighborhood. Australia has always had a high dog ownership as a percentage of the population but i'm keen to see how what the % is now via an OzBargain survey.

So please vote and comment below on what dog breed you have!

Fun Fact: Poll results are very similar to another recent post on OzB on dog poo:

Poll Options

  • 398
    Yes, I own a dog
  • 223
    No, I don't own a dog but would like to
  • 184
    No, I don't own or want a dog


  • Wasn't allowed to get a dog went with the next best thing, ferret.

  • Yes, see my avatar.

  • 2 dogs…had them well before covid.
    Nothing regarding covid would have made me consider getting a dog any more or less than before.

  • +20 votes

    you forgot: they own me

  • I know the comment about “dogs have owners but cats have servants” but my favourite cat comment is “not so much domesticated as moved in”.

  • 2 black labs

    • Another lab owner here. One cream and one brown.

      Neither of them fetch, someone needs to explain to them they are labrador retrievers.

      Oh, and had them before covid.

      • Both golden retrievers I’ve had don’t retrieve either.

      • My old lab didn't fetch either, I'd taught her how, she knew the works, intelligent but just looked at me ridiculous - "why would I want to chase and fetch after something or carry in my mouth that's not food?" (She got her wings, bless her soul).

      • Funny! Had a lab growing up, and the minute we got him home at a few weeks old i rolled a ball passed him and he brought it back to me! I have no idea how we managed to train a behaviour into their genetics, but maybe it doesnt always stick. Never had to teach him to use the toilet outside or how to swim either.

        He also used to play reverse fetch with me, find things that he'd think id want, like my socks, show me them, and then run away when i went to grab them.

      • Are they at least good swimmer though???

  • Don’t have a dog because the daughter is terrified of dogs… so we settled and got mice and gave them dog names.

    • my sister was terrified of dogs as a child also. she actually asked to get our first family dog as exposure therapy - and it worked; she loves dogs now.

      possibly an option for you guys. how old is your daughter right now?

      definitly need a puppy though for that situation i think - need to bond early on and have the cuteness and neediness

      • Tried getting our own puppy, she was terrified of puppies. Our neighbour has small, really friendly older dogs, terrified. Other friends have great dogs that love kids… terrified…|

        Ironically, local cafe has a 3 legged dog that does all the meeting and greeting and my daughter is in love this with dog. It's a huge dog as well, but it is no problem. That is the ONLY dog she has ever patted or even been near. I have photos of her sitting on the ground with it and patting it because I knew my family and wife wouldn't believe me if I told them about her patting this dog.

        Daughter is 9 and has NEVER had a bad experience with a dog, ever. Never been chased, bitten, jumped on, knocked over, growled or barked at, she just has the terrifying fear of all dogs (except the one at the cafe.)

        Same with cats. Hates cats more than dogs. Liked the idea of a hamster… but they are banned in Aus, so we went the next best thing, mice. She loves her mice and has no problem with them… so I am working up to bigger animals one step at a time. Gotta start small :D

        • hmm

          what kind and age of puppy was it?

          and what kind of dog is the 3 legged dog? that's fascinating. do you have any idea what it is about this particular dog? could a disabled/special-needs dog be the answer i wonder?

          so I am working up to bigger animals one step at a time. Gotta start small :D


          so a guinea pig next?

          • @bargain huntress: I've tried a few different puppies. Kelpie, dachshund, jack russell. Neighbours have a 14yo, really quiet and friendly timid jack russell. Friends have everything from pommeranians to border collies. Nope. (side note; she tollerates our pet spiders, Ebony and Roger, more than she does dogs)

            Cafe dog is a mix dog, but about the build, look and stature of a Labrador x Rottweiler. Only 3 legs. No issues. Best dog in the world… (I think it has got something to do with she thinks she can outrun it if required ? Not perceived at threatening.)

            Rats maybe next, then onto guinea pigs, up to rabbits and who knows!! Sky is the limit… working our way up to Elephants :D

            • @pegaxs: Will end up with hay for your house horse.

            • @pegaxs:

              (side note; she tollerates our pet spiders, Ebony and Roger, more than she does dogs)

              What kind of spiders are they? I'm a bit of an arachnaphobe and have been thinking of getting a pet spider for the same reason for years.

              (I think it has got something to do with she thinks she can outrun it if required ? Not perceived at threatening.)

              Well special dogs do come up for adoption occasionally including ones with mobility issues - 3 legged, 2 legged, dogs with wheelchairs, dogs with movement disorders. Some have special care requirements but not necessarily - a 3 legged dog isnt much different to a 4 legged one. You could keep an eye on the adoption websites. Possibly if you have a word with your nearest RSPCA location (and other shelters in your area if there are some) they could keep your daughter in mind and alert you if one comes up. Setting up alerts on gumtree etc might work too.

              Also visiting that cafe as much as possible is probably a good idea.

              Rats maybe next, then onto guinea pigs, up to rabbits and who knows!! Sky is the limit… working our way up to Elephants :D

              haha she's lucky to have a parent like you

    • Got a get her to meet a puppy Labrador then, fix her right up

  • +11 votes

    Older lab, adopted him as an adult dog 7years ago.

    Perhaps you’re also seeing more dogs around as people are wfh or have lost jobs, so have more time do walk them and take them to the dog park.

    • Awee who gives up labs.. prob a back story but their so lovable like children.

      • There's a whole organisation dedicated to it - Labrador Rescue. Our lab was someone who needed to move for work and left the dog with his mum, our lab was apparently barking all through the night at her house and she already had dogs. He used to bark when he first came to us too and then once his anxiety was alleviated he stopped and has been a typical happy, friendly and adorable lab ever since. Loved by everyone he meets. It does make me wonder if he ever thinks about and misses his first companion, since he was with him for 7years from being a puppy - like in that book, A Dog's Purpose 😢

    • Same here. Old black lab (11 now) adopted when he was about 3. Had no training or discipline when we got him, but we were persistent and he was amazing in no time. We often wonder what his back story was and why someone would give him up.

  • I've got a Greyhound an ex racer which make a great pet and companion .

  • Have had Bull Terriers- my parents used to breed them… awesome dogs but usually owned by far kwits.

    Also had a black lab that did round 5000 in damage through being a pup and lots of boredom
    Last one was a adopted Spaniel…

    but I dont have time to be fair to a dog these days

  • Always wanted a dog and Mum always said no. Yet after last winter we inexplicably own 3 cats.

  • +14 votes

    A lady in my house calls me a dog when she's upset.

  • Where is the option "No, the dog owns me"

    2 x senior mini Dachshunds

  • Wasn’t allowed a dog growing up. One of the first things I did when I bought a house was get one.

  • I'd like a dog but it puts me off when I go to a dog owner's house and the house stinks. Worse part is the owner doesn't realise that their house stinks.

    • Is it crazy to consider having a dog who stays outside?

      • That's cruel to the dog, and just pisses off your neighbours because then they bark all day.

        • Its not necessarily cruel, it depends on lots of things.

          Maremmas for example like staying out with their wards.

          • @bargain huntress: A maremma outside in 40 degree heat 24 hours a day would be a very unhappy dog

            • @Quantumcat: Where is it 40 degrees 24 hours a day on planet earth?

              I've met some and they seemed pretty happy to me but I guess I can't know for sure

              I used to have outside dogs which wasn't my choice

              One really wanted to be an inside dog and eventually achieved this thanks to me I guess

              One liked to come inside for short periods but always wanted to go back out. I'm really not sure he would have liked being an inside dog

        • Unless the dog has no undercover area how is that cruel?
          As long as they have shelter, water, food, and attention what else do they really need?

          • @Nereosis: It's still hot in the shade. The sort of people that lock their dogs outside and ignore them probably also neglect to get them clipped in summer

            • @Quantumcat: Guess the breed is an important factor. My Kelpie pup only likes being inside for a short amount of time if we're in there but then gets bored and wants to go outside.

              Also, it's not usually much cooler inside my house than it is in her favourite spot under the verandah.

              • @Nereosis: My border collie is exactly the same. She had to have ligament surgery a couple of years ago and was on 6 months "bed rest" inside. It was 6 months I'd rather not repeat! We bring her inside occasionally, which she likes for about an hour, then is whining to go back outside again. She loves being outside, free to run, and watch the birds, and roll in stuff, and just be a dog. Anyone who says keeping dogs outside is cruel, clearly doesn't know dogs very well!

    • depends on the breed of dog, cleanliness of the owners and type of flooring and window dressings etc. But yes Dogs and/or Cats make a house smell over time. We have 2 small dogs and we keep the house clean but even so when we are away for a few weeks and return we can notice the slight underlying odour.

  • What do you think?

  • We only had cats growing up, but my husband and I adopted a border collie 10 years ago, and she's been our greatest joy. Super smart, loyal, always happy to see us, and almost trained herself. She's absolutely a member of our family. I'll never go back to being a cat owner again!

  • We had Pugs, when I was a kid. Big dogs in little dogs bodies. Stubborn as hell and greedy for food. Most of them turn into Ottomans; a leg in each corner.

    • So greedy, so much dog hair, but so much personality.

      I have one left. The second fell asleep mid-last year and never woke up taking a good part of me with him. The remaining one now rules the roost. I am definitely staff now.

      • It tears me apart every time I have to put down one of my kitties. The love is worth the pain, though. Pugs are, certainly, people.

  • Samoyed puppy