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Weighted Blanket with Cooling Cover $69.99 @ ALDI


I saw this in my email.
Promotes relaxation
Removable and washable cover with cooling front and cotton reverse
Ultra soft feel
Filled with high density glass beads encased in a secured inner
Available in 6.8kg (for body weight 55kg to 80kg) or 9.0kg (for body weight 80kg+)
Size: 1.22m x 1.98m
There have been advances in the link between sleep confidence whilst using a weighted blanket
Provides pressure stimulation that may assist with healthy sleep habits
For more information on Oeko-Tex certification for home textiles, see here

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  • Filled with high density glass beads

    You’ll lose your marbles if this gets a tear.

  • Weighted Blanket with Cooling Cover

    I've never heard of a blanket with a cooling feature. When would one use this? Summer or winter?

    • After some-action … maybe ? I dont think I will needs it. But others may …

    • Spring! I have a cooling blanket from costco. I sometimes wake up hot in the early morning after using a light blanket, but with my cooling blanket, I don't as often. The other side is "normal"

  • You're better off looking into a 'compression sack' aka Sleep Pod. Functionally the same as a weighted blanket but uses elastic to provide the weight/compression, much smaller, lighter, cooler etc.

    • are those things made of natural fibers or artificial ones? i assumed with the stretchiness it would be artificial in which case i don't see how it would be cool with many hours of use?

  • How do these compare with the ones sold by Spotlight? See deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/598204

  • Yea… 1 per store is about Aldi's average for special buys lately.

    The other week most stores didn't get any items and they appeared randomly like a week later!

    • I just noticed on their website that Aldi has lists for specials that are delayed due to shipping, and for Victoria its like half of all their items…

      • Wow what a mess.

        They should delay the catalogue dates if this is going to be an ongoing thing. Otherwise what's the point.

        By the way, the USB blender looks like the model 1 of the Blendjet (it has a strainer - model 2 doesn't) which was pretty crap.

        • They should delay the catalogue dates if this is going to be an ongoing thing. Otherwise what's the point.

          You should call up their head office number, complain your guts out. They deserve it.
          Seriously, this has been happening since June last year or probably earlier. The standard excuse is shipping delays.

          • @DoctorCalculon: Sounds like their supply chain model is no longer working effectively in the current environment. They should review their practices and/or get penalised by the ACCC

  • Got to East Doncaster Aldi this morning ~10min before opening, line was still pretty short. By opening the line got much longer, most of the people went straight for the ceramic cookware. There was only one each of the 9kg and 6.8kg blankets.

  • Thanks OP just got one from bay road Cheltenham. Had plenty of stock of both 6.8kg and 9.0kg

  • I gots one
    Thank you frewer 💐

    at a store in qld which had heaps of 6s but maybe only one 9

    my initial pre-sleep thoughts:

    seems like good quality - quilted, corner ties, zipper closure, good stitching
    one side is supposed to be cotton, the other nylon/polyester, one has stripes… i think it is the nylon/polyester. i'm having trouble working out which is the 'cooling' side
    weight feels heavier than i expected, i thought if anything it might feel too light
    size feels good, not too small as i thought it might

    • I actually managed to see one of the blankets (though I was only there to buy meat at the time).

      They seem crazy static-y. Like I touched the corner of the cover and it felt clingy, does it cling when you sleep under it because that would annoy me.

    • Can you put a normal doonah cover on them (as in others without a cover)?
      Seems like the dimensions are odd, like it's 1.2m wide and 2m long but perhaps it was the older aldi model according to the comments (this one wasn't quilted so sounded sh1te).

    • Post sleep thoughts;

      I didn't like it as much as I'd hoped
      It's hot. Either side of the cover.
      It's very heavy. I didn't want it on my top half. And I am well over the recommended weight.
      I didn't use it a lot of the night

      But it did help my leg pain and restlessness when it was bad. quite a lot. It didn't fix it but it helped. That was my primary reason for getting it.

      I don't know if I should try a 6.

    • You're welcomes

  • Plenty of stock at NSW Wentworthville!

    Can confirm the cooling cover is made of a pleasant material that's cold to the touch - the other side is plain cotton.

    This is a genuine weighted blanket with glass beads present in each quilted segment; cheaper brands on ebay (Giselle, etc.) are fraudulent in how the beads are only present in the blanket's border. I'm actually glad I missed out on the Spotlight deal x)