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Wofea Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller (Works with Alexa and Google, AU Plug) A$22.89/US$17.40 Delivered @ Wofea AliExpress


I've seen a few Ozbargainers mention these in comments before as being a good option for a WiFi garage door opener. At this price I figured I'd give it a go. Price includes GST - which is added on at Payment stage. Compatible with a lot of garage door makes and models - basically if your model supports a wired button then there's a good chance it'll be compatible. There's instructions on how to check this on the webpage.
Coupons like aliex178 or aliex437 may also work to give US$4 off if you are creating a new account via social media. Didn't try so if coupon works for you - please let us know in the comments.

EDIT: I asked Wofea for a clearer Compatibility List

Mod: Warning Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing.

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      • Never mind. Figured a way to do it with the door closed without having to cut and fix bigger brackets. This works a treat. Works great via the Tuya app. Are you able to set geofence so that it opens as the car approaches? I thought you could.



        • Yes you can
          I do it using the TuyaSmart app

  • I'm still waiting on mine to be delivered, ordered on 1st Feb, left Singapore on 6th Feb, still not here :(

    • @trek It should be very close
      I bought mine on 4 Feb, it was posted on 6 feb and it arrived this morning, and up and running now.
      The SingPost tracking is very good.

      • I hope it comes soon.. but I have feeling that it is lost in the transit, just now I checked my emails again and in fact I ordered it on 28th Jan, got shipped on 1st Feb, left Singapore on 6th Feb and still no any updates after that.. I'll wait for few more days and then contact Aliexpress to ak updates

        • Ordered mine on the 26th Jan and it arrived 15th Feb. It arrived nearly a week after other people were already getting theirs so seems to also depend on where you live in Oz.

  • anyone tips for R&D MPC2 roller door? I can't seem to find the socket where the wires need to be attached.
    Link to manual: https://www.bnd.com.au/media/2019/mpc2-owners-manual.pdf. Seems to be on the wall control unit https://imgur.com/P2Gv0ZE

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      Open up the wall control unit and see what terminals there are. If there aren't any, you can solder the wires to either side of the Up,Stop,Down switch (inside the unit)

    • You should be able to follow the cable from your wall switch into wherever it connects to the main unit (the diagram on P8 shows roughly where that is). The wires from the wofea then connect onto those same terminals.

  • Hey guys I’m stuck at this point during the install of the wofea.

    The garage opener has a board that shows the pins. Photo:

    But I cannot for the life of me understand how the wire gets attached to the terminal. I’m aware of how a screw needs to be undone so the wire can be slotted in and tightened. However this ones different and I’m scared to tug tightly for the fear of breaking something.

    Can someone familiar please advise how to connect the leads to the terminal in the photo?


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      Use a small flat screwdriver to push in the orange/brown tab, push your stripped wire into the terminal and take screwdriver away. Pull wire gently to test it is held in place.

  • Anyway to bypass the pin request every time?