Salisbury & Co Bone China Dinner Set 24pc $65 Pickup / $75 Delivered @ Kitchen Warehouse


Buy two to meet the sign up $15 off for $75 spend.
Essentially, 24pc dinner set of useful tableware.

Quality is pretty good. Gloss levels are great too. Much better than anything you can get at this price point.

Make every meal a dining experience with this 12-piece Coupe Dinner Set from Salisbury & Co Classic Pure collection. With enough plates and bowls for a four-person table setting, you'll have everything you need for meal times. Each piece is designed with a coupe shape and is exquisitely made from quality bone china. Exceptionally strong and durable so it is perfect for everyday use.
Key Features:
Set includes four dinner plates, four side plates, and four bowls
Made from strong and durable bone china with high gloss glaze
Features a classic ceramic finish and a rounded shape
Ideal for both casual and sophisticated dining settings
Makes a great present or addition to your tableware collection

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  • Anyone have any experience with this brand? I’m skeptical of such a low price for bone China.

    • I just picked my set up, really happy with it.

      Its no Maxwell & William Cashmere quality, slightly thicker but much better than any porcelain set you can get or anything for this price.

      In terms of QC, One box was perfect, other box had a slight defect (little bit of stains) with one of the bowl but easily replaced with Kitchen Warehouse.

      • Funny you refer to the m&w cashemere. I’d been looking at that for ages but just couldn’t pull the trigger due to all the bad reviews

        • Yeah, haha. I think in terms of bone quality china, m&w cashmere is probably one of the finest bone china's commercially available.

          I can understand why there are complaints as they are awfully thin and hence likely not as durable.

          Thought it'd be a nice comparison as for most people buying bone china, it's about thickness, weight and gloss levels.

          These ones are slightly heavier and thicker, but the high gloss finish is quite on par.

          They are much much better than say your M&W Basics or any of the line not bone china.

  • Good for a Greek wedding….

  • Is this made from bone?

    Bone china is a type of porcelain that is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material, and kaolin. It has been defined as "ware with a translucent body" containing a minimum of 30% of phosphate derived from animal bone and calculated calcium phosphate.

  • Thanks. Bought 3 for $105 to qualify for free delivery.

  • Seen any sets with larger cereal bowls?