5% off Sitewide @ Melbourne Hi-Fi


Been looking at getting a Ortofon Blue PnP for some time and decided to add it to my cart as I was about to pull the trigger.
After around 24h I got an email with this 5% off coupon code and bit the bullet.

Turns out it appears to work sitewide as I've tested it on a few things.
Marking it as sitewide as there appears to be no limitations. If you find any comment and I'll go ahead and amend this post later today.

At the very least the Ortofon Blue PnP is a very good price compared to RRP and other resellers with this code.

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  • Nice. Been wanting to get a new turntable.

    What are you plugging the Blue into?

    • I had a massive reply to this typed up..

      Tl;Dr Using a modified Telefunken CS-10 that I got off a mate (original owner) that's been converted to RCA outputs and an AU plug as its from Germany and only released there.

      I don't know the specs/usage for the stock stylus/cartridge and it's the original. It still works, but i figured it's time for an upgrade/change.

      • Also using an Akai AM2350 as an amp (all original too) it's just got a blown VU bulb.

        Borrowing (long term) some Jamo E510s from a family member. Next upgrade is speakers so I can return them lol.

  • 5%??? Isn't this OzBargain?

  • 5%!!! How do they do it?!

    • Normally sales this amazing only come around Black Friday. We are truly blessed.

  • I've been comparing prices of various bookshelf speakers and Melbourne Hifi are never the cheapest so shop around.

    FYI, Audio Junction have a sale until the end of Jan.

    • Yeah of course, always shop around.

      I was set on the Ortofon Blue since it fit my budget and reviews well and this was the cheapest store with this coupon.

      Thanks for the heads up on the Audio Junction sale.

    • There are some decent ones tucked away.
      The monitor audio bronze 1 seem like a good price at 473.

      Cheers for Audio Junction mention, hadnt seen them. Decent price on the B&W 607 S2, 880 rather than 1k at most shops.

      • Yep, exactly, I'm about to pull the trigger on the B&W 607 S2s. I picked up a Sonos Amp the other day so will be switching back to an old school set up with the modern Sonos twist instead of my soundbar and sub.

        • So using the sonos amp + B&W would mean you can have your main speakers hard wired in with wired in normal subwoofer, have addition sonos wirless speakers in other rooms of the house. For inputs you can line in analoge audio (like a record player), and connect the tv, then theoritcally just use the main wired in ones if your watching the tv, then click over to spofity on the tv and then choose to play the audio flthrough both the main wired set up, and also through any wireless speakers. Correct?
          And if so thats pretty sick. Best of both worlds.

  • This is very exciting… I've been waiting for some time and now will pull the trigger on some Marantz gear.

  • To all the "bargain hunters" 5% off site wide is better then nothing. 🙄

    Its a current coupon, it's the best price that you can get on some of this stuff currently.

    You're not entitled to a discount.

    • No but normally if I head into a store with prices way higher than other b&m stores, I can negotiate better than 5% anyway. The couple of prices I saw on the website for SALE stuff was way higher than other local b&m so its a big no for me.

      It is not "better than nothing". After 5% it is still worse than (comparable) others.

      • I have nothing here like this (NW Tasmania) so it's the best option for me in terms of cost and convenience.

        I'm aware that there are potentially better prices on some stuff elsewhere. But this isn't terrible.

  • For highend hifi products 5 percent is nothing , you probably save more by negotiating a price

    • Can't do that online.

      Anyhoo, I agree that the deal in itself isn't amazing but it's better then nothing. E.G Ortofon Blue PnP is the cheapest I've been able to find it.