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LIVBOJ Wireless Charger Pad (Black or White) 5 Watt $7 @ IKEA


IKEA has black and white mobile phone Wireless Charger on sale for $7.

It's only the charging pad and you need a power brick and USB-C cable as well. But if you want to update your charging cable to wireless by pluging it in instead of your phone each time like me - then $7.

Link to white unit:
White Charger


Sorry, forgot the power details: 5v 2A (10W I believe)

From product description:

Max. power induction charging: 5W.

Update 27 Hab 9:45am: Now out of stock all locations except Tempe, NSW

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  • Only 5W though.

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    Does this have an led? I hate seeing it at night

  • Out of stock everywhere except Tempe according to website, checked Rhodes today and couldn't find any.

    • There is a lot of white stock around though by the looks…
      Canberra, Logan, Marsden Park, Perth, Rhodes and Tempe

      Wouldn't really recommend it though. Wife has one on her bedside table, it's ok for overnight charging but not much more than that as it's so slow.

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    OP could you please update your description the website says "Max. power induction charging: 5W."

  • no stock anywhere and has always been this price.. good luck finding one in qld

  • This has been oos in VIC for months, I wonder if it will ever come back. (For a 5W charger on a nightstand it does the job…)

  • few years ago bought the Qi charger from kogan for $15 delivered, never used it since then…

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      Cool story…

    • good on you!
      wireless chargers are very inefficient. wasting up to 50% of the electricity compared to wired charging.

      It's quite unbelieveble that there is a push for wireless charging while the whole world is struggling to keep energy consumtion as low as possible. There is absolutely no hope for mankind imo.

  • Been there on display for quite sometime. I got two a month back from Tempe. I saw them in stock today as well.

  • 5W you cannot fry an egg on it! grossly underpowered

  • Admittedly I've only got a 10w wireless charger, but I really don't see the attraction with wireless. Comparatively slow vs wired, inefficient, sometimes seems hotter on the phone.. overnight charging perhaps convenient, but I am known to fall asleep with my phone in my hand, plus any bump of the side drawers and if it's not positioned on the pad it doesn't charge anyway.

    Horses for courses, but seems a novelty to me. Absolutely not a criteria for any potential new phone in my assessment.

    • Personally, I use mine at my desk at work. I don't like sitting with my phone in my pocket so I always take it out and put in on my desk when I sit.
      Having a wireless charger on my desk means I just put it on that whenever I sit … its easier than unplugging and plugging in my phone every time I get up from my desk.

    • Depends on personal use case, I use mine to charge overnight majority of the time. I also have them in the kitchen and work where either I don't want cables laying around the bench or frequently get up from my desk. Saves the port on the phone from wear and tear.

      Well designed wireless chargers will still generate a little heat, but so will charging via a cable. Most importantly is that if the charging coils aren't aligned well then efficiency drops significantly.

      My experience across multiple wireless chargers would be to use a multi coil pad that allows for free positioning, in turn improves charging efficiency and avoid the annoyance when dealing with a device that didn't charge.

      But this is a really good way to get started, better off with this then some cheap dodgy pucks that burn out and melt. I've seen it happen first hand to someone at work.

    • I don't have wireless charging in my current phone (Pixel 3a) and of course the first thing to give way is the USB port…. :(

  • I’ve been checking stock in the Adelaide store since these came out and I swear it is straight up never in stock.
    It’s so nice and cheap but far out, hard to snap one up.

  • only 5w charging… u'll have to leave your phone overnight to make any dint in %… and if you have a big battery might not even get to 100% the next day…

    • No different to the Apple 5w chargers that were included with iPhones. Can easily fully recharge multiple times over, overnight. Better for your battery, too

  • Not a bad price, but beware that some flat wireless chargers like these sometimes makes the phone vibrates throughout the night (because of the intermittent connections).

    I would go for the vertical wireless chargers if you are just starting to use these kind of chargers. E.g. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-10w-qi-wireless-fast-char...

  • Just bought a white one from Rhodes