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ROMOSS SW20PS+ 20000mAh Power Bank $26.24 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Romoss via Amazon AU


ROMOSS SW20PS+ 20000mAh Power Bank Digital Display, Large Capacity Portable Charger Type-C 18W Two-Way Fast Charge compatible with Nintendo Switch iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy Huawei Google Pixel and More

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    Browsing for a cheap 20K mAh powerbank on Amazon and just bought this one, thanks OP anyways amazing Prime due to delivery today..

  • Weight 440g vs Xiaomi's faster charging model at 363g (QB822).

    • Is there one that is sub $30 now?

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        $39+shipping at dickie/kogani's.

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    Had mine for 1.5 years and still works without issue.

    • my 20k mah Xiaomi 3 years old and still going strong.

      • Mine is probably near that but a hole appeared (looks like something burned/exploded from the inside out) over a year ago… Still works just need a replacement before air travel resumes

  • Same, got one of these and a 10,000mah as well. Awesome units. PD charging the unit and the device ID really good.

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    I may of been unlucky but I bought 2 last year and both stopped working within 6 months.

    • outcome?

    • I also bought a 26800Ah version from amazon before and it was faulty as the charge level dropped to 0% from 60% in just under 30 mins. Luckily I got it refunded but I'm not buying Romoss again, no matter how great the value or big the sale is. The affiliate of the post (may be different to the host of this post) tells me it's just a bad luck as he rarely gets complaints but I'm not convinced nor it matters as the product was faulty in the end.

      • -2

        Way to change what I said. The first thing I asked was if you had contacted Amazon for a return/refund and you said no.

        • Hello, like I said above I have then got a refund from amazon, and yes you did suggest to return it. And you also said you sell alot of these products yet get very low number of complaints/defects reported. No?

          • @chvy: Yes that's true. Very little complaints but it would seem there's a few reporting issues now.

            • @Clear: So I did not change what you said. Defective product is the issue here.

              • @chvy: Except I never said it was just bad luck so that part of your comment was misleading. Rather I've had minimal complaints and to me it sounded like your power bank was faulty. At least you finally decided to get in touch with Amazon so everything is good now!

  • +1

    Also got unlucky.
    The latest 25% of my one just goes to 0 when I am using it.

    Pretty poor effort.

  • +2

    My one stopped working after 6 month. Can't take charging. I think it could not take long time PD fast charging. Contacted the sales and got a replacement. Thereafter I never use the PD fast charger to charge it, and it seems works well.

  • +2

    I would avoid this brand. I had two of those earlier. They are indeed cheap with good specs.
    However both of them only have one charging port working after a while. The later stopped DP fast charging, only have the normal speed charging port working.
    I would go more expensive brand like anker next time.

    • +1

      the good thing is that you can always return it back to Amazon

    • +1

      Mine stopped working after a month without even using it once. I just charged it and that's all.
      I was lucky I bought them from Amazon.
      I would go for Xiaomi next time.

  • +1

    I have two of these. Got each for under $30 and they have worked perfectly.

  • +1

    Mine have been perfect too.
    Those who have been unlucky should have asked for a replacement within 1year warranty(?)
    Amazon support are quite responsive too, especially with a bit of complaining

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    Just to know, is 20K capacity powerbank allowed for carrying during freight?

    • Yes, you can. 20000 mAh at 5v is 100wh, this is under the carryon limit.

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        As far as I understand it's measured on the 3.7V cell voltage instead of the 5v USB output.

        ~27000MAh would be the highest carry-on without approval.

        • Yep that's right.

    • Under 100Wh you can take on airlines fine and anything between 100-150Wh needs airline approval.

  • I had the xiaomi wireless charging one and it died after a year and half (10k mAh). Was desperate to get one on time for the Christmas trip and bought this. It’s bulky but for a 20k mAh I guess it’s normal for the capacity. I like the led display tells me exactly how much juice I have got left. Very useful but not fun to carry. It would be great to see wireless charging added to similar models or if there is one with good price tag on it.

  • These are great, we've got two. From some of these reviews I hope they last, but so far so good - great to not have cables running through the baby's room to charge your devices when the little bugger decides sleep is for chumps.

  • Bought a similar powerbank, 26800 version and I guess its similar in size, and its just too BULKY, i would not use this as my go-to, fine if you have a backpack, but you can’t pocket this thing.

    Two weeks later, I found the Xiaomi QB822, now that one is the right size for a 20000 powerbank, fits the pocket well, not too heavy and has a very sleek design.

    In the end I kept both, for when I go out for Pokemon go community days and events.

  • Would this charge a laptop? My old romoss 20000mah powerbank doesn't seem to charge my laptop

    • +1

      Unlikely, it's only 18W. There was a 50W one advertised a couple of weeks ago that may do it, although it's still not powerful enough to charge my Dell Latitude 7410 (it seems to do the lower spec 5400s OK, but it whinges about being slow)

  • +1

    This thing usually sells for ~ $24. I have one of these and they take forever to re-charge the battery. Do not recommended it.

    • You may have bought a faulty unit or a problem with your charger.

    • Always best to use an 18W QC 3.0 or USB-PD charger to recharge these. Otherwise it'll go very slowly with a standard 5V/2A charger.

      • I've used the official iPhone 20W charger and also an 18W charger of another brand, Both very slow at approximately 2 hours to process just 1%. Mind you i also tried different cables to to isolate the issue, but no luck. But my Xiaomi power bank only takes like 6 hours to fully charge.

        • What kind of cable are you using?

          • @Clear: I used the supplied USB-C to USB-C cable that came with my Iphone 12, as well as the lightening port using a USB-C to lighting cable.

  • +1

    Anyone seen one of these that's 20000mah ish usb-c and is mega slim and small? I'm after one that I can use to put on my Quest 2 to prolong it's battery life, I bought the cheap addon strap and just velcro the one I have now to it, but it's only 6000mah so not quite enough power :) working like a charm so far though, one I got now was $5 from target a while back.

  • Which is better, the OP model, or this one which is only a few dollars more but says it is on a larger sale?

  • Got one of these to replace my anker 10,000 mah PB but it is massive and not suitable for every day carry for me. About to return it unless anyone in Sydney wants it - you can pick it up and save on shipping

  • Got the 30000mah model, works fine but battery gone from 50ish% to 0% in no time.
    Don't really it carries 30000mah tbh. Will stay away from this brand

  • I've heard it's good practice to keep the charged battery level between 20-80%

  • Had my unit delivered yesterday and charged it up. Just plugged my phone in to charge and the screen showed 92% looked away and when I checked a few minutes later the power bank screen was off and the phone stopped charging. Now the power bank is dead, the button and none of the ports work.

  • Any reason these would stop fast charging sometimes?
    Sometimes no blue light.. pressed the buttons says 4.9V, A varies, 1.6 atm.

    (Using original pixel chargers, usb c cables)

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