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Withings ScanWatch 38mm Black/White $395.99 (RRP $479), 42mm Black/White $445.49 (RRP $499) Delivered @ First Class Watches


Found this authorised Withings ScanWatch reseller in the UK which has all models of the ScanWatch for much cheaper than I could find in Australia. From my research, they have a bricks and mortar presence in UK and thousands of great international reviews - so it seems legit.

PLEASE NOTE: it's the European Union product code rather than the Australian product code, however they appear to share the same functionality according to the Withings website: https://support.withings.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013982637.

I placed an order for the 38mm in white last night (26/01) and within 30mins it was marked as 'Shipped' (w/ DHL incl. tracking) with an expected delivery of 01/02 (4 business days). I will comment below when I receive it :)



  • Proactive Health Tracking
    ScanWatch is the first ever hybrid smartwatch which can notify users that they are at risk for highly prevalent yet underdiagnosed conditions including breathing disturbances and atrial fibrillation. ScanWatch combines two medical-grade technologies: an electrocardiogram and an oximeter to provide on-demand essential vital parameters."

  • 24/7 Heart Scanning
    Check heartbeat and receive notifications when heart rate is atypical (low or high) and if irregular rhythms are detected.

  • On Demand Electrocardiogram
    Record a medical-grade ECG and detect atrial fibrillation or normal heart rhythm, monitor low and high heart rate in just 30 seconds.

  • Breathing Disturbances Detection
    Monitor oxygen saturation all night long via embedded SpO2 sensors and see if any breathing disturbances occurred while sleeping, which can be associated with apneic episodes.

  • Oximeter on Your Wrist
    Provides on demand medical-grade oxygen saturation level (SpO2) in just 30 seconds.

  • Beyond Basic Activity Tracking
    Improve cardiovascular fitness with the help of dedicated workout metrics, Fitness Score via VO₂max, connected GPS and an altimeter for floors climbed. Choose from 30 activities and launch workout mode directly from your wrist.

  • Advanced Sleep Analysis
    Delivers a Sleep Score based on light and deep sleep cycles, sleep duration & wake-ups. Set a silent vibrating alarm and take advantage of Smart Wake-Up to wake at the optimal point in your sleep cycle.

  • Durable Design. Unsurpassed Battery Life
    ScanWatch features a combined heart rate and SpO2 sensor, 3 electrodes, an altimeter and PMOLED screen—all within a stainless-steel case protected by sapphire glass, and features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days.

  • Water Resistant to 50m
    ScanWatch is water-resistant up to 50m (5ATM) and provides advanced swim analysis: number of laps, strokes, type of stroke, and distance while swimming.

  • Essential Info at A Glance
    Use the digital crown of the watch to easily retrieve data on the PMOLED screen and directly launch features from your wrist such as ECG or workout mode. Stay in-the-know on the go with smartphone notifications.

  • Medical Data in Hand
    ScanWatch seamlessly syncs with the free Health Mate app via Bluetooth and provides valuable data that can be used daily or during a doctor's visit. Works with Apple Heath, Google Fit, Strava and 100+ top health & fitness apps.

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  • always good to check you're still alive.

  • +1

    That’s a good price thanks. I received mine from the last week, pretty fast delivery less than 2 weeks.

  • Anyone know on the likelihood of Apple ever having their ECG/EKG feature approved in Australia with the TGA? Will it only be the next gen Apple watches?

  • +1

    Thankyou, looking forward to this - ordered.

  • weird i thought this brand watch is much cheaper? or maybe this is the latest gen ?

    • +1

      Withings do have some much cheaper models, but the ScanWatch is the latest release (Nov 2020) and has more features.
      I think the main reason for the higher price point of this hybrid watch is due to the medically approved health tracking functionality (ECG, SpO2, AFib detection etc.).

  • +2

    Received my ScanWatch this morning - 5 business days from purchase (1 day later than estimated as it was idle in a Sydney warehouse for 2.5 days just 5kms from me).
    No issues with the watch, all working well including ECG and SpO2 functionality.
    Highly recommend :)

    • +1

      Thanks for posting this.

      I ordered one on Friday at 5pm, and it arrived at 9am this morning, so 3.5 days from order to arrival.

      looking good so far, same as you ECG and SPo2 working great.

  • I've been struggling to pick between the 38mm vs 42mm.

    Checked the Withings website and they both seem to have the same battery capacity, which was pretty much the one criteria I had in mind, to pick between the two.

    Going to ask friends to see which frame design suits me better, but if any of you are keen to share which model you picked and why, any info would be appreciated!

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