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Samsung EVO Plus MicroSD 128GB $19.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


Use Coupon Code EVO3 at Checkout. Postage looks fair at $2.99 (QLD)

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Shopping Square
Shopping Square


  • Lots of mixed reviews about shopping square.

    • What are the concerns ? Warranty ? can’t really go wrong it’s 20 bucks

      • From memory (no pun intended) it was delivery time and questionable authenticity. In saying that, Shopping Square has been around for ages so it can't be too bad.

      • Except you can. Can't put a warranty on a fake card if its full of your pictures.

        Ordered from SS ages ago and the card was of questionable quality😎

        These days when I get a new card, I always run a test first.

    • I was waiting for my SD card purchased before xmas until mid Jan.

  • When high endurance was $25 include delivery for prime on Amazon, this one seem to be too expansive

  • They just jacked up the 256GB by $3 to negate the cost of the coupon. Negging for dodgy practices by retailer

  • +3 votes

    No one wants to buy from this company unless they're willing to pay more than market prices and happy to wait up to 2 months for delivery. Some reviewers claimed they received fake and used products. Bad after sale customer service and hard to claim refund.


    • what website would you recommend then as a reseller of genuine cards? Even Amazon fulfills but are they questionably authentic? or ok?

      • I always shot at Officeworks: they either match or beat Amazon price. If you are using price beating it means you are doing it in store and getting instant delivery as a bonus :)

  • Ordered these last time they were on special, took 2 week's from date of order until they despatched from their warehouse, then another week with Aust post.
    Genuine cards received with Chinese / International / non english packaging.
    For the extra $1 - $2 I shoulda grabbed from Amazon with next day delivery, as I ended up grabbing 1 from Officeworks as I lost hope they were coming after 2 weeks and ended up needing it that day.
    YMMV but don't expect fast delivery

    • Ditto. Claimed local stock, ended up getting a Chinese retail? pack. How did you determine that they were genuine?

      Previous (Sandisk) card from this mob was in an (English-wording) retail pack.

      • There's a few apps in the play store that are useful to check if genuine, can't remember the name of the one I used

        • perhaps crystal disk mark or something if running it via computer. But i have an a1 benchmark or someting app that does internal and external read/write speed tests and shows you other people's results. i suppose if you got a sup bar result there you'd first sniff out a non genuine card.

          Capacity checker is probably then the next best.

  • Bought 64gb usb flash drive long ago. Found out it was only 32gb when I noticed one day on the computer. The model number consisted of 64g making me believe it was 64gb so never bothered to check on computer in the beginning. I then contacted Shopping Square and after sending them pictures of product and computer screen showing it was only 32gb, they agreed to give me a partial credit.