[NSW, QLD, SA] 28% Less than Govt Electricity Reference Price @ ReAmped Energy


Hi Guys,

This is my first post any feedback is welcome.

Reamped Advance Plan is offering 27% or 28% less than reference price, this is the best I have found till date.

On top of that you can use referral link from randomizer below to get $50 credit.

The 27% or 28% less is based on your address, it can be different based on your address but this is what I have seen either 27% or 28% less than reference price.

Once you go on the pricing page, enter your address and go to next page make sure you are looking at ReAmped Advance plan, else click on "Other plan options" link and select ReAmped Advance plan.

Click on Show reference price link to see the percentage for your address, the greater number indicates better prices.

We currently supply residences and small businesses in New South Wales, South East Queensland, and South Australia. To check if we are able to supply your place, just enter your address here.

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$50 for referrer & referee

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  • Dont forget the referal for $50

    • not for learners

    • I used a referral code to sign up before for electricity but not this retailer and it was not honoured.
      They said that the referral code was used too many times although it's supposed to be random …

      • That sucks :(

      • Just click the random referral again and try another "friends“ code 😁

        I used my code for people on Facebook and Ozbargain as well as people I know never had a issue. Maybe post the code that didn't work so anyone reading can avoid it

  • Please update your post to say which areas you cover. My address isn't.

    EDIT: PLease add your FAQ here so we don't waste time filling in the address

    We currently supply residences and small businesses in New South Wales, South East Queensland, and South Australia. To check if we are able to supply your place, just enter your address here.

  • Victoria isn't available

  • How long does this offer last?

  • "The lowest annual price is $1400" no thanks… I use less than 300 a quarter so this doesn't help me at all.

    • They will refund the difference between actual reading and advance payment

    • This offer is based on a residential customer who consumes 4900 kWh a year on our ReAmped Advance Flat rate tariff in the Endeavour Energy network. The lowest annual price is $1243. Your bill may differ based on your actual usage.

      So close

    • Can't see that - it gave much lower examples of annual costs on that plan.

  • Globird is still cheaper for me. Just switched to ReAmped now though, will try for a month or two

  • Deal breaker if you have decent solar on your roof in NSW.

  • don't think it'll be cheaper for me, peak tine i'm saving 2c per kwh, Shoulder 0.9c per kwh while offpeak is 1.87c more expensive.

    Also they charge 1% for credit card payments which red energy don't.

    I also get a pay on time discount and QANTAS points.

    suggest this isn't for everyone and that you should check against other offerings still.

    • They do not charge credit card fee on the advanced plan.
      As per FAQ:
      Are there any credit card fees?
      There are no credit card fees on the Advance plan.

      • Hi. Can you use zip for their advance plan? would zip accept adjustments? any risks t consider?

  • They have been on my radar for a while, one of the best solar feed in tarrif's for my area, will compare plans later but seem similar to my current

  • 14% less than the reference price for Adelaide so where is the 27% discount?

  • Not worth it if you have solar in SA

    Feed-in Tariff
    $0.0300 /kWh

  • In South Australia. I feed in on average 40kw/h per day. No plan for me.

  • Their price seems to oscillate a small amount, at the moment it's a couple of cents more than it was a few months ago when I signed up.
    I'm on $0.1499/kWh Supply Charge $0.7484/day
    For the same address your link is now showing $0.1649 /kWh Supply Charge $0.9611 /day

    So from an OZ Bargain perspective, they're actually up from "normal" at the moment and not a deal in relation to their regular pricing.

    That said, when I looked around, This ReAmped plan was way cheaper than everyone else. The catch is you pay $50 every 2 weeks (That why the plan is called Advance, as in you are paying in advance!). Then when they do a meter read you square up with either money back or additional to pay.

    So far so good for me and I'm happy to pay in advance given it was a lot cheaper.

    • Opposite boat here… My current plan is a couple cents more expensive than the current plan advertised.
      I was a bit surprised to see todays prices were cheaper than what I signed up recently for (perhaps their previous OzB appearance?)

      I had a quick chat to online support, who said their prices fluctuate a bit with supply, demand and competition (as they try to stay on top of price comparison websites).
      He was happy to change me to the cheaper plan though.

      Probably worth keeping an eye on their prices in future… I feel like we need a 'fuel watch' website for reamped!

      • When I was looking around, I used old fashioned phone calls and others were giving me the hard sell, but as soon as I mentioned that I was looking at the ReAmped Advance plan they couldn't get of the phone fast enough as they knew they had nothing to compete. Clear indication that ReAmped are cutting into the bigger players. Can't believe I went with the company that has those terrible Croc Dundee knock off adds on late night TV, they're truly cringe-worthy.

  • forgot to click the referral link, as the form already pre-filled. am i still eligible for $50 referral ?

    • You can try to chat with them and ask them by giving the code, else tell them to cancel and you can redo it

  • My deal with Origin is much cheaper.

  • Thanks op. Wouldn't have known about this otherwise.

    I'm an existing reamped customer and this plan ended up being cheaper then my current lower 12 month rate lock in with reamped (they offered 2 plans at the time one with lower lock in rates with no penalties for leaving early though)

    Quick hop onto the online chat team and they changed without hassle or penalties and effective as of tomorrow (no need to wait until next billing cycle)

    Some things you need to know as a potential customer though.

    Online only support
    Direct debit only payments (for this plan each fortnight)

    They estimate usage if you don't have a smart meter but send you a SMS reminder 24 hours before each payment period of what they estimate the cost to be, you can hop online and submit a read and they will charge you the submitted figure.

    You can also submit a read before this comes up too if your worried it will be way out ie you could submit one each week.

    Overall great experience and much cheaper for me as a single rate nonsolar user then all the other competitors who offer plans with the energy energy distributor for my zone.

    Edit : for anyone who is worried about the actual vs estimated being way out, once you give them a couple of actual readings (first one was way out) the estimates end up being pretty close after that at least in my case.

    • Thanks for the comment. Will they be the best solution for single studio occupant who never cooks? Does the plan have a minimum charge? Where do you insert the referral code? Thanks

  • Coming up as 30% less than reference price for me in Brisbane.

    • Also in Brisbane but this ReAmped Advance plan shows 24% less than the reference price

      As a low electricity user, the higher amount of use in calculating the reference price is a bit misleading for me anyway.
      Best to use your own usage to check real price.

  • I cannot enter my address to check prices. Anyone else having this issue?

  • I compared with Alinta (who im getting 28% on time discount with) my Alinta Bill was 417 and with this Reload was like 330…. so pretty big savings