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Fitbit Versa 3 $302.95 Delivered @ OnSport


My first post… Not the lowest price in the last few months but I reckon its a bargain. Officeworks did a price beat for me on this price so got it for $287.80.

Currently available on OnSport.com.au in Pink Clay/Soft Gold, Midnight Blue/Soft Gold and Black Aluminum.

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  • Just a heads up that some of this watch's features are locked behind a subscription service.

  • I brought my Dad the Versa 2 and it sucks balls. I wouldn't go near another one of their devices.

    • why does it suck balls?

      • who are we to judge?

      • slow as, it took 45mins to 1 hour to update to the new version. The graphics and smoothness is terrible. The Samsung and Apple watches for nearly the same price completely kill it. Would also randomly unpair, just a terrible device in all aspects. A lot of the faces you have to pay for in their "store".

  • ozbargainers just left
    this bargain as you said subscription …

  • Also a headsup that Fitbit is now owned by Google.

    • So if Google threatened to pull out of Oz, no more Fitbit support too?

      • No I'd say it's more a case of them incorporating all of your fitbit information into your google tracking profile for those who care about privacy. If you don't then it wont bother you. :)

    • Google has a habit of buying companies and shut them down. Lets see what happens to Fitbit

  • Also a heads-up that Fitbit watches ignore GPS data when calculating running statistics, resulting in incorrect distance and speed. Whilst the GPS data is collected accurately enough, they decided in their infinite wisdom to rely on the step counter combined with guesstimated stride length to calculate statistics. If you export Fitbit data, you will see coordinates tagged with a distance that does not tally with the very coordinates in the same file.

  • I have been using Versa and then Versa 2. Great devices, but off late, I feel their data stats without premium is very average. I feel in future they may lock more and more data behind the subscription. Might as well move to Garmin. Contemplating and would be keen to know other's opinion on this.

    • I moved from Fitbit charge 4 to a Garmin Forerunner 245. I'm very happy, but it all depends what you use it for.

      • Thanks for that, I am looking at Venu Sq purely from a design similarity to Versa. Occasional walk, hike, ride, want notifications on watch, GPS is a plus, sleep monitor, SpO2. Will buy a Venu Sq during next sale.

  • I've never used a Fitbit, is the premium subscription necessary for regular functions or is it just for the guided workouts?

  • thanks, price matched at office works