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Wei Lih Ichiban Noodles 150g Roast Beef (Out of Stock) or Roast Pork $2.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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$2.20 each. Price matching Woolworths half price sale. Get in quick these wont last long.

Roast Beef Out of stock
Roast Pork

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  • Looks like they got rid of the minimum order quantity

  • Are these good - say compared to mi Goreng which I love

    • +6

      These are on a whole different level

      • This one has real Australian beef

        • First time ever trying these, the beef tastes exactly like the noodles I bought at the convenience store noodle and the weird jerky they sold in China.
          Nothing against it just wish I had it the other way around thinking I'm eating Aussie beef in China.

    • Yes. But they are different to migoreng.

    • +1

      Indomie is cheaper but this one is more fulfilling.

    • mi goreng for the price is unbeatable though

      • +1

        Agree, a 5 pack of mi Goreng for a couple $ you cant go wrong. I remeber the first time I had mi goreng and could not believe the difference in taste and flavour to maggi noddles

    • +1

      none can compare to mi goreng, some people in other countries eat them as staple food

    • I’d go 3 pack migoreng for the price

  • +1

    Get in quick these wont last long.

    Can always go to Woolies.

    • Yeah but you run the risk being greeted with an empty shelf

        • Click and collect.
        • Ask the staff. They are more than happy to check for stock.
        • click and collect $2 noodles 😂

        • good luck if they pick up the call

      • +1

        I've always been able to get a rancheck

        • +3

          My Woolies stopped doing since covid hit.

  • Suimin Beef, and Prawn are also down to $0.75 (limit 6)

    • +4


    • The Suimin Mi Goreng is surprisingly not bad. It's definitely not mi goreng, but it tastes alright nonetheless. I have yet to try their other noodles, however.

    • Suimin noodle cups priced the same as homebrand noodle cups because that's the quality.

      At $1.50 it's laughable but at 75c you know not to expect wonders.
      You can get Indomie mi Goreng cup for like $1.20 (or less) at Asian marts and it's definitely worth paying the extra few cents.

      • Did anyone else get incredible dry mouth after having indomie mi gogreng in cup form?

  • Anyone know how many is in a box?

  • Hell yeah, use my $5 credit from the gift card deal. Cheers OP

  • -2

    Taste is of full of flavour enhancers with tiny bits of meat…meh. Definitely overpriced. I much rather megoreng

    • $2.20 for one filling meal is not overpriced

  • Was curious about it. It's like 569 calories in such a small bowl. (I still bought it and eager to try it as a one-off but god damn!)

    • +1

      cuz there’s like preserved real meat inside

      • Not enough to be worth it, judging by the weight. But it'll be a nice treat I'm sure.

  • the beef noodles are the best. real beef

    • What about the roasted pork… Not real pork?

      • I prefer the pork one.

  • I think its out of stock. Cant add to cart.


  • Yummy

  • Anyone else feel completely rotten after eating a couple packs of these? One of OK as treat but eat a pack each day couple days and start just feeling generally shitful?

    • MSG?

    • I get the same feeling, tasty but definitely couldn't eat these daily (and nor should anyone with the amount of salt in each of these!)

    • Eating noodles of ANY brand will do that to you if on a daily basis. Especially if you drink the soup.

    • This thing has 3200mg of sodium. Im surprised no one mentioned this. Its lethal and absolutely not worth it

  • Same price at woolies at the moment.

  • Best japaneee noodles on the market

    • +3

      in fact, it is Taiwanese noodles….

      • +2

        TAIWAN #1

        I think people need to understand the Taiwanese had huge influence from the Japanese as well.

        • +1

          Hence fusion food. French and Vietnamese is the best example with Bahn mi. Glad people mixed flavors. Made the world a much better place

  • Can anyone tell me what the best instant noodles are? I've been eating packet Indomie mi goreng noodles but looking for something different, just not hugely spicy

    • Meat and veg

    • +1

      I like the mame tom yum shrimp flavour noodles with an egg stirred while its cooking in the similar price range

      • +2

        Mama Tom yum is awesome!

      • +1

        Thanks. I will give it a shot

  • Roast beef back in stock but with delivery in 1 month.

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