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Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 $26.84 (Was $949) via Home Use Program @ Microsoft


I've just bought a copy of Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 via HUP (Home User Program) for $26.84, 97% discounted from $949

Thought that I would share it :)

Edit 1
You'll need to sign-in first from your HUP enabled Microsoft Account, and click on the link, you'll see the discount.

Someone mentioned that Project Pro 2019 is also discounted in HUP : AU$27.20

Note: credit to daydreamerzzz

Home Use Programme discounts on Visio Professional 2019 and Project Professional 2019 are only available if your employer’s Home Use Programme (HUP) administrator has selected you for one or more product-specific discounts.

Edit 2
Looks like the deal is expired, at least for my organisation. Not sure about others as the last commenter was still able to get the software at this price!

Edit 3
Still working for those who work for large organisations!

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  • How did you get the discounted price?

    • Link is in the description.

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        Can you map out the process of singing up for this?

        • +40

          Please use a cross-functional flowchart with metric units.

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          singing up?

          Get a microphone?

          Jokes aside, here are the steps:

          1. Go to: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/home-use-program
          2. Enter your work e-mail address to sign up for home use program
          3. Check your work e-mail for the link from Microsoft
          4. Sign up using the link and use your personal e-mail (as per instructions in the email)
          5. Once the whole process is completed, use the link provided in the deal (https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/microsoft-365/p/visio-profes...).

          For those who have previously used Microsoft Home Use program and purchased Visio before, please check to ensure you haven't purchased Visio 2019 Pro previously. This is Visio Pro 2019 Pro. It is 2021 now, so there is a chance that you might have purchased it back in 2019. Most people with Home Use access tend to purchase local, static install version(s) of Office, and probably Visio & Project as well, before Microsoft switched to Office 365 program for Home Use.

          • @netsurfer: Thanks NetSurfer. These steps were great and work a treat.

          • +1

            @netsurfer: Oh shit so this is Pro Pro? More pro than regular pro.

            • @Munki:

              Visio Pro 2019 Pro

              Yeah, Pro Pro… lol… I guess if you bought 2 copies, then.. it's Pro Pro… I found that due to the change to Home Use program setup (now cloud based), Microsoft didn't realise I bought it previously (back in 2019).

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    Damn I am jobless now. No longer have company email address that used to have access to hup

    • +9

      There must be enough of us jobless people here to create an entity eligible for the hup.

      • Sure, but HUP requires that your company already spend a shit-ton on O365 licensing with MS.

        • +1

          The requirements for HUP are far more than that, the company has many options and needs to buy and enable products such as Visio (in addition to the standard Office product). HUP requires having those products bought and paid for in their MS licensing deal, and the number of HUPs is limited, or even restricted to the O365 accounts operating under that license.

          So an enabled victim company not only needs to opt into the HUP, it needs to opt its staff into the HUP, and likely too that those staff need to provide more personal info and verify their account to have it matched to their particular volume/O365/seat license… yada, yada, yada…

          So many better options than MS for everything, excepting perhaps the Enterprise AD.

          Noone can say where or how an Organisation can develop its software and services roadmap AFTER moving to Azure. The ecosystem is designed not just to encourage them to remain within it, but to never leave! Imagine in 2023, being stuck in Hotel California, in the 1980s!

          • @resisting the urge: Yeah, I work for a company that has like 1000+ employees and Visio Professional still cost them a shit ton.

            Funny though, as I previously had paid for 2010 and would have been happy with that.

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    Requires your work (and work email) to have signed up to the program. Chances are if they've signed up to this, you may also be able to install on multiple devices by logging in to Office.com and installing for "free".

    • +14

      Hardly worth the neg vote. Some people might want a personal copy so they don't have to use or rely on their corporate Office 365 IDs on their 'own' personal computers.

      • +5

        + some people can't just log in to their office account from anywhere, as it can be locked down to only allow from the corporate network.

        • +5

          Exactly. Most companies should have conditional access policies that would prevent random O365 sign ins unless they pass additional checks like valid certificates, device registration, MDM, MFA, or VPN (trusted location) etc.

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      correct! only if they have enabled Project and Vision in the HUP!

    • My workplace has HUP but I'm unable to install Visio as you've described.
      Though I am able to buy it for the price listed in this deal, so I guess what you've said doesn't apply to everyone.

      • What they said applies only to people who have been licensed for the Visio product by their organisation, which in most cases is less than 1% of employees.

  • Can you please explain as the link only shows office 365

  • +1


  • Would a student account work with this?

    • -3

      Nope. Only works if you work on an organisation that has signed enterprise agreement with Microsoft and HUP is part of the software assurance benefits.

    • +16

      If it is a university account, try signing up for Microsoft Azure for students. You can access Visio for free through it.

      • that's the way, you mighty shiny OzB-er :)

      • I had a quick look on Azure education dev software and couldn't see project or visio. Are these still available?

      • you bloody legend… shout this from the rooftops!

  • Link is only for MS 365 subscription. My discount on that is only 30%.
    Could be specific to the companies HUP agreement.

    • Oh sh!t. Found it!!
      Follow the text link in the OPs description. Follow the steps, put in your work email. Goto work email and sign in with personal account. Once signed in, come back here and click the OzBargin "go to deal" button, because your signed in with yout HUP account, the deal with be available to you.

      Thanks OP

      • Yep, that's it! You must sign-in first with your HUP enabled account

      • +1

        Bugger, I tried that and it's still showing as $949. Only seem to have the 30% off O365. Work does have Visio licenses but does not seem to extend to HUP it looks like.

        • Search for Visio onn the on page search box when you get to the 30% page (following steps above).
          I was just getting the full price via the link till I did this

          • +1

            @Guinan: Thanks, tried that as well but still getting $949, bugger.

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    Below is from the Microsoft HUP page. Apparently my employer does not include Visio.

    How do I purchase Visio Professional 2019 and/or Project Professional 2019?

    Home Use Programme discounts on Visio Professional 2019 and Project Professional 2019 are only available if your employer’s Home Use Programme (HUP) administrator has selected you for one or more product-specific discounts.

    If you received a product-specific invite from your employer’s HUP administrator:

    1. A product-specific benefit email from Microsoft Store is sent to your corporate email address.
    2. Click on the link in the email.
    3. Sign in to the personal Microsoft Account you want to use. Please make sure this is the same account that is associated with the Home Use Programme.
    4. In the FAQ section of the page, select the FAQ regarding the product you would like to purchase.
    5. Click on the link and a new page will open so that you can purchase the product at a discount.

    If you expected to see a discount on these products, please contact your organisation’s Home Use Programme benefit administrator. Typically, the Home Use Programme is managed by your organisation’s benefits co-ordinator, HR or IT department.

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    Project Pro 2019 is also discounted in HUP : AU$27.20

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    I take it this can't be used for commercial work?

    • Why not? Of course it can, there’s no watermark or such things.

    • No, definitely not. The license is contingent on you remaining an employee of a company with a Volume License Agreement. Obviously Microsoft aren't going to bother going after home users, but if you're using it commercially in violation of the license and for some reason get their attention and they want to audit you, it's not going to be pretty.

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    What is this lile word?

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    HUP changes dependent on what soft of agreement your company has with MS. The HUP site uses your company email domain to differentiate.
    We used to have a broader agreement with MS and it gave us what some people see (e.g. Visio), we dropped some of our MS open license stuff company wide and now HUP only has a really crap discount on Office 365 that's not worth it.

    If you're a global company, using a US VPN and going to the US Microsoft HUP site sometimes gives you different/better options. I had to buy the last lot of full licenses through the US.

  • good price though

  • Thanks OP, installed no problems.

  • +3

    If anyone here uses these tools, has HUP, access and is thinking about changing jobs, I'd highly recommend getting license keys and adding to your personal MS account while you can.

    I've used MS visio and project for decades but now I'm self employed the RRP is ridiculous. Definitely a targeted post, but a great deal if you can get it

    • +1

      I vaguely remember the terms and conditions state that you (the end-user) accept that you have no right to use the software if you are no longer employed by a company with a volume licensing agreement or the company has cancelled/not renewed the software assurance for your work software.

      Not sure if they enforce this by revoking the license but I have used HUP license in the past even after leaving the company.

      • They don't enforce it, but you'd be mad to use it for commercial use as the pain that will ensue if you get license audited will be monumental.

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    Looked into it, Business' either need to have Software Assurance or 2000 allocated emails.
    Not really for SME's I guess…Even though we spend over 500k per annum on Azure.

    • +1

      It's now highly limited / paid as of quite recently (ie few months back)

      Have heavily decreased the free use for students too. With the limitations it's not really better

      • The collaboration features, the layers, the change tracking, the presentation/dashboarding features, ability to upload your own symbols, etc are all fairly good in Lucid. I used it under a paid corporate subscription so no idea about the pricing.

        • +1

          Free version is far too limited: 3 Editable documents. Paid version starts at $10 a month. It's fine if work pays for it. Home use, you really think about whether it is worth paying $10/month.

          • +1

            @netsurfer: Yeah unfortunately that seems to be the future.. it's kind of getting monopolistic now. The on-prem systems/software get limited support and limited features versus the cloud.

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    As some others have mentioned, just want to confirm that this deal is only valid if your organisation O365 admin has enabled Visio and Project for HUP. If they haven't, then you're out of luck. Unfortunately that's the boat I'm in.

  • Thanks @mrdng,
    I have installed the Visio 2019 now on my personal computer.

  • Super deal, thanks OP!

  • Works for me, thanks OP!

  • Thank you OP. A very good deal to add to my account, even if there isn’t a specific need right this moment.

  • Wish similar deal was there for Office 2019 standalone.

    • +1

      Initially they offered Office 2019 Pro Plus licenses under HUP (managed to obtain a few copies), before MS removed it from their offering.

      Noticed it disappear from the .au site (replaced by O365), but I was able to login via VPN and purchase from the .com site. Eventually it disappeared from there as well.

      • Yes. I had a chat with their online rep. They told me its no longer available under HUP. They also said they will note down my concern and let the corresponding team know. I don't think many are raising this so it won't make any difference.

  • +1

    signed in to my HUP account with Visio 2019 showing $949 even after following the link… i guess this can be classified as targeted? as my company can only get me 30% office 365 atm…

  • Has it been OZB'd already

    I almost checked out but now all the links seem dead

  • +1

    Yeah, i think its targetted….im logged in through HUP and can only get the discount on office….even tried Edge browser :(

    • After you login to home use site and found Office 365 program, use the link posted for the deal. Just in case you are not sure, here is the link:


      Or, if you want the exact raw URL:


  • OZB'd I think or they just realised it was a price error. Looks like the price has reverted back. Was lucky to get both Visio and Project about an hour ago.

    • +1

      Nope, if you are in the home use program and access the page AFTER you logged in via home use program, you get the discounted price: $26.84.

      If your session has timed out, you would get the crazy weird price. Also, Microsoft does block you from buying another copy at that price.

      • You might be right maybe the session timed out. I didn't check that. Will report back.

        • Its showing full price but may be due to having already purchased it at the discounted rate.

  • +1

    I tried multiple times, showing as $949 for me too.

  • +1

    Great deal. Purchased via mobile. I will install on personal laptop over the weekend. As a BA, love Visio n this is a great price.

  • I tried to purchase Visio but it's showing $949 to me, then saw this in the FAQ.

    Home Use Programme discounts on Visio Professional 2019 and Project Professional 2019 are only available if your employer’s Home Use Programme (HUP) administrator has selected you for one or more product-specific discounts.

  • U guys know community is free ?
    Even for commercial purposes ……

    I don’t see the point of this I still use community.

    Early contender for stupid comment of 2021 comment.

    But just use draw.io

  • Not available at discounted price.

  • No luck for me. Linked my personal email to HUP and OPs link takes me to the Visio pro page but it’s showing the MSRP…

  • +2

    Fun fact: Students can get this for absolutely free via Azure for Students via the software page.

    • Can teachers access this?

      • Yes, will need a uni associated email address though.

    • +1

      Not just Visio, but Project, Visual Studio Enterprise and Windows 10.

  • +1

    If you don't need to work with Microsoft products (e.g. to collaborate with a team), there are plenty of alternatives. Some free.
    Use the filters on the following link to find something.

    We each have different needs. I am not recommending any particular alternative. Do your research.

    Test a portable version if one is available.

  • +2

    Unsure of the site legitimacy but it's 59AUD here with no sign up requirements

    Expires 7h from now

    • +1

      Yeah these sites pop up everywhere but use site license keys usually leaked from genuine business …. I wouldn’t use this for production based work ….

      • Thanks. Good to know!

  • +1

    As an alternative try Lucid Charts. I dumped Visio sometime ago for this cloud version that’s very very feature rich and cost wise far better value

    • Same here. Lucid Chart or Draw.io come with free versions which are good enough for a lot of people.

  • +1

    It says "not eligible to participate through your current employer"

    We are all on Microsoft Office - hundreds of us - all on the latest versions too (2019), I wonder why we don't qualify

    This seems like a very restricted offer, not widely available?

    • Because you employer is too cheap to pay for it.

      • Nope, all fully legit, we even get audited by Mircrosoft.

        • Cool, but HUP is an higher level licence you pay extra for, part of Software Assurance or something IIRC.
          So if you don't have HUP it means your company bought a cheaper MS licence level.

          • @1st-Amendment: If their employer gets audited, then they have Software Assurance and a Volume License Agreement - it's the same at mine, once a year Microsoft comes through for "true up" where they adjust our billing based on what we actually have installed. Yes, we don't have to buy licenses before installing them.

            HUP is something the employer has to opt into though, so your "too cheap" still applies.

  • Registered it and it didn't provide me with such option. Full original price.

    Then I decided to look what what I have purchased under MS HUP, and found that I already bought Visio/Project 2019, MS Office Professional Plus 2019 and Office for Home and Business for MAC 2019 under HUP price in mid-2019! I have only used the MAC version since as I have never bought another PC since then.

  • After I purchased it, does the product linked to my work email account or personal email account?

  • +3

    As a tech-savvy millennial engineer who has worked on mechanical drawings, PCB layouts, coding IDEs for both hardware and software, GUIs etc, and mountains of different programs… never in my life have I ever come across another piece of software with such disrespect for what you want to accomplish.
    Arrow from A to B? Let me wrap that 3 times around Z for you.. not for any discernible reason.. other than being coded with all of the hatred in other MS products, except undiluted.
    You'd think something this bad would just go die in a corner right? No.. worse still, somehow despite this, there's still enough circle-jerking around, causing a lot corporate monkey's insistence on using it.

    No, you'd have to pay me a lot of money start using this again

    • +1

      I've had my fair issues with draw.io because my employer is cheap… I still like Visio more.

      • +1

        draw.io at least has the excuse that it's free..

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