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Any 2 Trays (2x 120 Capsules) Mr & Mrs Mill Coffee Capsules $100 Delivered @ K-Fee


240 K-Fee/Expressi coffee capsules for $100 including free delivery.
The brand is Mr & Mrs Mill which as far as I can see are only sold on the K-Fee website.

I've not tried them before but thought I'd give them a go as this seems like a genuine discount (usually they're about $120 for 2 trays).
Per capsule price still slightly more expensive than buying direct from Aldi, but if the quality is good and the delivery is free it seems like a decent deal to me.

ALDI Expressi Compatible.

First post so please be kind.

From the promotion:
This year, give the gift of coffee!
Choose from a range of slow-roasted Mr & Mrs Mill coffee with carefully selected blends to suit every taste.
Offer expires 14 Feb 2021.

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  • Unless this is some special coffee, it seems to be dearer than Aldi's normal price of $5.99 / 16, which is $89.85 for 240. When Aldi has them on special buys in packs of 6 boxes the price drops to around $75 for 240.

    I think I would rather stick with what I know than try 240 coffees of unknown taste & quality - especially if it costs me extra money for the privilege of gambling.

    Not sure I see the bargain here.

  • Cheaper to buy Aldi capsules?

    240 Mrs Mill capsules = $100

    240 Aldi ($5.99 for 16) = 15 boxes. 15 x $5.99 = $89.85

  • What is the 3rd party selection like for K-Fee? Many third parties making pods? Currently with Lavazza and, while their own pods are great, the 3rd party selection is shite and Lavazza's own specials are infrequent

    • I have tried Urban Brew pods for K-Fee. Not too bad but easier to stick with Aldi as I live close to one.

    • Lavazza pods are my favourite as I have Lavazza machine too. Usually buy them on Amazon when on sale with SS to get the cheapest price..

    • Here its pretty much aldi but if you're willing to buy from overseas, its reasonably popular in the US

    • The K-Fee system (E.g. Aldi Expressi) has a pretty limited third party selection of pods.
      I do like the Aldi pods but recently we moved so I don't have an Aldi conveniently nearby as I used to. This is the cheapest I've seen a 3rd party selection for these machines. When I do bother to go to Aldi I usually buy up as many pods I can carry ha ha.
      Otherwise only a couple of other companies do them such as Urban Brew. Unless you subscribe and save the prices are not competitive.