40% off Patagonia RRP Clearance + $9 Shipping/Free with Orders > $49 @ Paddy Pallin


Heaps for the ladies, not so much for the guys. Still good discounts, a few at over 50% but didn't want to sound like clickbait in the title.

EDIT: The mobile version of this site is broken, so you'll need to switch to the desktop version if you're on mobile.

Title also changed from "40% off Patagonia Clearance on Paddy Pallin" to "40% off Patagonia RRP at Paddy Pallin's Clearance Sale" to be more clear regarding the discounting.


Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Beanie Clearance (L only) OOS
Was $59.95 Now $35.97 save 40%


Patagonia Sandy Cay Short Men's Clearance (S only) OOS
Was $99.95 Now $49.97 save 50%

Patagonia Torrentshell Pant Men's Clearance (XL only) OOS
~~Was $129.95 Now $64.98 save 50% ~~

Patagonia Torrentshell 30" Pant Men's Clearance (XL only) OOS
~~Was $129.95 Now $64.98 save 50% ~~
(not sure why it says womens in the URL, pics indicate it's men's)


Patagonia Pluma Gore-Tex Jacket Women's Clearance (L only)
Was $799.95 Now $479.97 save 40%

Patagonia Classic Synchilla Jacket Women's Clearance (L only)
Was $149.95 Now $89.97 save 40%

Patagonia Down With it Parka Women's Clearance (XS, XL available)
Was $429.95 Now $257.97 save 40%

Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket Women's Clearance (XS, S,M available)
Was $199.95 Now $119.97 save 40%

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket Women's Clearance (M, L available)
Was $349.95 Now $209.97 save 40%

Patagonia Torrentshell 32" Pant Women's Clearance (XL only)
Was $129.95 Now $64.98 save 50%

Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail SS Shirt Women's Clearance (XS only)
Was $59.95 Now $35.97 save 40%

Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody Women's Clearance (M only)
Was $399.95 Now $239.97 save 40%

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  • Site dead or incorrect main link?

    • no problems atm as of my comment

      • Main picture link takes me to a 'Magento' page on mobile/chrome.. Still now.. Links in description working fine…

        • Seems to be an issue with the mobile version of the site. Doesn't work in mobile Chrome browser however if I change it to the Desktop site in the menu it works fine.

      • google searched 'paddy pallin clearance' & the same link works.. weird shit…

    • Thanks /u/stwongy and /u/michael_123 for helping to troubleshoot. I agree with Michael that it seems to be an issue with the mobile site. The link works fine for me on firefox desktop but when I tested it out on firefox on mobile, it just nutted out. Sorry for the inconvenience, but glad you were able to figure out a way to get to the site in the end!

  • still exxy but real good quality sh1t

    • I think my wallet about cried when I made my order! As you mentioned, it's really worth the money when you consider quality, longevity, ethos, etc. I've personally been trying to make more conscious decisions when buying clothing and other things, i.e. trying to buy more ethical and/or sustainable, and that will also last me for a very, very long time. I'm no stranger to buying clothes secondhand off strangers, but it's hard to find the things I want off of gumtree or eBay for Patagonia, hence the deal searching. Patagonia is also running a similar sale on their site, but I don't believe the discounts are as deep.

  • It ain’t 40% off clearance! It’s 40% off rrp clearance! I want my bargain on top of a bargain.

  • Tried to buy shorts, but the shipping options were either express shipping for $11.95 or click and collect only, no free shipping to my address.

    • That's really quite odd, the free shipping should have automatically applied. I tried to test it out myself, but it looks like the shorts are now OOS. Sorry about that :(

    • So I looked into i t some more to see why they even charged in the first place, and the really shouldn't have charged you for standard shipping if the order was over $49. The only exclusions/disclaimers I could find was:

      Excludes Express Shipping. Orders under $49 are charged a flat rate of $9. We use a variety of Shipping Methods depending on your location, the item’s size, weight and dimensions. We will endeavor to use the most efficient method available to us at the time of dispatch that best serves your address or requirements. We use and trust carriers such as Australia Post, Startrack Express, and DHL. For all shipping methods, tracking numbers are provided for trackability and traceability via order shipment email notifications.

      So possibly it might have been related to the OOS? Not sure, honestly.

  • Some good jackets but only odd sizes.

    • When they had more sizes available, the discount wasn't as good but I'm still happy to have snagged my jackets even if I did get it at only 30% off. The Patagonia site actually has a bit on sale as well, but the discount isn't as deep.