Need a New Chair Budget $600

I'm 5'3 so would love recommendations from people of similar height.


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    Incoming Herman Miller Aeron second hand or run out pricing brag posts

    • Yeah, "Aeron, because I'm worth it!"

      Seriously, though…

      Although the asking price for a new Aeron is around $1,600, it'll last at least 3 times long as a $600 chair and is almost guaranteed to be more comfortable. A 10 year old, second hand, Aeron is still under warranty. If you can find a good deal on one, consider stretching the budget.

  • Wife's around that height. She likes the alefjall from ikea. About $300

    • Thanks, I'll check it out

  • A chair for ???

    • right. i spend a lot of time at my PC and current one is giving me back pain.

  • secret lab chairs. if you can't stand the gaming chair look ergohuman would fit the budget, just

  • Recaro's go for around that.

  • Seconded for Secretlab chairs… Not sure why the guy above has been negged. I've had dozens of gaming chairs over the years, and this one is going strong now 3rd year in a row. They're super comfy, super well made chairs. Ignore the negging haters and check em out!

    • I've had dozens of gaming chairs over the years

      Maybe that's why?

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        Because they're gaming chairs? You realise gaming chairs are just chairs that you spend a long time sitting in front of a PC on. They're reasonably designed and not too outlandish. And super comfy and well made.

        Sorry… but I'm completely missing your point even with your fancy bolding of the words. Here let me BOLD this review on the chair which states great for work and play, maybe you'll get something more out of it than when I read your bold text -

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          Gaming chairs suck. It's why you never see them on any review round up that favours ergonomics or comfort.

          They're modelled after bucket seats, which are designed for an entirely different seating position, i.e. leaned back, knees above hips. They aren't designed for comfort, it's why you rarely see them even in luxury cars. Those 'wings' are designed to cradle your body through lateral g forces, irrelevant for static seating. They trade lumbar support and adjustability for pleather, contrast stitching and LEDs. If it wasn't for Twitch streamers shilling DxRacers, no one would buy one.

          Sorry… but I'm completely missing your point even with your fancy bolding of the words. Here let me BOLD this review on the chair which states great for work and play, maybe you'll get something more out of it than when I read your bold text

          Um, it's bold to highlight. Weird flex, but okay? The fact you had to quote a gaming website says it all. To anyone who actually wants to be comfortable they don't rate.

          • @SydStrand: They may not be included in reviews due to the stigma of being gaming chairs rather than not being ergonomic. Reading other reviews they actually seem quite decent, and I've had a friend who loves them.

            Not sure why you need to go postal on the guy for just sharing his experiences that they enjoy it.

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              @DingoBilly: It's not stigma. If a chair was comfortable, it doesn't really matter what it looks like. I personally think the HM Embody looks bad (even the non-Logitech collab), but it scores very highly by people who know these things. And it's not that gaming chairs can't also be ergonomic, but they chase 'gamer aesthetics' at the expense of support and adjustability. They're not even particularly good value. A $230 Ikea Markus is more sturdy than most flimsy, pleather junk that costs twice as much. He's welcome to offer suggestions, but I'm also allowed to respond, because I genuinely don't think the OP should buy a Secret Labs chair.

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            @SydStrand: Dude bold highlights first, then reacts to it as a weird flex? Weird flex, but ok.

            And using your own selective method to counter argue with what you're saying, here's the same sites you've posted praising the chair you're dismissing (while somehow trying to use those sites to make a point that this chair sucks?)




            Also your last link is specifically for office chairs… for obvious reasons you wouldn't get a gaming chair for an office. Dude is obviously buying from home but the fact I have to spell that our for you, and every other weird thing you've lent into is kind of making me feel like I'm wasting my time here….

            Anyways, the chair is super comfy and amazing (as per the reputable non gaming sites you've happily used as gospel) and my own personal experience… OP wanted opinions, he's got mine. :D

            Weird flex though bro.

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              @Ruddaga: More cherry-picked, singular product reviews from a gaming perspective. The second link literally says this:

              Gaming chairs often trade the understated design of an office chair for bright colors, racing stripes, and an overall cool look. They may not have as many adjustments or as much padding as a high-end office chair, but most gaming chairs should still be relatively comfortable. After all, gamers could end up spending hours at a time in the chair — and the last thing they need during a session is an uncomfortable experience. Generally speaking, gaming chairs are built with design in mind first, and comfort second — but you should still be able to find highly comfortable gaming chairs.

              Glowing. You can't even find a single favourable comparison with this chair that doesn't doesn't come with the proviso 'for a gaming chair.' The last is a sponsored post actually tagged under 'Games.' But then again, you've had 'dozens' of gaming chairs (really? dozens?).

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                @SydStrand: Oh my god.

                Mate, it's people like you that actually make me laugh. All I did was go to google and choose the websites you used… Didn't cherry pick. Didn't even read them ,just scrolled and saw they're positive reviews. Far out… Special kind of ignorance right here people ><D

                As I've stated from the beginning, what I'm saying is from (here I'll use a favourite of yours again) my own experience.

                For some reason this has triggered you to be (if I'm speaking plainly) rude as, dismissive and condescending, all while not really making a point or even making sense or actually bringing anything to the table then weird failing arguments that don't actually land.

                Also when I said "dozens" it was what is known as using hyperbole. I suggest grabbing a dictionary and looking what the word means if it's hurting your head.

                Let me adjust my original statement since you seem to be a simple fellow who is seems to just go back over and over what I've posted -

                "I've owned a bunch of chairs over the years that I've used at my home PC (gaming and otherwise) and this one has lasted the longest and is still going strong."

                Hopefully removing the exaggeration, and making it more succinct will help your brain to comprehend what I am saying. But no doubt you'll circle back to something said 3 posts ago, not understand it, post more random cherry picked lines and ignore the fact that the entire point of my post is to say (really try and focus on this part… I know it will be hard) MY OPINION. Which no offence, I trust a lot more over random dude with no opinion of his own to bring to the table.

                But weird flex though bro.

                Also for the OP, not this random negative nelly - here's another review in which they've reviewed the chair every year to see how it's holding up -


                Is a PC parts and gaming website though. This might trigger the dude that is anti gaming chairs ><D

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                  @Ruddaga: Let's clear this up. OP asked for suggestions, you seconded Secret Labs, I made fun of you for apparently owning multiple gaming chairs. You think they're great, I think they're junk. We offered very different evidence for/against… and that's a deep rabbit hole I don't have the energy to go down. If the first comment was too sarcastic, I apologise. You offered a suggestion, that's cool. But ultimately, I wouldn't recommend a gaming chair to anyone whose back I care about, I wouldn't even recommend it to the OP, a stranger on the internet, which also means when someone does pump up a gaming chair, I'll say why not. Capiche? For the record, there's no negging from this end.

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                    @SydStrand: It seems we have reached an accord.

                    Fair enough. Peace be with you chair brother.

                    • @Ruddaga: Oh dear must be a quiet night on ozb. May I suggest you go sit in one and decide whether it's comfortable for you rather than getting your knickers in a knot about what type of chair it is labelled? Plenty of people swear by secretlabs and plenty hate them. I did suggest ergohuman if they don't tickle your fancy. YMMV just like anything else in life, what you rave over may be someone else's junk. Deal with it

                      Edit: not directed at you ruddaga, replying to the thread above

    • Yeah, I like my secret lab. Got my Omega softweave at $450, but wouldn't recommend at the $624 I've seen during covid. I work from home and the comfort is great for long periods, build quality isn't fantastic but leaps above anything from officeworks or amart.

  • Steelcase Series One is near your budget (with arms $628 or $580 without). Very good quality office chair and comfy and customizable, wife also uses it, she is 5'5 in height. I'm 5'8. Steelcase Series 1

    Or another chair I got is from Krost Furniture, they got a showroom in Melbourne and Sydney. Their Future II is pretty good for about $400-500 depending on your customisations.

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    I also agree with secertlab chairs. Best chair for sitting at a pc I've used

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    I have replica Japanese ergohuman office chair (full mesh) with head rest. This one would fit you perfectly. Only 1 month old.

    Interested? Because I am moving to QLD soon.

  • My son has only had a BattleBull chair for a few months. We purchased it specifically because he wanted a gaming aesthetic chair and I no longer wanted to buy a pleather one. His first one was a cheap OW Bathurst chair. He used it for 2 years and admittedly, the carcass was still fine after all that time, but the upholstery was completely shot a little after a year of ownership. Since he had his heart set on a "gaming" chair, I looked for fabric covered ones and also saw the Secretlabz stuff, but couldn't handle the price.

    The battlebull seems good so far. I've sat in it and I find it really really comfortable. I just find that it's lowest setting is quite a bit higher than standard.

    Personally, I'm a fan of the AFRDI rated seats, especially at rating 6. I've got one and it's 11 years old and still feels perfect. The upholstery is still in perfect shape and the cushioning hasn't really sagged at all. I just wish the one I picked up for a song was one of the higher end models with the higher back and the automatic recline. When I sit in my son's chair, those are the features that always make me think twice about changing my own chair. I just find it hard to justify getting rid of my existing when everything on it is still perfectly good.

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    I have the Sayl which is good and around that price range, I've also heard the Steelcase Leap is good. Don't trust the opinions of internet strangers however, go into somewhere like Living Edge and actually try a few of the recommended options to find out what suits you. I worked in an office with Aeron chairs and there were a decent amount of people who requested to have them switched out for traditional cheap foam padded chairs, and they're supposed to be the top-tier.

  • If it’s for computer work go to somewhere like the Back centre. They will fit you out with something decent for less than $600. Stand by their warranties too.
    If you work from home you can claim for it as well.

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    Ergohuman has my vote: been using for about 5 years now, though I am ~180cm

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    I got recently a full mesh Ergohuman Luxury Platinum for my bad back and absolutely love it, fully adjustable but it isn't cheap ($700 second hand). I spend a lot of time in this chair and have no regrets. The mesh is awesome for hot days as my old leather one would get super uncomfortable in the heat.

    180cm but this chair is full of customisations so should be fine for someone shorter.

    Link for description only

    Disclaimer : It's fully steel framed so weighs a ton.
    Also with mesh you'd want to try before you buy as some people hate them.

    Good luck with your chair hunt!

  • I too love my secretLab chair

  • Merged from Whats your height and what is the chair you're sitting on?

    For research purposes. Where the shorties at?

    words words words

    • 5'5 .. sitting on traditional office chair that I bought on sale from here:

      the mesh on the back have gone really rough and a bit spiky after a year so looking at getting something new soon and selling this one

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      5 ft. tall.Sitting on a Chaise Lounge. “Oh Beulah, peel me a grape”.

      • that's hot

    • 5ft 1, sitting on a customised office chair (thanks, work WHS!) that has arm rests and a back support that adjusts with an air pump thing. I really miss it when I have to work from the office one day a week!

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      Short people can get any chair they want. It is the tall people that have the problem.

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        Not true at all. Quite often chairs dont go low enough for shorter people, so the seat digs into the backs of their legs cutting off circulation.

        Source: my 5'2" wife

        • I think you mean that the seat of the chair is too big/long so it cuts off their legs. If that part of the seat was smaller they'd be fine. It'll still cut off circulation no matter how short the chair if your limbs are too short for the seat.

          • @serpserpserp: The problem is your legs are left dangling so it cuts of the circulation. You need a foot support under your desk. Fixed bar stools can be a pain to climb on/off as well. You need the ones with the metal rings to lean your foot on, use as a leg up. However, as I always say, there isn’t a bed I don’t fit in.

  • another vote for SecretLab, the cloth ones are in the $600 range. Quality build, comfy, good for your back

  • I thought that read "Need a new car, budget $600"

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