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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 + Portable Air Pump $699 + $9.95 Delivery @ Mi-Store


Buy 1 Scooter Pro 2 get 1 free Xiaomi Air Pump….While stock lasts.

Package Includes:

1x Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 (RRP $1,099.00)
1x Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump (AUD $129.95)

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2
Multifunctional dashboard
Aerospace grade aluminum body
E-ABS + disc brake
600W powerful motor performance
Three speed modes, easy switch
High safety lithium battery, 45km super long-range battery
New generation energy recovery system
Fifth generation BMS smart battery management system

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  • Good price, paid mine for $663.20 from Xiaomi Ebay store without the pump.

    Rode it for the first time last week, didn't feel it's fast even at top speed of 25km/h.

    • Unlock firmware 😎 but be careful and always wear a Helmet

      Make sure U get all the lil accessories off eBay too.

      Makes a difference in the end.. YouTube the top stuff

      • I have seen people talked about unlocking the firmware, have you done it yourself? Would you mind sharing the link to the tutorial?

        What accessories are there for the scooter? Never knew they exist.

        • +1

          the m365 subreddit and scooterhacking.com are what you want to look into. scooterhacking also have a discord.

          I loaded CFW onto my pro 2 last week using the scooterhacking beta app. The process was extremely simple and quick.

          Steps were:

          1. build a CFW from https://pro2.cfw.sh/ (good preset/configs can be found in the subreddit/discord group) and download as a ZIP file.

          2. Upload the ZIP via the scooterhacking app to your scooter

          3. PROFIT

          PSA don't update your scooter to latest firmware if you want to do this.

          • @waldren: Will doing this void warranty or can you reset firmware to original if you need to make a warranty claim?

    • -3

      Rode it for the first time last week, didn't feel it's fast even at top speed of 25km/h.

      That's because it isn't but that's the legal top speed in QLD for example. My parter sold hers after a couple months and now has the Kaboo Mantis Elite (larger wheels, more Watts, suspension). On the wider paths with no one about she sits on about 45 but it will get to about 60 with her on it. I have the Mantis Pro which has dual motors, better brakes and a better controller but costs more. She rides hers to work every day, they wouldn't let her park her bicycle securely but the scooter she can leave in the Ladies toilet in the corner. We haven't had need of the car for about 2 months and still ride our bikes.

      Be careful if you do hack the Pro2, the latest firmware may give you issues and a bricked scooter. We sold ours unhacked and bought one that could be unlocked via few changes of code in the controller.

      • I assembled my own. 3.5kW, 2x7s LiPo (in series), hits 62km/h (GPS measurement) on flat with full battery, full suspension, wheelies, climbs every garage ramp and road with ease. Puts a smile on my face everytime I ride it… and I usually ride an MT10-sp.

  • +2

    Got mine last week for same price from JB and now looking for the pump, any chance of a pump only special?

  • Are these really 600W motors, JB lists 300W? Or is this just the rated vs max type wording

    For another option, Anaconda have the Reid E4 @ $499 club price atm also: https://www.anacondastores.com/cycling/scooters/reid-black-e...

    300W motor, 7.5Ah battery, solid tyres, manual here: https://www.anacondastores.com/medias/Reid-Black-E4-E-Scoote...

  • have they improved the tire/tube design? The earlier version (which I own) punctures the tube very easily (twice in less than a year) where I have to buy a tubeless tire to avoid it.

    Also, it is VERY difficult to change the tire…

    • I doubt they have and a lot of people would just look at the attractive price and buy one without realising what sort of nightmare awaits them when they have a puncture or when the tyres need replacing.

  • As much as I want an e-scooter for my 1.5 KM commute to the station then 1.5KM commute from station to work… I just dont think its worth the risk with the laws in VIC…. I wish governments would really be alot quicker in adopting technology…. and changing laws in general

    • +1

      They're pretty quick when it comes to taking liberties away.

      They'll hide behind safety, but the real reason is public transport investment and taxes.
      Some one got to pay for politian perks… and that's us.
      You moving around for virtually nothing doesn't help them. An empty bus driving around the city uses fuel and guess what http://bic.asn.au/information-for-moving-people/taxes-and-ch...

    • Get a push bike?

  • New legislation will be presented for approval by ministers in may for the Australian Road Rules. Once approved it will become model law, only thing left is for state and territory governments to accept the changes into state law. Let’s hope after May 2021 we start to see states legalising these devices.

    Fingers crossed.

    • Knowing the f*tard states that they are, the legislation will probably be prohibiting or limiting drastically in speed ffs

  • Deal has expired/Link doesn't work anymore