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Rode Wireless Go $233.10 Delivered (Was $299) @ Wireless1


I was looking for a wireless mic system for my a6400 and found this as the cheapest & good option. Wireless1 is an authorised dealer listed in Rode's site. Therefore, you can register this product for free extended warranty (2 years). Good luck.

Don't forget Shopback 1%.

If you don't mind driving to Auburn and need this by tomorrow, then look at PCByte

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    Nice, been looking for a cheap set of these, thanks op.
    Worth noting postage free over $200 too.

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  • Plus one for RØDE.

  • $235 at DCW - no code needed

    • add $10 shipping - $245.
      Pc Byte is $233. But, shipping is $10.

  • These are new to me, modern day lapel mics?

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      Yes, the TX module has a microphone built in as well as a TRS 3.5mm plug to connect a lapel or something like their VideoMic

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        You’re the YouTube guy, right?

        • Haha guess you've seen a couple of my comments about gear or tech. But yes :) I make YouTube videos in my Cam Shand channel, and use these lapels every week.

      • Do you think these might be more practical then a shotgun boom mic? I need professional level audio and I was thinking a boom.

        Would be used for interviews and I already have a VideoMic in my bag.

        • More practical maybe, but a well-placed boom with a shotgun mic would definitely still yield better audio quality. Whilst the built-in mic on these is ok to use in a pinch, it's no comparison to a shotgun boom!

        • depends, hiding a lapel on someone is a bit more difficult than chucking a boom mic on a stand IMO.

          in either case though these units are a great way to send the mic straight to your camera if you're light on audio gear.

  • I've got 3 sets of these. Pick it up usually from Digidirect when they have their sale on. I think I got them for $220 a set. 1 of them had a problem before christmas, and I dropped it back in store, and it's been replace in 3 weeks with a new one.

    • Yeah, handy little things. I got a couple in Amazon's Black Friday sale for $190 a set.

      • Nice. you should post those deals. the problem with amazon is, Rode doesn’t have almost none of the sellers there in their Authorised sellers list. Did you manage to get extended warranty?

        • yea. thats the thing with rode amazon sellers. i got the video micro from amazon for like $20 cheaper but when i had problems with it, rode or amazon can't help. So with some of my "work" gear these days, digidirect is my go to.

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    These are amazing. Well worth the buy if it's what you want, don't bother with cheaper no name Rf things.

    These haven't skipped a beat for me and are dependable.

  • Great little unit to send smpte timecode from your timecode generator app

  • Don't forget Shopback 3%

    I reckoned this is incorrect, it should be 1%, if you use coupon.

  • Can you trust the website?

    • I have received mine and got extended warranty from Rode for 2 years.

  • Thanks OP.

    Placed order for White one Thanks.

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