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6 Meals $5.93 - $9.99 Delivered ($70 off) via Referral @ HelloFresh


I noticed that the previous (very popular) referral post of $79.99 has expired but just checked and my (along with no doubt many other OzBargainer) $70 referral code is still valid.

Deal - $70 OFF for new customers and referrer also receives $70

I've been a long time HelloFresh user and find they have a wide variety of interesting meals to choose from. Bit expensive full priced but definitely worth it with $70 off :)

Choose 2 people/3 recipes per week (6 serves in total). The total cost will be $5.93. If you want more meals, just pay the difference for the next level up plans.

Note: Some users are reporting $9.99 total depending on location.

Don’t forget to modify or cancel your plan if you only want to take up a one time offer as this is a subscription service.

Offer expires 8 Feb

Mod: Please use the referral system below ONLY. Solicitation, referral codes or referral links are not permitted in comments. If the link you click doesn't have $70 off, keep trying until you get one.

Referral Links

Referral: random (556)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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        • I sent her a link but she used the same computer. Might try again with a different computer, thanks!

          • @JoJoker: Are you using the $70 referral code or the free box? I think they check the address for the free box or there might be a limit of how many times you can use it on the same address.

            • @inubaran: Actually ended up using my referral for her sign up and that worked when I used a different computer and tethered it to my mobile hotspot!

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    I think its best to just skipped the next few weeks.

    I experience when i cancelled tha tit also cancel my FIRSt meal order with the voucher.
    I have to call them up and chase them on why they canlled the first delivery which is lmost free with the voucher.

    They add it back so now i just skipped the first 3 weeks to be sure i wont get the next delivery.

  • Does anyone know if you can use Hello Fresh credits for the extra sides (cooked/ready meals)?

  • Not sure if my next box is free…in the 'my deliveries' window it says
    "Don't forget you still have $75.93 of credit to use!
    You've still got credits! Unskip your box and use them now
    Total price $75.93 $0.00"
    But in my account info it says
    "You have $74.06 HelloFresh credit at the moment
    Your next box will be discounted"

    • It looks like you got a referral. I also got 2 and used 1 this week. Still have 1 left for next week. I wasn’t charged this week, not even for delivery.

      • Yes I was not charged at all, also.

  • Can we still use the $70 off link code?

    If i use the link - i see $70 off.
    But if i login to hellofresh account and go to gift, i only see $50 off

    • I think the $70 off has already expired.

      • I can still see and use the link and it still show as $70 off.
        They should make the link invalid to avoid confusion

        • It depends on the account - I was able to use my friend's $70 referral over the weekend still and my new account gives me the ability to provide $70 referrals too. Some accounts are only $50 referrals though

          • @pbandjace: If i look at the current account, it only shows $50 off Hellofriends. But i was able to save the old link when it was still $70 off.
            That old link with $70 off is still active.

            • @atlinus: Ah, gotcha. Then may as well take advantage if you can!

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    WARNING: Do not use the $40 discount voucher that came in the first delivery box if you have credits in your account. The two cannot be used together.

    I was charged $55.93 for my second box. Politely chatted with them via WhatsApp and got the charges refunded and the discount code removed.

    • yea same here, I contacted them on webchat but they wouldn't refund me. Trying WhatsApp now.

      Update: talked to them on WhatsApp, no refund but they cancelled my discount code. So next box free but this box I paid $55.93 for.

    • Thanks! Managed to get my code removed via webchat before next delivery.

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    Has anyone been able to claim a free box with an active account?

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    Looks like the $70 off referral link is still working off this post. Thanks!

  • +2

    This offer isn't expired. You can still get $70 off!

  • Does everyone who joined up, and got referral credit, need to pay $9.99 shipping now? Going to sign up my brother via random referral but wanted to double check before checkout-since it forces you to pay first before choosing meals

    • I have had one meal delivered since the initial referral and it did not charge me shipping. The charge for 3 meal for 2 was $65 something.

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    For those who using referral credit to cover your weekly delivery, please check ur most recent invoice ASAP

    Because Hellofresh suddenly charging $9.9 delivery fee on top now. As I cancel my PayPal authorization it is overdue

    This $9 fee was covered by refer credit

    Not anymore

    • Mine was covered by referral credits up until last week. I don’t have enough credits now so cancelled it. Only paid $9.95 for my initial order. Then all free including delivery for the next 3 due to referrals.

      Edit: also earned 8 free boxes in app and 3 free box vouchers inside the box along the way.

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    Anyone know restrictions on free boxes? I've already used mine and wife's details for home address. Anyone tried 3 people at the same address before?

  • Looks like its expired now.

    70 off
    49.99 off
    59.99 off

    all are expired.

    • +1

      My referral page still says give someone $70 off their first box

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