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9 Meals for $59 @ Youfoodz


Similar deal to this post:
But with a new code - AUSSIE-FRESH

*Min spend $89 (before discount), min spend $59 (after discount). Available online & the YF App (iOS App version 2020.4 or later) until Feb 3, 2021 11.59pm AEST or while stocks last. One code per order, applies once per order. Discount based on 9x $9.95 meals - add $1 extra per Large meal. Standard delivery fees may apply.

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      PUBLISHED: 09:06 AEDT, 5 November 2019

      Move on bro

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        ok Ms Stott

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        I get in context that it was an issue from a couple years ago now. But would you tell a race of people where something happened to them hundreds of years ago to 'move on bro' to their face?

        Opinion/Example: I'm not a particular fan of things like 'invade Australia day' and that, i believe Australia Day is for all people who call Australia home and it's annoying to see habits past onto the younger generation when we as a people have access to free education, a good health and welfare system.

        It is like passing on hate onto the next generation, when there is no need for it.

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          Let's not confuse the rape and murder of the traditional custodians of this land to meaningless words published on social media.

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            @whooah1979: The atrocious treatment you speak of has happened throughout history to every race of people at some point unfortunately.

            The fact it's used in 2021 for political leverage in Australia is a shame. We need to help our indigenous to navigate life in the current social climate, sure. Date changes will not help. Those championing it will move onto the next pointless escapade, while not focusing on or highlighting the biggest victims in all of this, indigenous women and children within indigenous households.

            Personal responsibility needs to be the focus for our indigenous. Deflecting their problems and driving this focus of a problem of social hierarchy will accomplish nothing.

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          Difference is, this is an old tabloid news article and people comment on it everytime there is a youfoodz deal. That's why I'm saying move on/scroll on.

          How is the 'company' racist because the owner's girlfriend was acting pissed and racistly? It has no bearing on their food or deals on ozbargain. My thoughts are, if you want to carry on about it, then do it on a forum that is more directed to that type of thing still being relevant after 2 years.

          • @dmbminaret: I think its fair to dislike a company for their practices.

            But do the actions of a single woman/couple represent the company as a whole?

            Don't see everyone here boycotting 7-11 anymore, even though they basically swept the whole "slave wages" thing under the table after blaming franchisees for it.

            That was most certainly not a single person that chose to do it, it was a corporate culture.

            In this case the far more pertinent issue is that the food is just not the same quality as it was years ago.
            They have also removed several dishes that I liked.

            Those are reasons enough to not buy it.

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      That is so the 2010s.

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      (came here for this)
      Would downvote, but not fair on OP

    • No Neg Yesterdays Hero ?

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      Has anyone else on here other than @damfrog never mocked anyone in their life? No, thought not.

      Noble work.

      Grow up.

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        the amount of lefty's on this site winging about anything these days is amazing . Grow up.

        Was it the lefties who were whinging about a rigged election for the past few months in the US and incited a violent riot which led to the death of an innocent police officer? Also remind me who whinged about Obama's birthplace (untrue) and who whinged about Clinton's affairs (irrelevant to policies). And of course, let's not forget about who are whinging because God forbid men sometimes have sex with men.

        I hate whinging (and I'm not overly political either), but give me a break, the only whinging I've seen recently are from the cucks on the right.

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          Mate this is the internet, not America

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      FWIW, I'm Asian and I think the whole thing is typical tabloid sensationalism that can only be found in drivel like The Daily Mail.

      The woman is obviously a pea-brained idiot who deserves no airtime and the CEO of YouFoodz is a dunce for associating himself with such a moron. However, none of this is news or particularly interesting.

      There are so many issues faced by Asian people, both here and abroad, least of which is the fact that 1.4 billion people are currently living in one of the most repressive regimes in history where political opponents are being executed and genocide is being committed against minority groups.

      But yes, you won't hear about that in the Daily Mail because it's actually serious news. Instead let's all get outraged on behalf of all Asians towards this stupid idiot and forget about the actual difficulties and hardships faced by Asian people (and people of all races for that matter).

      I'm not defending her actions in any way, but if you're going to get outraged, at least pick something worth getting outraged over and something worth your brain time to think about.

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        Here here, well said.

        Sadly, a news story about slavery, ethnic and/or theological imprisonment, genital mutilation etc.. doesn't get the hits that a slack jawed yokel gets. It also doesn't stir up the average commenter on their social pages which leads to greater reach and visibility for their page/brand.

      • I think we can say the same thing for North Korea, Russia etc?
        A lot of issues in those countries too.

    • As per article they should not use Aussie word! It does not represent Aussies. Maybe Idiot Fresh or Ignorant Fresh.

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    Thanks OP. This is an acceptable price.

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      Honestly for the serving size, I wouldn't pay anything more than $5 per meal

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        It's ok for under $7 compared to other retailers. Some are smaller. Some are only rice and something. At least youfoodz have a decent selection. Then I just supplement with other meals marked down at coles etc.

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          Why not just meal prep then?

          • @bataleon: I work away and stay in caretakers at factory if you must know with limited cooking means. These work well for my situation while alone.

      • $5 for a meal with meat and fresh ingredients delivered to your door is a bit of stretch. Maybe that can happen eventually with economies of scale.

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          Economies of scale

          Like say…a $250 million dollar company making the meals in giant batches??

      • Obviously nowhere near as healthy, but my local Asian takeaway 3 mins from my house does a box of rice or noodles with 3 choices of meat/veggies and a drink for $9.00 and it's legit huge.

    • -2

      i'd need 4 of those for a meal

  • I'll buy because it's cheap but goddamn their website sucks every time!! If I use in chrome, it says the promo codes are invalid. Then if I use firefox, I tried to add cashrewards and it wiped my entire cart as I was ready to order.

    But thanks OP.

    • +1

      Chrome working fine for me. Need not worry about CR with codes anyway?

      • The code stacks with CR. I got $1.28 CR for my order.

        • both chrome and cashrewards worked for me $1.24

    • I find I just get random prices at times using their cart with voucher codes … F5 price roulette..

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    Standard price $69?

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    If only the large meals came down to the $59 as well. The serving size of the regular is just too small for me to even consider.

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      the same code seems to apply to large meals too. $68, which seems pretty good considering the extra you get

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    Delivery is + $7.50

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      Not for everyone. My delivery free.

      • Ta. Interesting. Had always been free for me in Canberra previously until now.

        • Try going checkout. Mine says not free every time. Checkout shows free.

  • How does credit work from referrals? I got 140 so far from referring 2 people. Signed up for the original deal for $0, does it just mean I can get more weeks using the credit?

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    thanks, i didnt mind it last time, i feel like these help me with portion control.

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    OP Username checks out

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    they spam me with the same promo codes all the time, but they didn't send me this one

  • Rich yobos

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    I have personally tried it and I won't do it again for a couple of reasons:
    1) ridiculous delivery time, food was delivered 2AM IN THE MORNING
    2) food taste worse than foodcourt

    • I complained about this before. The customer service explained that if you declare you live in a gated/landed property, youfoodz will deliver anytime in the night. Mine was delivered at 12.10am, and left in the outdoor for 10 hours until I realise in the morning


      Solution: Select property type as Unit/Apartment, then youfoodz will deliver during reasonable time

      • Well unfortunately no too, I live in an apartment and selected apartment as property type, still get delivered midnight.

      • South Australia delivery always in the late morning/early arvo cuz that's the only time their delivery partner here works in.

      • Other way around. Gated is normal hours.

        • Ok. I think I was fooled then?

          I rang up the customer service and asked why did they deliver at 12.15am (no door knocking or text notification) and as such left it outdoor for 10 hours

          The customer service lady told me that because I picked 'gated' hence the deliveryman has a safe place to drop the box. If I pick high rise / apartment, delivery man will come during normal hours and buzz your home to ensure you're at home to pick up

          This appears to be opposite from what you guys got :')

          • @b0b0: If it's gated, don't they need to gain entry? (Someone awake to give it)

            • @dmbminaret: The customer service said with the gated option the deliveryman are going to leave the parcel at 'somewhere safe', for my case they left it outside my door, unseen by bypasser but definitely not safe..

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        Why exactly is it "Ridiculous"?

        They are delivered in insulated boxes. They can be delivered overnight when it's cheap to do so and no traffic on roads and you wake up and it's there already and still fresh.

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          Also "2) food taste worse than foodcourt" - where in a food court do you get a meal for $6.50?

          Or are you comparing a healthy meal to the dollar menu at McDonalds?

        • Not when the box is delivered outside of a building overnight, it may get stolen or worse, people may have a little "fun" with your food and you have no idea what you are putting in your mouth.

          • @Rilakkujay: Well if it is stolen you report it and they replace it.

            As for people tampering with your food, I think you will notice because the box will be torn open.

            Do you shop from supermarkets due to risk of tampering or do you only grow your own food?

            • @watwatwat: This is not the kind of service or risk I wanna take, so you can continue to grow your own food at your backyard if you think that's how you prefer, and I will just stay out from this company.

              • @Rilakkujay: Why would I do that? You seem to be the one concerned about food tampering.

                • @watwatwat: Oh I thought that was your idea?

                  • @Rilakkujay: Ok please elaborate on what "fun" you think people will have with food that worries you.

                    • @watwatwat: Feel free to order your food and have them left overnight outside of a Melbourne CBD apartment for 10 hours

                      I have a pregnant wife to feed and I'm not willing to take such risk. You can.

                      And just so you know, the points you mention are suggesting it is not 'ridiculous' for youfoodz to deliver food at 12am or 2am. As a consumer, I find it ridiculous and it is my own opinion, I have my take on food safety and the service I'm expecting, so I am not too interested to give in so that youfoodz can save their cost of delivery

                      It's like you can have a neighbour who thinks it's totally not ridiculous to be playing video games with loud noises at 2am because the off peak electricity is cheaper, but to the neighbour with kids it is unacceptable and ridiculous. As simple as that

                      • @b0b0: Post above claims they don't deliver to apartments overnight and that is my experience as well.

                        As a consumer, I find it ridiculous and it is my own issue.

                        Cool story! Now you can leave this thread that is about a Youfoodz deal that you clearly aren't interested in.

                        • @watwatwat: Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion

                          I'm genuinely interested in their deal, but not too happy with the way they deliver. I have been ordering youfoodz multiple times. To me the food is good and well worth the price, but the delivery service needs improvement

                          It's like saying the I don't like Off-peak electricity deal because my neighbour plays video game at night?

                          It's not cool to make an unrelated conclusion when you lost in an argument.

                          • @b0b0: Not sure what you will reply again. But whatever it is I wish you all the best.

                            Leaving this thread for real now as you wish

      • Don't wake up at 10am like normal people.

        • Sit outside the apartment all night to wait :D

    • 2AM in the morning….lol

    • I had the same thing. Delivered at 3am to my apartment building. Package got stolen. Complained and for it redelivered for free. Apparently I need to select Gated Apartment for it to be sent at a normal9-5. Not sure what you need to do if you live in a house but want it 9-5 though.

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    Arnt the owners of this like super racist or something. Avoid.

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    Youfoodz food used to be ok, but quality has gone massively downhill. They veg they use is terribly prepared, often undercooked (roast veg) and I've noticed more and more they'll deliver you a week's worth of meals with half of them expiring after 3 days. Been tempted numerous times at these prices, but never again.

  • Thanks OP! Just ordered! lunch sorted for next week!

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    How does it compare to HelloFresh 6 Meals $5.93?

    • +1

      No comparison. HelloFresh is better in value and serving size. Downside is you have to cook it yourself, and the packaged meat is low-grade fatty 2-star quality.

      • correct, youfoodz can't be compared to any other service except that gym food meal place that delivers only frozen, cuz the rest are all straight-up ingredients, not ready to eat.

  • Thanks OP, was in the process of ordering!

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    No thanks wont support a company that's racist and steals from their employees.

    • -5

      Read comments at top of thread.

  • Great value. Pay $1 extra per meal for the large ones that are 30% more.

  • Thx! Got my orders in, great deal

  • I usually buy these from Coles when marked down day or two before expiry. But there is always little variety.

    This is a great price, thanks.

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    shar ching

    • WT-F :)

  • Thanks. Just ordered.
    Do note that they do the delivery in an odd way. Got my last delivery arrived at 1AM….haha

    • Hope they were still frozen?

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    They’ve got free delivery shown all over their site, yet I’m charged $20 deliver to within 1km of the CBD…

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      • -3

        I don't know about you, but I don't see any asterisk here

        • Its on the front page right below the bit that says DELIVERED Free (Asterix) to your door