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Platinum Membership $13.49/Week (Normally $22.99) @ Goodlife Health Clubs (All Club Access)


EDIT: FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY* All club access with our Platinum Membership for a discounted $13.49 per week, usually $22.99. You also get 4 weeks free on the 12month contract option, or 7 days free on month to month. Also, if interested, get 2 PT sessions for $49. No admin fee, either. Save big on your health and fitness goals with one of the best clubs in the country.
You can access any Goodlife Health Club around Australia.
Send me a message if this appeals to you, and I can organise a link for you to get sorted online, for any Goodlife Health Club.
Offer end at 7pm on 02/02/2021
Please email me directly at [email protected].
Note: there are no Goodlife clubs in NSW or Tasmania.

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Goodlife Health Clubs
Goodlife Health Clubs

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  • Not enough exclamation marks. Can’t take post seriously.

  • Hhmmmmmm…. spam 🤤

  • To be honest this is basically the going rate, disguised as “limited time” to create a sense of urgency.

    You’d be better off finding a gym you want to join and asking them their best weekly price.


      Hey padfoot07,
      Thanks for the comment. Not true, unfortunately. Our rate on the platinum membership is usually 22.99.

      • Just my experience from looking at prices over the past week.

        My local council gym network has $23 per fortnight deal at the moment, and Jetts nearby is at $14 per week.

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          That's completely fair. Many of our gyms have swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, spas, group fitness + all of the equipment, of course.
          On this platinum membership, you can also bring a mate to train with you for free every weekend.

        • From my experience, you pay a little more for Goodlife, but you get more for what you pay. If you can use the extra facilities, it's worth it. Jetts may be cheaper, but the clubs are smaller and there aren't as many machines or as well-equipped.

          • @ngengerous: Our local even has child minding facilities, a major plus in my book :)

          • @ngengerous: I agree with this. I have previously been a member of both Jetts and Goodlife, now a member of neither.

            Jetts seemed to have more locations, but their facilities were smaller. Goodlife had significantly more space, often had classes on site, and every one I went to had a sauna at a minimum (can’t say if it applies to every club, but the ones I visited did).

            Both were great places to work out, but I preferred Goodlife for the extras they offered. The price difference was worthwhile in my mind.

  • Where are you based? I was wanting to sign up in Richlands 4077 at the new Goodlife gym opening in April

  • Hi OP - Does the discounted $13.49 fee last for the duration of the membership, or does it expire after an introductory period?

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      Lasts the entire duration, and can be ongoing (for as long as you like), or can expire after 12 months.

  • Hi Op, can we upgrade existing membership?

  • Hey OP - I'm on an existing ongoing membership, can I transfer to this deal?

  • Does this require a minimum commitment? Am I locked into a 12 month contract?

  • Hey OP, I have 4 weeks left on a 12 month contract- my rate is $15.95 how can I get this deal?

    Chermside in Brisbane has been horrendous to deal with in the past- was told I'd be reverted to my partner's $13.50 all pass at the expiry of my contract- rang them Friday assuming my contract was out (minus covid pauses) and they said no I will be stuck on $15.95 rate..


      Hey, sorry to hear this. Unfortunately this happens. My advice would be to ring up and cancel. Once you've done that, send me an email and I'll get you this deal.

      • Will it be month to month basis? ( Potentially moving remote in the next 6 months)- could you PM me your details please. Thanks


          Can do a M2M basis on the same rate. I completely understand that people prefer non-contract options. Here's my email: [email protected]

          • @GoodlifeHC: Thanks I'll organise it in my lunch break- if Chermside aren't help do I give them your details? Thanks

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              @JoeJoog: Alternatively, just ask them to reduce your membership to the 13.49 rate. That way you can maintain your current membership, which would be ideal.
              This rate is for new members. :)

              • @GoodlifeHC: Hey

                Just got off the phone to them and they aren't aware of any promos for exisiting customers.. tried saying it was offered from an Armadale member and they said I have 4 weeks on my contract and cannot do anything..

                How do I proceed from here?


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                  @JoeJoog: Unfortunately as you're already a member, I can't help out.
                  It's an unfortunate situation, but I can't get this deal for existing members.


        Aye, it is. I hate it when stuff like this happens. But I assure you that I'll take good care of you, as I do all my clients.

  • Hey OP, would you be able to do a deal on the Black membership? The number of classes seem lacking currently.

  • I'm interested if this can be done on a month to month, no contract basis?

  • What is the shortest period of membership possible?

  • Hi OP. I have a foundation membership with Richlands QLD which isn't starting until 1st Apr as it's a new club still under construction. I understand there is a 7 day cooling off period from the starting date, so can I cancel this through you then sign up to your deal? If not who can I contact as the club is not open yet so I can't go directly to them.

  • For those saying this isn't really a deal… I did all the legwork about 3 months ago calling up the Adelaide Anytime clubs (which as anyone who's attended both will know have generally less/shittier facilities than goodlife)

    Anytime Metro SA Clubs
    Club 12mth ($/wk) mth-mth ($/wk)
    Unley 14.95
    Glen Osmond 15.95 18.95
    St Morris 16.95
    Daw Park 16.95 18.95
    Findon 13.95 15.95 (student)
    Prospect 15.95 (student)
    Fulham Gdns 14.95 (student)

    I haven't included joining fees because they are for suckers and this is ozbargain you should all know better.

    The best price I could get for the Adelaide CBD goodlife (home club only membership, not national access) is $14 on a 12 month contract and $23 for month-to-month. Gyms reallllly don't like to hand out prices over the phone and since doing this I've put up with heaps of spam calls and texts lol. $13.95 a week on a month to month contract with no joining fee is an incredible deal for an all access goodlife membership.

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      $13.49* ;)

    • In Adelaide I was with Fitness First/Goodlife at this price, facilities are good and have great classes. But they had a crappy freezing policy which kept changing when i was there so i cancelled my membership. It was a headache when I tried to cancel my membership though.

      Now I am with Anytime Fitness for $9.95/week from their mate rates deal.

      Derrimut's Gym will often have great offers like $365 for 12months. They have classes and a female only section.

      • Can you explain more about that mates rates deal? Is it like a referral from an existing member?

        • Yes a referral from an existing member paying their rate.

          My mate was paying $9.95/week so I'm paying that price too. They had that promo again a few years back and I have referred another mate at $9.95/week too.

          • @Wantone: I think 9.95 is anytimes founders rate so to achieve that deal you need to have a friend paying founders rate (they 'pre-signed' before the opening of a new location) refer you when they're running the mates rates promotion.

            Alternatively I think anytime also do "$1 off per month" to the referrer for new referrals that sign a contract so someone could've gotten their rate down to the minimum of 9.95 through that method and then referred someone in during a mates rates promotion.

            Quite difficult for the stars to align for that but congrats. Would be worth making a post and referring people in at that rate during the next mates rates deal.

  • Thanks for deal Op. I am an existing member and messaged you direct on [email protected] but now see that the post has been edited to apply to New Members Only.

  • Has anyone successfully cancelled and rejoined without issue?

  • I had cancelled whilst waiting for your response to the email? Can i still get this?

  • So many comments but not a lot of upvotes, either shows the true demographic of OzBargain or how underrated this deal is..


      I am swimming in emails, I'm doing my best to get back to everyone asap, sorry!
      It will be really handy if you could add your OzBargain username in emails to help me navigate.

  • No NSW clubs? If so, unable to find the results in your search page.

  • Great deal, sent email. Cheers!!!

  • Pity it ain't in NSW

  • If you have bupa or ahm I believe u can get a further discount. I think I was paying $10.95 p/w for all access goodlife membership. Contract was 12 months.

  • Hi OP, I just joined on Friday for $15.29 per week, rest is same..I have 7 days cooling off period, if I cancel, can you get me the above deal? Thanks.

  • Thanks, OP just signed up, although I hope that I do not live to regret it given how bad the reviews are for this gym chain https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/goodlife-health-cl... I guess time will tell.

  • Was just thinking, I thought this deal was 13.49. How come the title has changed to 19.54/Week.