This was posted 8 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Royal Doulton 56 Piece Cutlery Sets from $104.30 (85% off RRP) @ Myer


Myer has 85% off Royal Doulton Cultery 56 piece sets with free delivery.

Classic set $132.30 from $899 (Out of Stock)

Lucido set $104.30 from $699

These would make amazing wedding gifts

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    ridiculous RRP, lol

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      I totally agree however the sale price is amazing imho

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      Yeah this is the stuff you see clogging the displays at David Jones.

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    I have a set of very expensive Royal Doulton cutlery and it is akin to cheap trash. Rusted almost immediately and I am continually removing rust and tarnish.

    Royal Doulton only make good crockery and crystal in my view.

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      Wow that is nice to know. I've been using an Oneida set for about 8 years now and they are going strong.

      • Oneida and Strachan is a brand that seems to have disappeared from Myer and DJ. They used to make the handles in some of their range, the knives hollow handle so that it was larger (easier to hold) but not as heavy, now knives seem to have smaller handles and made solid to keep costs down.

        Once you get solid handles, most brands seem much the same except for style.

        • Can confirm these two brands no longer exist in DJs, like Maxwell & Williams (I still remember the time I got laughed at by the floor manager when looking for Strachan (which I pronounced as it's spelt).

          Source: Ex-DJs employee

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      RD cutlery are usually stainless steel or sometimes silver. Yours is likely Silver if 'very expensive', of which you'll need to care for them properly - and use silver polish to maintain etc.

      These sets seem to be 18/10 stainless steel - so unless they are abused, they shouldn't rust.

      Thanks OP, got one too!

      • It rusts in the drawer after being polished and put away in cutlery rolls. 18/10 stainless steel. Caked in corrosion. Possible it is a fake set, but I purchased direct from Royal Doulton…

        The only conclusion I can draw is that their cutlery area has appalling quality control. I still buy a lot of their crockery and crystal though.

        I can only speak to my experience.

        • Mine just arrived with a 50 year guarantee card inside, did yours come with this as well? They might be able to do something about it for you.

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      We’ve been using the same stainless steel and (feels like) Bakelite cutlery since I was a kid (30+ years ago) and it still looks as good as the mid 80s!

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      Dunno if you live at the beach (or own a silver set or something) but I've got a set of the Classic cutlery that's 6 years old and basically as-new. It feels amazing to use and I wish I didn't miss out on this sale, terrific price and I'd be buying more for gifts. Sure, not worth RRP by any stretch of the imagination, but thrice the sale price would still be a decent normal price for this quality. Got some of their crockery as well and the cutlery is a step above.

      • 18/10 Stainless perfectly cared for. Shouldn’t be the case.

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    Got one, thanks

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    Didn't need one, but purchased! Thanks

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      Once you use these (I have the classic set). You'll need them. :o I had a friend that owned a set and I just had to buy one after using them. Not at RRP though, but thought I got a good deal @ ~$330 ~6 years ago. For this price it's a must buy.

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    Just shows how ridiculous the margins are. Myer might be still making a small profit from the deal. No doubt the brick and mortar business is struggling to attract customers.

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      I'm betting at this price they're clearing stock at/below cost or price error. Normally a sale price is > $300. Though I can't imagine any sell at full price.

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    Classic is Sold out

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      Shame - I reckon the shape of the modern ones are awful.

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    Classic purchased, thanks OP!

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    Looks like they usually retail for about $350

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    Don't forget to add free mug.

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    You can get a free mug as well and don't forget cashback!

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    Thanks, bugger the mug, Ellen DeGeneres… Not even for free.

  • online only?

  • Awesome thanks! Pulled the trigger.

  • Are these made of silver or stainless steel?

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    This.. or a Train; I can also afford.,

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          cheers broden, the reason these deals go in 5mins is because gnomes like you bulk buy all the stock.

  • keep getting generic system error

    • had the same using credit card. switched to paypal and it worked fine….

  • You snooze,you lose…bugger it

  • Rather buy $GME 🚀🚀💎💎

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    For $899 I expect the cutlery set to feed me and wash themselves up AND pack themselves away

  • I need metal chopsticks. Do they make them?

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      Korean grocery shops would have them as Koreans use metal chopsticks.

  • We got a 56 piece set Royal Doulton on sale about 15 years ago (We only use half of them for everyday use and take out the rest for special ocassions). We noticed more recent ones feel light and cheap compared to the ones we got.
    Anyone noticed this?

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    I’ve got a confirmation email from Myer that it’s on its way, so looks like it’s going ahead!

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    Came direct from Fiskars and not Myer. Box was about 8 times the size of the item.

    Must have been a price error. The listing had errors with the free ED mug as the cutlery set was not something that qualified for a free mug but was still given.

    • Royal Doulton and associated brands from Myer and DJs is always shipped by Fiskars.

    • Oh wow you've received it already? I haven't gotten the shipped email yet

      • I've been getting next day delivery for items sent within Sydney for a lot of orders in the past 6 months.

        • Very jealous!! Auspost has delivered all my parcels to my local post office for the last 5 years

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    Got the auspost email advising 2 Packages from Fiskars on the way. Assume mug and cutlery. Thanks Op:)

  • Shipping notification here too.

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    Mine has just arrived, didn’t order express. Way too much plastic in the box though.

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    Got mine.. all good.. thanks op