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[Back Order] WD My Passport Ultra 4TB Portable Hard Drive USB-C (Blue) $99 + $4.99 Shipping @ JB Hi-Fi


Just found this while looking for cheap usb storage + online orders only in back order!
USB-C™ And USB 3.1 Compatible

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  • Do people use these permanently connected to pc? I always have problems with usb devices playing up.

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    Built for today. Ready for tomorrow. Delivered in March…

  • Thanks OP. Managed to price match in store at OW.

    • Which store? I tried Chatswood but they refused

      • Punchbowl, NSW. They didn't add the shipping charge so got it for $94.05.

        • Thanks!

    • Same here. $94. Were not going to do it at first. Saying its a web exclusive. Spoke with OW online and they said yip no problem.

      • hi, where can I speak with 'OW online'?

        • They have a 1300 number on their website. They even said to go to shop and get it

  • +1

    Awesome price but I'm staying away because my wallet has taken a hammering since black friday of last year.

    • I got $89 4tb, $97 5tb and $173 10tb over the last couple of month, I think I am good for drives for now :)

      • $173 10tb which deal was it mate

        • amazon flash sale

  • Thanks OP. Got 2

  • Ty OP, great price!

  • Thanks OP, been waiting a while for a good 4TB deal

  • Thanks. Bought one

  • Does your credit card or PayPal account get charge straight away?

    • Mine did.

      • How did you pay if I may ask

    • My PayPal was within a couple minutes

      • +1

        Ok thanks

  • Nice find op. Thanks!

  • Interface: USB 3.0 
    Not sure why they advertise 3.1 if it's limited by the HDD only supporting 3.0.
    As if usb-c cable and support is the same as 3.1 speeds, false advertising by WD..

    • Next to the photo, it says: USB-C™ and USB 3.0 compatible
      Further down, it says: USB-C™ and USB 3.1 compatible

      It says "compatible" so even if we use the old definition of USB 3.1 (aka USB 3.1 gen2 nowdays), the drive is "compatible".

      Basically, it is just trying to say USB-C, but a USB-C to USB-A cable is included.

      OP is a little bit shrewd quoting USB 3.1 compatible, instead of USB 3.0 compatible.

  • Heck why not. Just got a new 256gb iPhone so I need to prepare for backups.

    • Wtf? My order just got cancelled.

      [edit: tried to order again. The payment was processed by immediately returned.]

    • Is it possible to backup to an external drive?

      My itunes says my phone is ~100gb full, then refuses to backup to the internal drive of my laptop saying it doesn't have enough space even if there's 140gb free.

      • +1

        You have to route via terminal on a mac.

  • Awesome picked two up. Been looking for more storage for ages. I hope it arrives before mid March though.

  • What are you buying for use?

    I have bad experience portable HDD… I didn't use too much just after 2 years broken

    • It's relative. I had a Samsung SSD which broke less than 1 year (another one which isn't Samsung branded but had Samsung NAND flash broke soon after 2 years). Storage devices will break down eventually and you do get some which get broken faster than others.

      Samsung SSD that broke - I didn't use it much either. Ideally, you get different storage types, different brands/models at different time (with backups) to minimise the risk.

      But, in this case, I reckon a lot of people are buying because of the price.

  • Gone . Link doesn’t work anymore.

    • dang I was looking at getting one!

  • 404 Not Found.. Seems like gone

  • Thanks op. Was just looking on Amazon yesterday for one. Lucky didn't bite the bullet

  • They are going for $203 on Ebay atm bargain.

  • +2

    Grabbed one earlier cheers. Didnt bother trying to get a jbhifi giftcard as figured it would be OOS.

  • +1

    Big thanks to the op. Cheers.

  • Mine shipped

  • just got an email cancelling my order.
    but got a code to drop the price of the silver one to the same price…..

    • Same. Price error apparently. Got the silver one instead for same price. Goes to show. Sometimes worth taking a punt on a potential price error…

      We are reaching out to you regarding your online order to advise that the WD My Passport Ultra 4TB BLUE was advertised online at the incorrect price, lower than the intended price.

      JB Hi-Fi will honour the incorrect price, however, due to the unexpected high volume of orders, we can only offer the SILVER colour variant (all other specifications are the same as the BLUE coloured version).

  • One order is still pending, another was cancelled with the price drop for silver. Need to wait for the replacement JB Hifi gift card before I can buy the silver one

    • Im in the same boat. bought a gift card just to buy this and dont want to get stuck with it so have to wait.

      edit. GC came through now. Unforunately, the silver one is now on backorder as well. It was in stock and ready to be delivered by 12th with express shipping before. now it is march.

      • I bought a giftcard from shopback… saved $3 woohoo 🤦🏻‍♂️ is there better places to buy?

        Luckily it was still in stock when i ordered but still can see its going be a long wait.

  • Mine got cancelled but I got to re-order a silver one at the same price.

  • They have just dispatched mine

    • How, did you order the silver one when they provided the alternative?

      • the blue one

  • Mine got cancelled as well how do you get a refund on the gift card I used to partially pay for this.

    I only received the paypal portion I paid as a refund.

    $50 out of pocket on re-ordering silver.

    JB HiFi are getting as bad as Kogan.

    • Read the email.
      For credit card and PayPal transactions, please allow three to five business days for this to appear back in your account.
      For gift card transactions, please allow one to three business days for a replacement card to be emailed to you.

  • My transaction summary for this month is going to be a mess lol

  • Got shipping notice - on its way.

  • Mine arrived today

  • +2

    If using the USB A to USB C adaptor - note the arrows which need to line up on the cable & adaptor for the HDD to work!

    Plugged it in & HDD didn't work😢 Slight panic! Until I turned the cable over & plugged in the other way around. Only then noticed the arrows in the black plastic.

    • yeah, the adapter also has protruding bits, so you gotta connect it up like playing Tetris.

    • Got mine today.

      Similar mistake with the USB A to C adaptor to start, but eventually saw the arrows like yourself.

      Getting a worrying intermittent clicking sound when it is writing. Usually this is a sign of impending failure on other HDDs I've had.

      Anyone else had any clicking on write?

      Trying to determine if this is normal for this model (unlikely) or whether I need to get this replaced, before I attempt to copy over any important data.

      • +2

        Clicking was probably a power issue with my USB hub.

        Plugged directly into a USB port on my laptop and no clicking any more :-).

  • Mine got delivered today.

    • When did you order? and how long did take?
      how is the quality?

      • So many questions. I’d say he ordered on the 1st (deal started and finished that day), so around 11 days. It was new and great quality WD product as you would expect.

  • +1

    After getting the cancellation email and re-ordering the silver one they offered, they sent another email yesterday saying there would be delays

    Thanks for ordering WD - MY PASSPORT ULTRA 4TB USB-C SILVER through JB Hi-Fi Online!
    The suppliers have contacted us regarding this item and unfortunately, they have advised that there will be a delay in receiving stock to fulfil your order.
    We are expecting stock to arrive at our Distribution Centre Mid March and will dispatch your order as a matter of priority once it has been received. Please note that this date may be subject to change.
    We understand that this sort of thing is extremely frustrating, and should you wish to cancel your online order for a full refund, please reply to this email so we can action your request accordingly.
    Please note: we are unable to change any items in an order once it has been placed. Should you find another product you wish to purchase instead, we will need to proceed with cancelling and refunding this item from your order. It is at this time you may place a new order online.
    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • +1

    My silver hard drive finally got shipped and is coming now.

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