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Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series (Blu-Ray) $123.95 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Paramount have transferred the complete, 1966-1973 Mission: Impossible TV Series to Blu-ray. The set has 46-discs, 171-episodes.

Apparently the transfer is of very high quality:


Seems like a very good deal to me.

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  • Transferd to Blu-Ray thought that was impossible.

  • That's a lot of frisbees.

    Though I'm curious how the data amount of the original compare to the space available on BluRay. Maybe I should buy it…

  • It's a brand new release, only two months old. Hard to believe that it could be on sale, but according to the camels it's almost half price, originally $200.

    No surprise that the price has crashed. Who would believe that a TV show made in 1966 would look any better on Blu-Ray than it did on DVD in 2012?

  • this the old original one? the one always created a skin mask ? wow!

  • need to do some "research" on torrent

  • I'll wait for the 47 disc version.

  • Are all Blu-rays able to be played in Australia?

  • Good price… 46 disc at over 143 hours. Converting an old TV show to Blu-ray involves re-scanning the original film. This was done for other 60's series like Star Trek. It is actually easier to do these than the ones done later (i.e., the series in 1988) as some of the digital effects in the later years was not done on film and may have to be re-composited.

    But would love to see if they could re-master and re-release the 1988 continuation of this series that was shot in Australia. The only DVD release of the two Mission Impossible 1988 seasons was abysmal, it was, at best, garage VHS transfers, that even came with TV studio overlays of "In stereo where available" with blurry video quality that completely detracted from the enjoyment of the series. Surely better masters exist.