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35cm Carbon Steel Wok with Riveted Bamboo Handles $19.88, Digital Rice Cooker $58.88 @ ALDI


Was looking to buy a carbon steel wok after getting inspired by uncle Roger… And surprisingly Aldi is going it sell it soon.

Costco is also selling a carbon steel wok (made in Japan) for just over $150.

Digital Rice Cooker

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      Does anyone know if the chilli jam is on special?

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        And the olive oil

        • And colanders

          • @howieyo: i also need a paring knife for cutting some garlic

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    Did Uncle Roger approves dis ?

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      Approve or not, I am going to buy one.

    • Who dat

    • Depends what CCP say.

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    Pretty decent looking rice cooker too for that price. Ditch the colander :-)

    • Looks exactly like the Breville Rice Box I bought recently for $89.

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        thing that seems to vary between similar looking rice cookers is if the seal / inner lid inside the lid is removable for cleaning, some aren’t so it makes cleaning a chore.

  • Dont forget to season it before use.

    • Looks like it was already seasoned or have some sort of coating on it?

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    Will this wok give wok hei?

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      It certainly can. IMHO, this wok hei is more of a function of the how high you can get the heat. Unfortunately, most hobs I have seen in the shops and in homes are woefully inadequate.

      • This wok has nonstick coating and it should be used under 260C

        • I missed that. My bad.

    • yes, you can get the smokey flavour if you don’t clean it before first use …

  • Anyone bought one before know if it’ll sit ok on standard gas cooktops?

    • Real fire… fire….

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    Currently saying to myself "Aaahhhyooooo…..where your wok?"

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    I don't like flat bottoms. Needs to have a curvy bottom to get my attention.

    I'm talking about woks.

    • Too much danger for average Aldi buyer who has average stove.

  • full catalogue?

    • Single page.

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    Hi OP,

    Aldi had a wok for sale for $10, http://offers.kd2.org/en/au/aldi/pQjz/

    Are there any differences between the $20 ALDI wok and $10 ALDI wok? thx

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      Yes, the $20 one is $10 more

    • nvm

    • The handle is different, so its not the same item as last time.

      • Are you saying the change of the handle, nothing else different?

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          I’m saying because the handle is visibly different, the material/design and everything else could have changed. Or it could have stayed the same. I don’t work for aldi or the supplier so I couldn’t tell you

          • @ATangk: Thanks man, i will go there have alook next week

          • @ATangk: made from australian iron ore not brazilian iron ore ….

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              @garage sale: I’d prefer one that used Chinese iron ore. Food should taste better when blessed with ancestors of the wok themselves.

              • @ATangk: So basically there are no much differences I guess

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      Is this the one? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/204515

      Wish I could go back in time.

      • Yeah i think so, so its just an increase of $10, I don't see major differences.

        • Yeah, not major differences it seems. Size is 1" bigger, if that matters. Maybe it does to some.

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      I’d personally prefer the $10 one actually, no nonstick coating.

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    Make sure you use non-metal spoon in this pan

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    between a wok and a hard place? Uncle, roger and out…

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    I love stir frys, rice, noodle etc dishes that you get at westernised Chinese and Thai restaurants but I am a complete novice at cooking anything up this alley.

    Any tips in getting a perfect stir fry like the real rich dishes you can get at these places? I suck at everything from heating up the wok to adding the sauce.

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      You can't get close to what is served in restaurants. Reason being the heat. Commercial burners are much more powerful than the ones at home.

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        I remember seeing a commercial burner deal on here recently…

        E: Here it was

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          tip: If you want to set up asian style kitchen at home it's best to do it outside unless you have a super-powered range hood.

          Stir frying things indoors, even using a normal stove I've found results in oily floors, ceilings and the distinctive smell of oil lingering on your furniture for months on end.

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      My crappy 2c:

      I find that most home cooks take the "stir fry" part of stir frying too literally, ie. they move the food around too much the moment they put in the ingredients, resulting in 'weak', ineffectual dishes with no 'wok hei' (breath of the wok).

      This is made even worse by the fact that most of us have puny little heat sources compared to the roaring jet engines of Asian commercial kitchens.

      What I do is put the ingredients in, LEAVE it, to develop the wonderful Maillard Reaction of caramelising sugars in the proteins, THEN only apply the stir fry action.

      Also, my other 2c - most 'novices' forget some magic ingredients:

      a) shao xing wine (just a little splash right before you turn off the heat will give you that certain essence of Chinese food that is unidentifiable, yet you will miss it if it's not there)

      b) toasted sesame oil (as above, but probably not as important. Also, be careful with this stuff. It's a flavouring oil, NOT a cooking oil. On season 1 of Masterchef, a contestant dumped a whole bottle into her wok to fry her rice with, and I had my Uncle Roger :-o moment back then)

      c) cornflour/potato flour slurry: this one is optional. I like my sauces gloopy/stodgy, so a drizzle of slurry right before serving…mmm, lip smacking approximation of the Gumshara ramen heart attack broth (<— probably familiar only to Sydney-siders)

      d) ;-) M. S. G. : this one is EVEN MORE optional YET it is also the ultimate magic ingredient! I am blessed with the ability to ingest MSG without any ill-effects and I thank my lucky stars for that every day. Hey, if it's good enough for Michelin chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, it's good enough for me. Mmm mmm, makes food the taste equivalent of those visually stunning Ma-ma (Lena Headey) scenes in the movie 'Dredd'…

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      “Carbon Steel finish”

      • controlled carbon content is what makes iron into steel, so all steel is carbon steel.

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    I would advise against buying this, it has "non-stick coating inside".

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      A real wok shouldn’t be coated! ;)