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Dewalt 2 Piece DCK202P1 Kit Inc 5ah Battery & Fast Charger $380.89 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


For anyone that needs to add the sander & multi tool to their dewalt eco system. I found this kit on Amazon AU. Good value with this kit. Includes:

  • DCS356 Brushless multi tool (latest multi tool from dewalt). RRP AU $299.
  • DCW210 Brushless 125MM random orbital sander. RRP AU $249.
  • DCB205 5ah Battery RRP AU equivalent $149.
  • DCB118 (110v US) Fast multi volt charger, 18v, 20v, 54v, 60v. RRP AU $219.

Yes it's the US version of dewalt with 20V labelled on everything. It has been proven it is the same as the 18V labelled AUS supplied stuff you get locally. Draw backs are warranty (needs to go thru Amazon) and the US fast charger (1800W) 110V won't work without a step down device + AU adaptor.

If you have prime membership includes free delivery.

The Sander and multi tool never seem to go on sale and you can't pick these tools, battery and charger up even on fleebay for this price.

Been a US based kit you may even get "Made in USA with global parts", unsure whether it is better then the Chinese made stuff we get in AUS.

Amazon price creep $385.88 》$387.04. 《 $380.89 22/02/21

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