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Britax Safe N Sound Millenia+ Covertible Car Seat (for 0-4 Year Old) $499 + $9 Delivery ($0 Click & Collect) @ Baby Bunting


Going to be a Daddy soon…
Spotted on Baby Bunting's Feb Catalogue
There are many other Car Seats, Prams, Cots, Bassinets, Baby products on Sale.

Please note this is the + model.
Available in Black and Grey colours.
Convertible Car Seats (Rear and Forward facing) are suitable for 0-4 year olds.

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  • first and foremost, congrats on being a soon-to-be father.. am also expecting later this year too. great price on the millenia+. They also have a great price on the graphene+ too which is what I bought, however, I made my purchase a little too soon when they had 20% off. Got mine for $559 but now it'd down to $529.

    • If you have done lay by with them, you can call them for price protection. They do that once per lay by item.

    • WIth the graphene on one side of the rear of passenger seats, can you still fit two person comfortably - one in the middle and one behind the driver's seat?

      • It would depend on the car. Smaller cars, no chance of it being comfortable.

        I’ve got a Hyundai Tucson with the graphene and tbh, I wouldn’t want to be sitting in the back with a 2nd person.

        I think where the graphene width would be handy is having 3 kids in the back.

      • Not sure to be honest and as mentioned by another OZB'er, it is totally dependant on the size of your car. My car is relatively compact (Mercedes CLA250) so the fact that it will give my wife a little extra room in the back whilst she's sitting there with the bub. If you've ever sit in the back of a CLA250 you'll understand that rear passenger space is not the greatest. I was however surprised how we were able to fit an Uppababy Vista V2 pram + bassinet in the boot!

  • Is the + model just having better looks or does it have practical differences with the non +?

  • We have 1 of these and 1 millenia
    SICT. These are by far the best seats on the market. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

    Even the new ones don't have isofix and they're $800!!

    If we had another baby, then I'd be buying another.

    Congrats on being a father, it's amazing!

    • Seconded. Best seats on the market by far. If someone has an accident they replace the seat with a brand new one so their R&D team can go over the accident and particulars to see how the seat behaved and thus make a better and safer seat.

    • I also have the Sict but haven't opened yet. We are looking for a second one.

      Can you please advise the difference between the Millenia+ and Millenia SICT?

  • +2 votes

    Is it better to get one for 0-8 years old than the 0-4 ?

    • would love to know the answer as well, or maybe from 12 months to 8 years? from memory britax also have something like that

    • Sounds practical but there aren't many options for 0-8. Also, booster seats aren't too expensive.
      So, I am going with one of the better 0-4 convertible seats and think about booster when its time.

    • Haven't seen a good one which cover 0-8

      • +2 votes

        Maxi Guard Pro is the one that is most recommended for 12m-8. I wouldn't use a 0-8 for a newborn.

        I'm buying one for when my son moves to forward facing as he'll stay in that for a good 5 years at least. Then our younger bub can take over the rear facing Graphene (currently in a Capsule).

        If you're in a smaller car, the Graphene (and +) are about the slimmest most compact seats you'll find. Also well padded, safe, and easy to install.

        • Have both so can confirm. I started with the Millenia SICT, from 0-1.5 years, then fortunately MIL needed a seat for her car - so we gave up the Millenia SICT and got the Maxi Guard Pro.

          Downside for the Maxi is that it doesn't have isofix hooks.

          • @vietbargain: I believe seats for >4yo's can't have isofix due the the size of the kids. St least that's what a baby bunting staff told me when I bought my maxi guard pro.

            I did the same progression as you.

          • @vietbargain: none of the forward facing seats have isofix hooks. Check with your local council as they may supply vouchers for a free fitting.

          • @vietbargain: WIth the graphene on one side of the rear of passenger seats, can you still fit two person comfortably - one in the middle and one behind the driver's seat?

      • I have the maxi guard pro, highly reccomend. Had my daughter in it from 4-8 years old, easy to harness and easy to install. I've put many other kids in it, it's too big for a 6 month old, but would fit most 1 year olds well.

    • You're price sensitive if shopping for a 0-8 year car seat. Compromises have to be had. Safety vs price vs ease of use vs features.

      I think the only company who makes a 0-8 is infrasecure.

      Millenia has been number 1 child seat for years and years on end. At $400, why would you even bother with any of the no name brands.

      I might be bias but my old CEO had a collision. Was T-boned at 95km/h and no one was injured, car was a write off. He had to replace the child seats (millenia +) as a safety precaution but no one was injured.

    • When looking at child seats you also need to take into account the car you will be putting it in. The few 0-8 seats on the market are much larger than 0-4 seats - remembering you need them in reverse position for the first 2 years or so.

      Also worth noting the Millenia is a fairly large seat too - it might make it a bit of a squeeze in anything Golf sized or smaller.

    • If you want ISOfix, you won't get a 0-8 as they will exceed the weight limit at some point. May potentially get the ISOflex but haven't looked in to it TBH.
      0-8 is generally a taller seat, so having it rearward facing can be an issue in some cars.

      We've got 2 Infasecure's equivalent to the Cadence which have been great as they're narrow but our third seat we went with a 0-4 and will get a booster when the time comes. Safety wise, the boosters seem to get the best ratings when they can fit forward facing rather than a convertible and aren't overly expensive. You can compare safety ratings on websites like here but bear in mind seats are tested with a dummy equal to or exceeding the seat's weight capacity, so a 0-8 seat will naturally have a heavier dummy than a 0-4 which puts it at a disadvantage in forward facing tests.

      A few of the biggest things I've found with them is to:
      a) Check it fits in your car. Especially rear facing and that the driver and passenger still have adequate room. If the passenger seat needs to be right up near the dash, it will not only be uncomfortable but also dangerous in an accident. Also check how well it fits on the rear seat. Some don't suit the angle of the upright to base overly well, same if you've got contoured seat cushions in the back.
      b) Install them properly. Get it done or get shown how to do it if you're going to be moving it between cars. Lap/sash belt types are no worse than ISOfix when installed correctly.
      c) Leave them rearward facing as long as possible. Their neck's don't develop fast enough to support the weight of their head in an accident so keeping them rear facing (even when they reach the markers) is often the safest choice.
      d) Ensure your car insurance will replace the seat (unlimited price coverage) in the event of any accident. Many will cap the price or not replace it if it doesn't look damaged. It may not cop the brunt of the accident but can still be damaged internally.

    • My view is get a 0-4 as they will normally be safer and more comfortable than 0-8. However, if it is for a 2nd car which the child will be in less often, then 0-8 might suffice as long as you use the 0-4 for longer trips

    • The 0-8 seats are huge, won’t fit many cars rear facing

    • Our take on it was - get a 0-4 now and then when we need the next stage we'll at least benefit from any improvements between now and then. Plus if part of it sucks we're not stuck with that issue for 8 years.

    • We contemplated this but decided on 0-4 as we think the seat will getting quite worn by the time our kid is 4 and that a different kind of seat might be better at that stage.

  • Appreciate the kind wishes…
    I am new to the baby world, so I am still in figuring out a lot of things; pardon me if I am unable to address your questions. I'll leave it to OzB experts, pretty sure you'll get better answers.

    • Many people install on their own but we got the seats professionally installed.

      • Also, some councils do free installation (or installation check) so look up if you can get it. I think they have limited slots though

        • Getting it professionally installed means you also receive a certificate as proof of proper installation. This can be handy for insurance claims.

          • @nafe: Oh that we didnt get. That being said, insurance claims was the last thing on our minds as we just want to make sure that the seat is installed correctly

          • @nafe: Why would it matter ?? I have never ever been asked about proof of proper install of car seats when claiming

      • Some places charge more for a full install than an adjustment. Check ahead of time. If that’s the case do an install yourself, even if not perfect, then take it to be “adjusted” and get the lower rate for the same outcome.

    • isofix option is easy to fix it. first time might be a bit of struggle, but Britax uploaded a few videos which you can refer to.

  • Anyone knows where to secure discounted baby bunting gift cards and how much to aim for ?

  • The staff at bunting recommended the Maxi Cosi Nero to us at $369 (rrp $699). Made in Melbourne + isofix etc, only thing they said is there wasn't magnets to hold the buckles to the side when putting bub in the seat. Any thoughts?

    • +2 votes

      We bought the nero in december $349

      Good seat

      We had a britax capsule and wanted to change up to a rear facing toddler seat which this does well and a good price

      Btw signup to babybunting and get a $10 voucher

    • magnets to hold the buckles to the side when putting bub in the seat

      it's a PITA having to shift buckles when you're carrying a heavy baby. nice thing to have though. imho it only rates highly on the pain scale if the following are concurrently true:
      - rain
      - thunder
      - baby screaming
      - wife screaming because baby is screaming
      - phone is ringing
      - impatient driver is beeping and waiting to take your car spot

      we have the britax platinum. it's fine and at best, a bit more comfy versus the nero. both are safe, if you trust safety ratings. someone on ozb suggested spending the savings (get a cheaper model/brand) on vaccinations in addition to the blue book list e.g. mening b

      • Thank you for the insight on what is waiting for me in the future :P

      • I don't know where you're from, but every vaccination is free in Australia. I don't know of a single GP who wouldn't give it free, regardless of the parents or their situation.

        It's for the child, not the parents.

        • Men B vax is only free for SA bubs. Not on the schedule yet

          • @benwaffle: My son has had it and we got it free. Ring around and ask your GP.

            I've also heard radiology places are charging women for pregnancy scans over 12 weeks. This is a rort and my partner didn't pay a cent for any scans, all bulk billed.

            Many places are trying to make $$$$ out of people having babies

            • @Combo64: As others are saying, Bexsero shouldn't be covered unless you fit in to specific categories.
              If your GP covered it, you got lucky. Ours bulk bills but did not stock the vaccine. We had to supply it.

              Radiology is like GP's. Some bulk bill, some don't. It's not limited to pregnancy ultrasounds.
              If someone chooses to go to a clinic that doesn't bulk bill, that's their prerogative. No different to going to a GP that charges. Some may not be aware that you can have it bulk billed (like many other scans) but again, same with GP's. Many people I know think all GP's charge these days. Probably no different to going public or private when you have the child. Some people would prefer to pay $10k and stay overnight in a private room….We went public, didn't pay a cent and were home within a few hours.

            • @Combo64: The first scan is almost always bulk billed, so for some this is the 12 week scan, others get a dating scan earlier.

              In our area there’s very few if any that have no gap for subsequent scans. We ended up having our gap refunded due to billing errors on the companies part. Having been to the free place first and the place with the gap, I found there was a huge difference in terms of the sonographer explaining things and allowing time to watch the baby somersaulting etc.

        • we're in nsw, meningococcal b vac isn't free (we don't fit into one of the categories to receive freebies):

          key takeaway (behind the no-freebie rationale) is this:
          The cost-effectiveness of Bexsero (meningococcal B vaccine) has not been demonstrated in all groups

      • Did you know that all the Britax actually has a 'buckle holder' on the side so that it doesn't fall under the bub's bum when you put them in?
        It can still fall out but I would think it's the same with the magnets.

        I don't know how to attach a photo, but if you google an image of the non+ versions of milennia/graphene, the silver part on the side padding (just above the yellow warning label) is for you to actually shove the buckle in.

        • i've seen/tried using it.. the buckle didn't stay. and i'm too proud to google "how to use britax buckle holder"………..

          • @inamberclad: Similar experience - even if it stays in, the buckles promptly fall out when the arse or flailing arm of your kid touches it as you try to put them into the seat. Probably same thing would happen even with magnets. Just drop them in the seat, grab the strap and haul it out from under their bum. It's faster to do that than it is to faff with shoving the buckle into the holder.

    • Maxi cosi generally isn't recommended due to low markers (you will need to forward face them earlier). Best practice is to ERF (extended rear face) up to 4 years as their neck isn't strong enough to handle the flop in a collision.

      The most "peoples favourite" seat is the Graphene. For budget conscious, it is the Baby love Ezy Switch. Join the "child restraints. Is your child restraint correctly" Facebook group for lots of great advice regarding seats

      • I never heard that extended rear face was an option. Would that be possible for a normal sized baby? Our little one isnt too tall but she seemed uncomfortable in the rear facing seat at 1yr so we had to change to front facing. Not sure if we can go back to rear facing but this might help others if you can provide more info. Thanks!

        Edit: just read up an article on it and apparently they can have their knees folded and it should be fine. Too late for us but for other parents, read up on it as well as it apparently is safer

        • Definitely a lot safer to have them rear facing until their neck develops fully.
          Our youngest is 2.5 (albeit she's small) and still happy to be rear facing.

          Most seats will be ERF till 2.5years but can generally go longer. Most markers are a minimum "Shoulders must be above this line", like the law is a minimum of rear facing until 6 months. Just because they reach the markers doesn't mean you have to turn the seat.

  • Just curious why everybody goes for Britax seats when Mother's Choice seems to be rate better in most of the updated ratings

  • congrats op!

  • Just make sure you check whether it fits your car before you pull the trigger! Not all seats are the same size

  • Congrats OP.
    One other thing that you might want to consider is how many you plan to have as some of these seats are quite wide (and safer due to it too)
    1 = no need to worry
    2 = generally OK. Would mean middle seat of the car won't be able to fit another adult
    3 = Good luck getting 3 seats across the row with a millenia
    Let's just say I tested a Tesla X and a X7 with 1xMilenna + 2xMaxi Guard Pro and it barely fit….

    We are talking generally about 4+ years forward planning(unless you get twins), but hey, we're on OZB so hope to maximise the seat's usage where possible!

  • What about InfaSecure Quattro Astra ?

    • I have 2 Infa Attain (premium version of the Quattro) and they're great! My son rear faced til 4 in this seat with heaps of space due to the inbuilt rebound bar. It's also the slimmest seat on the market and shorter in depth as well which gives more space for driver or front passenger.

      Also the main plus for me was that I can switch the tether to whichever side I needed it. You have to pay to get the tether buckle switched in a Britax seat.

  • New to all this, so if I get a 0-4 seat like this I dont need to buy a capsule?

    • Correct.

    • Capsules are very handy as when your baby falls asleep in the car you can just take the capsule out and let them keep sleeping, instead of having to wake them up or sit in the car with them for an hour while they sleep.

      • YMMV. Weigh that up against capsule's price and usage, which is usually upto 6-12 months.

        • Can hire from kidsafe

        • Yep. My chunky kid outgrew the capsule by 4-5 months. Thankfully we borrowed from a friend. That is not to say he couldn’t have fit longer but he was far more comfortable in his convertible rear facing standard car seat, and by then he’d stopped really sleeping in it (or sleeping full stop during the day…) anyway

      • Yep! Particularly given babies love to fall asleep in cars. Doubly handy if you get a pram with an adapter for the capsule.

        Factor in many baby products can be resold for a decent amount, and you can always grab second hand too. Definitely recommend a capsule even if it’s only for 6 months.

    • I bought a baby capsule / baby seat and used it a few times as the first few months mum is still sore and baby has minutes that they are awake so only used it a few times then the baby was too big for it and it was impossible to sell especially during covid

    • Not supposed to keep baby sleeping more than 2 hrs in a capsule anyway

    • There’s so many mixed opinions on this. I basically never used the capsule despite everyone saying how good it was to take them sleeping out of the car. Some people swear it’s the greatest thing ever. We have a 0-4 seat now (britax also) and wish we just did that from the start. I can transfer my bub sleeping like a pro now and carry him through the house to the cot without waking him, have been doing this for ages he’s now 17months. Hubby isn’t as good at it. You’re not meant to leave them sleeping in the capsule for long anyway.

  • Not really sure why so expensive now, bought 5 year ago for 349. I bealive because the infamous 20% off ebay on top of bb discount, Ashame ebay is a joke now just the land of price jacking, if retail stuff cheaper than ebay something is wrong.

    • certain items have gone up versus 5 years ago e.g. cruzee balance bike was $150ish pre covid, then consistently +$200 until recently. i assume car seats are among those?

  • will the millenia fit comfortably behind the front passenger (rear facing) in a cx5?