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Corsair SF750 750W 80+ Platinum Modular SFX Power Supply $245.30 (Free Delivery) @ Amazon AU


Saw this on Amazon AU when searching for a small PSU.

Seems to be a very good price especially with the free shipping as this PSU seems to never really go on sale.

Combine with any gift cards such as Suncorp benefits to get an additional 3% off.


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  • doubled in price in a couple of years… can't beat segmented markets and price gouging

  • It’s been interesting to read all the comments on this site from people lately still haven’t adjusted to the new reality and are still taking the price deflation we’ve experienced in the tech sector for the last however long for granted.

    That period is over, we may never see it again in our lifetimes. It’s going to be nothing but massive massive inflation from here on in. You can’t expect there to be any other outcome from massive money printing. It didn’t work in Weimar… it didn’t work in Zimbabwe… why would anyone think it would work for us now?

    • SSDs & monitors have dropped a lot. Intel 10th gen cpus have dropped in price.

    • New reality is australia is a largely closed market, with added taxes, border blocks, entry blocks, and cartel pricing by Federal government design.

      Until the country completely falls over , which is coming closer , things won't change.

      liberal policies since little johnny have largely destroyed oz, and its exponential decline is accelerating.

  • This or Cooler Master V SFX Series 850W 80+ Gold
    for 5800x/RTX 3090 Strix OC build?

    • I've read that the CM SFX fans have fan issues ramping up and down i.e. the fan curve goes from 0 to 100% just while doing non demanding tasks. If you can live with the fan ramping up and down from time to time, then it may be suitable for you.

    • This one for the braided cables!!!