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Imou Ranger 2 Wi-Fi 1080p Pan/Tilt Camera with Motion Tracking $39.99 Delivered @ imou eBay


An alternative to the popular Reolink cameras that offers a few extra features for a low price. Imou are the consumer brand of Dahua, who make excellent security cameras in my experience installing security systems. What I like about this one is that when it detects motion (e.g. a person coming into a room) it'll track and follow the target. It also supports ONVIF and RTSP.

Other features include H.265 1080p video, 2MP sensor, 360° pan/tilt, Night Vision, NVR/Cloud/MicroSD storage, 2.4GHz Wifi, Ethernet Port (not PoE), 2-way audio and an app for iOS, Android & PC. Review here showing the motion tracking.

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  • Pretty sweet specs. So they are hardware decompressing a 1080p livestream using h.265. Amazing how powerful smartphones have become to handle that via an app.

    • Your phone would need to have native H.265 decoding, if it doesn't you probably wont be able to watch the stream.

  • I can’t find info about the cloud storage. Eg, cost per month, storage amount etc.

    • Had a look and a review I found from 2019 said it was £16 for three years but that clips are only stored for 3 days.

      Also says there is no battery for portability, and that it has to stay plugged into a socket for power.

    • It is ONVIF/RTSP so theres plenty of options to cloud store to Google Drive/Dropbox. If you have a bit of linux experience or are technically minded and prepared to learn (there are plenty of youtube tutorials and step-by-step detailed guides out there) there are docker options i.e. Motioneye and can be run on a Pi, you can also be running a PiHole and PiVPN in this configuration to add more security to your network.

      • Will it be able to handle a h265 feed though? Doesn't it need to read the feed to detect the motion?

      • Sounds like this may work with zone minder on freenas then.

        It's not listed as compatible brand tho

  • It’s listed for 59.99 ?

  • It supports Micro SD cards up to 256GB if someone's wondering

  • Looks like constantly record to SD cards instead of just motion activated going by the you tube video

  • +2 votes

    Is there a similar model with PoE instead of WiFi?

  • Does this come with free cloud recording like the reolink?

  • Bought two. Hope to have a better time than what I had with xiaomi 360 cams

    • What happened to your xiaomis? I've been using my 360 cam for over a year now with no issue

      • One the camera has become super washed out in the video. Like contrast has been set to negative values.

        The other one loses connection at least twice a week. It’s not even 3m away from the low contrast one.

      • I just refurnished my entire set of cameras from the outgoing xiaofang with the new 2k Xiaomi 360, they work really great and the function to record directly into NAS is a bonus.

        I found the 2 way Xiaomi powerbank can now function as UPS for the 360 cameras up to 1 week with single charge.

        • Was going to go 2k xiaomi since I’m so invested in xiaomi ecosystem now but will wait till they drop to sub $50

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: I've got mine for $53 delivered X 1, didn't get the sd card though just reuse the old cards.

            I had also got my hikvision H100 NAS for $160 but have to shuck 2 X 4tb from binglee.

            the 10000 2 way power bank was $16.99 from Kogan delivered, bought 3 of those.

            If you take all the $ into account it's actually not too far off from a proper Arlo or eufy system except I've got 6 X 360 cameras, power supply, 5g Optus internet, 8tb storage and strong ax3 pro network coverage that can store up to 12 months of footage. Plus photos backup once Google photos start their money grabbing.

            • @jeff9999: Wow good setup. Tbh going that far into it I may have just seriously considered eufy or atop as there are some good bargains lately. Instead of my current hacked together security of Genio, google and xiaomi lmao

  • can i see live view on google home?

  • Is this imou nvr the best option for local storage?

    Or Any home server suggestions I don't have a clue. Ie Wi-Fi Router USB Port Explained Turn One into a NAS Server.


  • Novice with these things, but am I able to view this on my phone while I am out of my house or do the alerts only work when on the same wifi connection?

    • Yes, you can view them whenever you want from wherever you are.

      Connecting to the same wifi channel is only for initial set up with all these things.

  • I'll give this a shot thanks op

  • Thanks OP. Will probably regret buying it but for $39.99, not a major cost. Interested to see if it works well with Google and general.

  • How is it as a baby monitor? Anyone have any experience?

  • It know it says indoors but might it be ok outdoors mounted to the ceiling under the entrance patio of my house?

    It's really shelterd and would never get rain, maybe a bit of dust. I've never owned cameras like this so not sure of the build quality.

    • I have a xiaomi360 and have 1 mounted under patio. No problem 2 years later. Actually performs better than the in house xiaomi cameras I have which have had nothings but issues.

  • Is this compatible with zone minder?

  • Where can u get cheap microsd card for this

  • bought one. lets see how good it is, and i might come back for more :)

  • If I want to setup a basic home security system what else do I need in addition to the cameras?? Can I use my HTPC as the recording storage with backup to OneDrive?

  • I have one, it's motion detection isn't the greatest, sometime it just doesn't record. I have it wired to an NVR and not using the internal SD card so that may make a difference.

  • Out of stock 😢 missed out, was going to grab 3

  • Got two myself and thanks OP.

    For the ones who dont want to pay much on the cloud service or backup or use Linux based command lines, I have a NUC at a very low spec but with Reolink windows client on it. Then set the disk space usage to whatever your free cloud service is, and then download the sync software and sync that video folder.

    I’ve been using Googles free photo and video backup for a while now but they are getting rid of it in June or July unfortunately.

    I reckon I will just use maybe 20GB of my current google drive as the online backup storage for this, or maybe switch to a cheaper cloud storage.

    This may be more expensive than using the app integrated one but I feel the reliability and upload speed would be somehow guaranteed more. Remember the drawback is that you can’t playback the video like what you can easily do in the APP, and basically they are individual files with time stamp on it.

  • now back in stock just got 2

  • back in stock

  • I grabbed 2 Last night I'm going to experiment with running of a 40k power bank

  • Hi. Could anyone let me know if We could use it without wifi as standalone recording security device.Thanks

  • Is object detection cloud based? Meaning if you use onvif with say surveillance station, the detection will be passthrough.

  • Thanks OP. Purchased 2.

  • OOS again

  • Don't upgrade to express postage. Paid the $3 for express postage, was posted as standard parcel post. Followed up immediately with the seller and told too late, but we'll post your next item as express 🤦‍♂️.

  • anyone brought? now i got a email from them exposing every buys email address

  • Was that an email that was very plain text with some chinese (for lack of knowing which dialect) on it? I deleted as Spam?

  • They've sent an apology email with a further discount on the previously listed camera.

  • Received mine today in Amazon envelope lol

    • Mine was in a plain Box.

    • Same here, the amount of dodgy things Chinese business do , omg just to save a few $ ! going to report this to Amazon and ebay

      • Report what?

      • They've just shipped it from the Amazon warehouse, there's nothing dodgy about that. 3rd party sellers with FBA are able to send their products to anyone from the warehouse without the customer having to put an order through Amazon.

  • Got mine. Turns out cloud service is paid service after intrusion 30 day free period.

    Also doesn’t say anywhere how many cameras cloud service supports.

    • Yeah….being trying to figure out how to just connect via LAN as not interested in Cloud Service to access. Using iSpy Cam app and not yet figured it out after 30mins mucking about. Tips are welcome to save me the time…..ha!

      • I bit the bullet and just ordered sd cards

      • A tad disappointed with this CAM (so far). Can't seem to find a way to access it locally without the provided App i.e.to be able to use iSpy or VLC to stream locally. Useless (for me) unfortunately as last thing one wants is to have to use the App to Live Monitor. The app heats device up no end. Would be much better if one could view on PC (like all other cheapie CAMS I have). I suspect even ONVIF is disabled on it?

          • @Clear: Yeah, I already Google'd and read that post a week ago. It's old being 2019 but unless any change with firmware between then and now just confirms what I am saying and no easy way to use these CAMS other than via the App. Shame and another wasted purchase (for me).

            • @Borg: Mine arrived today so I'll see what I can find. I was able to add it to both Imou's PC app and my Dahua NVR fine.

              • @Clear: Excellent. Always good to have another pair of eyes in case I have missed the obvious. Tks

                • @Borg: I've worked it out! Using the URL below I was able to open it as a network stream in VLC.


                  The safety code is found on the bottom of the camera. Mine was 8 digits.


                  • @Clear: That's great and bad for me as have tried that. So to ensure I have this right
                    If my safetycode was 123456 and the IP was then below should work OR am I missing/leaving anything out?

                    rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0&unicast=true&proto=Onvif

                    • @Borg: Yes that's the correct format. Are you trying in VLC?

                      rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1 also works

                      • @Clear: Yeap. Now I am annoyed but also happy as you have shown that it should work. In turn gives me something to troubleshoot.
                        Would you mind confirming the Firmware version on yours. Mine is 2.680.00000000.9.R 200730.
                        Note: I did update mine after VLC failed so you one might be lower if not updated?