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PlayStation 5 Digital Edition $599 + $7.90 Delivery @ Big W


Probably won't last long, delivery for me was $7

Limit of 1 per Customer
Please expect shipping delays for this item. To view delivery status, track your order at https://www.bigw.com.au/track

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    Disc version was also available 10 mins ago - gone now.
    Grab it while you can.

  • It's still available, it's allowing me to add to cart.

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    Thanks OP, ordered one!! I think I was very lucky :D

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    Beat me to it op, get into it lads

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    Finally got one after so many missed attempts. Now to pray it doesn’t get cancelled.

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      I got one last Big W batch. The only people who got cancelled were those who had already ordered one into the delivery address via big W. They check. Mine took a week to ship but it arrived safely two days later from Hoxton Park warehouse as did everyone else on the post that was stressing .

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        Yeah the page showed sold out just after I got my order through so my original worry was they would keep selling them beyond their stock allocation but I was relieved to see it was unable to be added to cart shortly after so I guessed they only sold the number they had available.

        • We all stressed the same as you.. I just wanted to reassure you that they are only selling stock they have. We were worried as they were available so long last time we thought the screwed up but they didn't.

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    Got one, thanks OP!

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    Thank you - got one!

  • Boom. Thanks op.

  • Oops I want disc edition, good find though op

  • I want a disc version, and need JB to have stock! This would be great tho, I only really play Warzone!

    It looks OOS now.

    • Why not play Warzone on the PS4?

      Is there that much of a difference between the two consoles?

      • -1

        nope, its just hype lol

      • +1

        I have a PS4 PRO. It's why I haven't been in a rush, but I already grabbed $750 in gift cards($610 or so) when there was 19% discount.

        I understand it's not a huge upgrade, but figured PS5 will hold its price and wanna sell my PS4 PRO.

      • Is it good with mouse and keyboard on consoles? Because I really can't play such a game with controller.

  • Missed

  • GooooOOOOORRRRnnnnn

  • Missed too :(

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    Got one thank you. Did shopback with 0.5%

  • Missed

  • Unavailable

  • Thanks OP, very much appreciated. Got one.

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    How fast one must be to get a Ps5? They all sell out in less than 10min

    • +3

      At least its better than fleebay airpods lol

      • +1

        True but you don’t have the anxiety of « when will be it coming? » « will I miss out if I go to the toilet? »

        • Easy, take laptop/phone to toilet

          Edit: or wear nappy

    • Let's just say you really must want to have one and then stay glued to your phone until it appears.

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    Looking forward to seeing these for $1200 on marketplace tomorrow

      • +3

        Doing gods work my man

  • missed :(

  • Still expecting JB stock this week, to consume my GC.

    • Me too!

  • How do other retailers get stock here and there and EB Games do not.

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      Im speculating EB over sold on their pre orders compared to others, still people i know waiting from original pre order to receive.

      • +1

        That's exactly what happened. They thought they were getting more stock than they did and massively over sold.

        • JB Had 150 customers on a wait list at my local store. Best to keep trying Target BigW and Amazon.

          • @klaatu: Yeah I got one from Big W in the last drop and it was faulty. Want to cry.

            • @ONEMariachi: That sucks. I feel for you. Its the luck of the draw sometimes.

              • +2

                @klaatu: that luck seems to have kicked back. I bought one for my mate in the amazon drop, and just now the order he got cancelled with good guys several weeks back just got called in- so I've got one now! Seems like good guys might be having a drop soon. Keep an eye out.

                • +1

                  @ONEMariachi: Great news. Good to see you have one now. All retailers will have a drop this week and onwards at 2 week intervals for the next month or so. Those under JB and EB EOI pre orders might get the good news email over the next couple of days hopefully.

      • I was wondering that , I thought they may be hoarding them for all their top tier rewards customers as well.

    • LOL. 43cm and a typo. I saw that too. My brain went on pause for a little while.

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    RIP to the flippers…

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    That Twitter claims people are selling units for RRP NOW on Gumtree, and Facebook Market.

    Apparently more stock dropping this week, at multiple retailers.

    • Yeah, used I saw one for RRP.

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    There is more stock dropping this week. Try Target and Amazon today and tomorrow, but be very quick. Big W PS5 checkout cart went live at 10.40 am this morning. Managed to get one despite the cart tech problems they had. Other PS5 retailers, particularly EB and JB because of oversubscribing their back orders will will be waiting for a while. There will be fresh drops every two weeks across Big W Target Gamesmen Amazon and some in Harveys (if they havent oversubscribed)

    • How are you aware of this

  • BigW took more than a week to even ship out mine. Pretty sure they are selling their allotment and not actual stock in warehouses. Amazon seems to sell actual stock though, since they offered next day delivery during their last drop.

    • +1

      The wheels turn slowly at BigW. They have the stock, and not permitted to sell stock they dont have, they just arent a logistics company in the same league as Amazon. BigW have physical shopfronts to distribute to across the nation as well as online, whereas Amazon are solely a pick pack and ship operation.

      • +1

        Agreed. People have gotten spoiled by Amazon. I got mine from Big W took a week to ship. But 5 working days isn't the end of the world for a company still learning to move toward online fulfillment. I'm just stoked I got one

  • Got a phone call from the good guys, asking if I still wanted to place an order for ps5 this morning.

    • Good luck… Lets hope GG dont over commit stock on hand… verses emails sent out.

  • I just missed out it again. shit…….

  • +2

    Dunno why you would go digital with a ~600GB harddrive.

    • -1

      The disc drive has little relevance in relation to the SSD size as all games need to be installed locally regardless.

  • And straight onto Facebook market place they all go already seen 10 new marketplace "deals " for $1k 🤦‍♂️

  • For a mate without a good PC would you guys get this or the xbox? Seems the PS has a couple more exclusives but the xbox has game pass.

    • That seems to be the main draw of each, respectively. Your mate should consider which exclusives he's actually going to play

      • Yeah true, his mates are buying PS so don't think he would be able to cross play with them. I'm sorta pushing him to xbox as game pass seems better value than a couple of exclusives. Really pushing him to a high end PC but it's too much with the current state of things

        • its a decent time to buy a high end pc with the new cheapish cards, but pc = desk, console = couch

  • I haven't been in the console scene for a while if someone can help me out:

    Seems like we won't get an adequate supply of consoles for a while, like the 3080s.
    PS5 has better games, better to get the disc version, Xbox however has the game subscription service which offers a huge variety of games.
    Is this correct from what I have gathered?

    • +2

      Subscription is a rip. I upgraded to game pass and it’s cool but I don’t like the constant draw on funds even when I’m not playing.

  • Received shipment confirmation and invoice.

    • I ordered mine yesterday and got and order acknowledgment email but I haven’t received shipment and invoice email yet, should I be worried?

      • What time did you order? I ordered towards the end at 11:09. Maybe they're working back to front.

        • I ordered the disc version at 10:50, hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled (again)

          • +1

            @PaintedTester: I ordered the disc version at 10.45am. Mine shows "Pick in progress". I wouldnt be too concerned. It's Friday afternoon so I suspect the fulfillment and logistics are on the Friday sauce. I suspect nothing going anywhere today. BW Delivery window was 9 -11th Feb at payment checkout so possibly they might be collected by transport for ship Monday.

        • +1

          More than likely they are picking and invoicing by each state. Ship out the WA and SA first so they can meet the mid next week delivery estimate. Then ship QLD VIC and lastly NSW. That way orders arrive around AUS on or around the same timeline. Keeps everyone happy…..

          • @klaatu: Doubt many WA would have bought from BigW as their drops occurred 8am WA time. Too early for WA to know.

            • @bargrin: You would be surprised. Gamers are fanatics that would have normally gone to midnight launch in retail if it wasnt for the restrictions. Plenty of people in WA are working from home (lockdown), so 8am would be considered normal for such an in demand product that's in such short supply. WA were just in a lockdown this past week so home delivery (BigW distribution) would have been the only safe option.

  • +2

    Mines been picked up by Australia Post and processed at Sydney parcel centre. Looking forward to it arriving early next week!

    • My expectations when Australia Post is involved…are not often met. Lets hope the Christmas rush whipped them into shape and we recieve product on time and undamaged.

      • My PS5 arrived last Thursday 11th Feb. So from order 4th Feb to delivery exactly 7 days.

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