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[Back Order] Gaggia New Classic Pro Cherry Red Coffee Machine $679 Delivered (RRP $999) @ Appliances Online


This is the new model and rarely does the red one get discounted. Other colours have been discounted as well. Been following it for quite sometime now. Less than 10 items remaining as I ordered. Happy shopping :)

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      • Which is a good grinder without spending a fortune? Used to thing something like a rocky (doserless $460), only grind one cup at a time and to be honest The sunbeam is still fine (and cheap)

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    I have this machine as a backup to my Breville Dual Boiler (whenever it's at the shop being repaired).

    Good little unit for the price. Only issue is not much clearance between the drip tray and the spout, so I had someone 3d print in ABS a lower drip tray so I could fit latte glasses and flat white cups (with my Brewista scale) underneath. Big modding community out there if you know where to look.

    • Just quick question regarding the Breville dual boiler, as I am looking to get either GCP or the dual boiler to practice making latte art and drink a good cup of long black.

      Which one would you think its better?

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        By far the dual boiler for latte art.

        A dedicated boiler makes a significant difference. Much better microfoam and the wand is much more forgiving than the GCP. The GCP has an acceptable steam system, but nothing beats having a dedicated steam boiler (no wait time, better pressure).

        One word of warning, I'm onto my second BES920. The first was repaired under warranty, then failed at the 3 year mark. I didn't bother trying the consumer law angle, and just bought another one with extended warranty. The newer one failed after 12 months and was repaired recently. I'll continue to repair it under extended warranty until it expires. This will be the last BDB for me, as they just aren't built to last (appliance vs. machine), but the features vs. cost thing cannot be beaten.

        • Okay, my best bet is to find a dual boiler it is.
          any other recommendation besides the BES920?

          • @froddoog: Nothing in the same price range as the BES920. Lelit Bianca comes to mind or the new Silvia pro, all way more expensive than the Breville

        • May I know what's the problem of your dual boiler?

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            @justinkw: Essentially seals will fail, and leak water causing damage throughout the machine. Pretty common issue as I understand.

            • @apu: @apu where are you located and what sort of water do you use for your machine? The water in Perth is quite "hard" especially compared to Melbourne which has "soft" water. Might be worth looking into using "safe" water for your machine, i've read that bad water is the killer of espresso machines…

              • @beagem: I'm in suburban Melbourne. I filter tap water through a Brita Maxtra jug, then fill the tank. The BES920 has an onboard Swiss filter. Essentially I double filter the water before it goes through the machine.

                • @apu: nice, I am tempted to try some of the water chemistry solutions online.
                  I had a BDB too, and have seen some leakages through the machine, popped it open and saw that some of the oring's needed replacing. the machines just don't seem built to last. I am leaving my BDB top propped open for easy access now, to do any quick checks for leakages before it goes all over the machine

                  • @beagem: When I did the economics, my view was if you can get a BDB at around $900, then it's about the cost of 5 similarly spec'ed Italian machines, without the outlay upfront.

                    When the BDB first came out, there was nothing European that could go near it in terms of features and price (that still is broadly the case). I am aware that covid (and more people working from home) has kept the price of the BDB well over a grand however.

                    Buyers just need to be prepared that this appliance is not built to last. Irrespective of country of manufacture (which is probably Asia somewhere) there is no way Breville has designed it with quality components throughout. So something (like a seal, boiler etc.) has to give up somewhere, and leak hot water throughout. This is probably not ideal for something that is designed to heat up and stay hot for several hours in the day.

                    On the plus side, when the product is covered by warranty, Breville doesn't hesitate sending it for repairs. Both of mine went to Expresso Fix in Balwyn, Vic, and they see a lot of these machines and now carry a lot of spare parts for faster turnaround (this was not the case 2 years ago).

        • I owned a succession of Brevilles including the dual boiler and each lasted 3-4 years. Still not terrible value for money but wasteful - eventually I decided I was willing to pay for a machine that could be serviced easily and was built to last.

    • Hey mate may I ask where you got the 3d print and approximate cost? I'd be very interested as I drink flat whites!

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        The design I found through Thingiverse. The printing I got done through a Gumtree ad, and the person posted it to me once printed due to covid. From memory it's like $20 to print, as they cost it based on weight of the ABS plastic.

    • That's a good idea, most of my glasses/mugs fit under if you angle it in but have to remove the drip tray once there's liquid in it to remove. Long blacks just have to remove the drip tray all together.

    • Also interested in some info on the lower height drip tray. Would need to be at least half the height of the stock one

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    I've got one of these, and for the money they're fantastic!

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    Had one and lasted forever . Installed aftermarket steam wand.. amazing machine

  • A good entry machine.

    But if you are have experience on espresso, I would suggest you get a Decent or Machines with names that you are not 100% sure how to spell.

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      Bit of a price differential between this and the Decent - around a $5K gap! Even some experienced home baristas will be happy with the Gaggia. Just depends how much you want to spend, how much space you have and how serious you are about espresso v other forms of home brew.

      Upgraditis is a very real condition when it comes to home baristas!

      • -1

        The gay is there, yes, but it is not really that much especially it you have to add a grinder and other things…..

        And it would not take long to think about upgrading if someone is serious about getting better at the daily dose…..

        • Part of the fun of espresso is the upgrade pathway. Master a machine and then upgrade. You will never appreciate a high-end machine in the same way as you will if you work your way up.

          And, whether or you buy a Gaggia or a Decent DE1 or La Marzocco or Lelit Bianca you will still need a grinder!

    • Lmao that’s like comparing a Toyota Corolla to a Bugatti , we are sure which one is better but you can’t have the latter

      • There is an "if"

        Also, Bugatti is an piece of art and not really road-legal……………

        Decent is a daily workhorse. And let's face it, not many people have the skill make a really taste espresso that it could drink it raw……….

  • +1

    My Gaggia Classic is 14 years old and still going strong… I'd buy another one any day

    Never descaled it either.

    • Had mine about the same time, agree mate.
      Definitely makes nicer coffee than any Breville and the process/skills involved making a coffee are the same as more expensive machines.

      No point spending thousands, that's a lot of bought coffees, each to their own though.

  • Anyone upgraded from a little delonghi dedica to one of these and can comment?

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      Indeed - spent a couple of years with a
      Dedica and the Delonghi was a good way to wet your feet in working with fresh coffee and steaming milk but the training wheels come off going to this. Completely different beasts and results. Real boiler, bigger group head, non-pressurised baskets. The list goes on. You will make a bloody mess on day one, and until you get the workflow sorted! Good jump.

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      Hi drprox,

      I upgraded from the Dedica (bought when my Gaggia Baby stopped working) to the Gaggia Classic. I cut the spring (opv mod) and the taste is better. Coupled with a SGP it's excellent.

      Dedica was ok out of the box but taste improved when I got a non-pressurised basket from ebay. I had to cut about 1 or 2cm off the black plastic inside the group handle to accommodate the new basket. It was really simple and was only held in by 1 screw. Then a proper tamper also from ebay. If you don't want to spend too much money at this time then I'd recommend the above changes.

      • Should I upgrade from the delonghi dedica (I have 2 of them as my current dual boiler solution) when I have had the ranchillo Silva steam wand mod (produces awesome microfoam now) and non pressurised baskets. Still a single thermo block to a single boiler upgrade on this or I should be considering a dual boiler setup?

        • Hi,

          I was contemplating whether to buy a dual boiler because I normally drink milk based coffee rather than espressos. I only went by previous experience with my Gaggia Baby Dose. The maximum number of drinks I made was 2 at any time. Yes the espresso sits there for around a minute after brewing whilst I heat the milk but by the time I've added the milk to the espresso its ready to drink. For me personally I did not see the need for a dual boiler and like the idea of having a machine rather than an appliance. I've already done 1 mod to the machine and glad I got the Gaggia. From what I read, if something does go wrong with the machine outside the warranty period, cost to fix is low.

          Word of warning, as mentioned by someone else. There is an element of upgradetitis… it's never ending! Better grinder is probably my next purchase sometime in the future. I've started roasting my own beans. It all balances out as I no longer buy coffees during the week…. well that's what I say to myself to justify the cost.

          • @Praks: Agreed on the point of never ending upgradetitis which was why I did the steam wand mod to see if I could bring new live to the machine before really ditching it. "It's all in the grind" which makes sense for a good grinder first!

      • Cheers Praks, I actually made that mod to fit a non pressurised basket but was struggling to get the crema right so reverted! I have a nice calibrated tamper and also did the rancio steam wand upgrade so it's been a great little unit!

    • I owned SGP, Dedica and Gaggia Classic 2018. Here my view after upgraded to GC.

      Dedica: Still doing fine after 3 years of daily use, I normally made 3-4 cups/day with a non-pressurised basket and Dedica Tamper. So easy and quick to prepare milk coffee.
      GC: A proper espresso machine and it will last longer. Easier to maintain Reliable, smaller boiler, it will make a good espresso but it will slightly longer time to prepare latte/ flat white.

      • The other thing everyone considering buying any coffee 'machine' needs to keep in mind is that they keep them running at their best (and avoiding issues), you need to maintain them.

        I backflush my Gaggia every week with Cafetto Espresso Clean so the internals stay clean and removes coffee oils from the solenoid valve etc.

        And, you will need to descale periodically - frequency dependent on your water hardness, and frequency/volume of use.

        • For Dedica, I used citric acid and did the monthly descaling. For GCm I bought Cafetto Espresso clean, Restore Descaler, blind filter with a brush. The only thing annoyed me is that non-pressurised filter (single shot basket) is so shallow and sometimes hard to fit into the machine.

  • Breville dual boiler BES920 or this

    • +1

      Appliance v machine.

      (See apu’s comment further up)

    • Breville dual boiler if your willing to self-repair, there are large communities that self repair the older BES900 and BES920. If you think you can live with a single boiler get this, as it will last much longer.

  • Breville everyday of the week imho, dual stainless steel boiler, thermoblock, no issue with steam pressure. I have had mine since 2011 and it's still going strong. Only took it to get serviced and descalled once. Do you really want to count down when you switch on the steamer to start steaming milk to get adequate pressure for $700?

    • +1

      ‘Thermoblock’ 🤣

      PS. I didn’t neg you

    • Yeah but which makes better coffee, Doubt the Breville. Only need to wait a few mins

  • +1

    Got the grey one thanks op

  • +1

    I upgraded from a Breville dual boiler a few months back after it died, and I did a LOT of research and concluded: Breville is the best value for a dual boiler, feature packed appliance. GCP best for a basic, single boiler, Italian made machine. Lelit best value for dual boiler machine with PID. Bezzera BZ10 a good bet for a heat exchanger. I splurged and got the Bezzera which has been great… but still kinda wonder if it was worth paying 3x the price of a GCP.

    • I think it’ll be hard going from a dual boiler to a single boiler so I think you made the right call buddy. A golden move by Johnny!

    • Which lelit are you referring to, Bianca or Elizabeth?

      Also, what grinder are you using?

      • +1

        I was looking more at Lelit's lower end models like the Elizabeth - the ones with buttons instead of dials. They each seem to represent the best value Italian-made machine in their class.

        I'm still using a Breville Smart Grinder Pro, have been for years. It's fine for now, I'll consider upgrading when it eventually breaks down… but there does seem to be a big price jump to get to the next performance tier.

  • Says $859 for me

  • Industry grey back in stock at $676, less than 10 in stock

  • Am I colour blind or does the industry grey not really match the stock image




    • How did you go? Stock image v machine at you home do look very different in shade/tone. Are you keeping it, and going to return it?

      • +1

        Starting to grow on me.. will just keep it, who knows might be worth something one day lol. But I did ask Gaggia themselves and they did say it is the correct colour, stock images used 'professional lighting' blah blah, I did mention to them that it is quite misleading nonetheless.

  • Anyone know the cheapest price in bne for the printed low profile thing?
    Guess the other one would sit around or get chucked

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