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iHome iW1 AirPlay wireless speaker system for Apple iDevices\Macs $339 @ Costco Melb


AirPlay wireless speaker system with rechargeable battery.

Picked up one of these tonight for $339

RRP in AU is $499 i think

Online AU prices seem to be around the $380 mark



Setup took 2 min.

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    I seriously need a catalogue from Costco…




    Its sad Costco, US and Canada have online shopping but not Aus and they do not let us buy from their online store in US or Canada using their so called globally accepted card!
    And there is a huge difference in prices between US/Canada and Aus - our $ value is stronger than both these currencies but we still pay higher price. Costco brought competition into the Aus market and that has helped the regular retailers to drop the price. In some items I find Costco are not the cheapest like woolies, BW and Kmart are very competetive -
    I'm losing interest in Costco especially considering the membership fee, waiting in the Q, hassle with finding a parking spot - Costco Aus, we are your loyal customers we signed up with you… you can do better!


      just a suggestion….try opening a MyUS account…I know it costs but you may save more than the fee to sign up. I got 1 free year with my AMEX. It isnt too cheap to forward on stuff but hey, it is just a suggestion



    Did you see any Xmas offers or coupons in Costco?