Is Body Piercing Still Popular? Girls Opinions?

Hello there its been about 10 years since I had a few piercings I'm not sure what the fashion is these days for MEN?

I used to have my tongue done and eyebrow not sure if it is still popular?

Would like to know what ladies think?


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    If you modify your body to impress women, you're doing it wrong.

    • Was just curious what the latest trends are

    • Wait so who should you be trying to impress?

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        The robots.


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        Bis for the guys. 💪

        • Not curls for the girls?

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            @dust: Don't be ridiculous. Most girls think huge muscles are gross!

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    I'd say it depends on your age and overall image you present. If you're late teens/ early 20's go for gold. If you're closer to 30 or beyond I'd generally find it a bit tacky UNLESS your overall image is a bit alternative to begin with. If you generally present yourself quite clean cut then it would give me the impression you're having a midlife crisis or trying to overhaul yourself after a breakup.

    Keep in mind this is all just my personal opinion of having been single and dating for about 3 years in my late twenties.

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      88 implies birth year, which would be 32-33yo. Bit old to try to gauge what's 'trending'

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    I think it looks gross on any age. Especially the giant ear holes.

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      Ewww, agree!! When those ear hole things get taken out….like deflated water balloons hanging off the side of their head.

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    As a general observation, the amount of money someone has seems to be inversely proportional to the number of piercings.

  • A tongue piercing? Maybe if you were after blokes hahahahaha

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    I believe the current trend for gentlemen is the Prince Albert piercing. If you don't get yours done soon, you won't get anywhere with the girls.

    • The Prince Albert is soo 1998. The Jacob's Ladder has been the gold standard for men in the early 30's since the early 2000's.

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    No, it's definitely not popular anymore. Take this from a girl who in her teens and early 20's had a lot of piercings and body modifications.
    It looks juvenile now in my opinion.

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    You should work on charm and charisma - it's what inside of you that matters.

    Unless you are looking for someone that desire the same appearance…

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      A tongue piercing is inside of him.

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    I hope to god this is someone practicing their creative writing skills.

    I'm picturing the manager of a mobile phone shop from the 00s with a Lowes suit, frosted tips, and stinking of Lynx "Oi you reckon chicks still get turned on by tongue piercings??"

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      Girls (or people I should say) are attracted to…

      • Someone who is fun to be around and that makes them feel better about themselves and/or their social status
      • Some sexual preference that is so specific to the individual that there's no point trying to cater to it as there's no one size fits all kink
  • This has got to be a troll. Front page material.

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    Not a fan myself, never was. Might look okay if it fits your overall image, probably more if you were doing it for yourself rather than the ladies. I’m probably not your target audience though as a married woman in my late 30s.

  • Please think twice, pierce once (like the measure twice, cut once), because you can't undo it.

    • Well you can, you just take the jewellery out and the piercing heals (except for giant ear holes that is)

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        You can get tunnels surgically reversed, no idea how successful it is though.

  • Whatever the cost is of getting it done, it's too expensive.

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    Next you will be considering defiling the pure skin the Lord gave you with some silly tattoo!
    [Clutches pearls, faints]

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    This doesn't sound like a bargain.

    But you can get free body piercing at the blood donor mobile.

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    Nipple piercing. Rip your shirt off every time you encounter a Karen to show how badass and hardcore you are. (probably)

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