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Dell S3221QS 32" Curved 4K UHD Monitor - $487.60 Delivered @ Dell AU


TL;DR - 32" 4k 60Hz 1800R curved VA panel, basic HDR, 100x100 VESA mount.

It wasn't on sale last night when I was looking at monitors! I was about to order the Philips 32" Curved for $449, when did a last check on Dell & found this deal. LOVEKEANU works to bring it down to $487.60, which is cheaper than the limited $499 black friday sale!

Blurb below:

Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD Monitor - S3221QS

Expansive views in stunning 4K: The three-sided ultrathin bezel design in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution lets you enjoy immersive viewing in incredible clarity and fine detail with 4 times the resolution of Full HD. Supports HDR content playback to elevate your entertainment.

Be in the action: The curved 1800R screen expands your field of vision and provides a wrap-around view for an immersive movie experience.

More detailed, stunning color: Vertical Alignment (VA) display technology together with 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3 wider color coverage lets you see rich color, greater depth and a wider range of shades.

Leisure gaming: Smooth, tear-free experience with AMD FreeSync™ technology.

Premium sound: Feel life-like sound, pulsating beats and a bigger cinematic experience with built-in dual 5W speakers professionally-tuned by award-winning Waves MaxxAudio®.

Easy on the eyes: This TÜV-certified monitor has a flicker-free screen with ComfortView, a feature that reduces harmful blue light emissions. It’s designed to optimize eye comfort even over extended viewing – like your next movie marathon.

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    My order status shows shipping on Feb 8 & delivery by Feb 11 (Sydney metro), so looks like it's in stock.

    • Just order, my order shows exactly same delivery date. Hope it could arrive on time.

  • +7

    Wish it was IPS

    • +2

      I don't think there are any 32" curved IPS 4k panels around? There's plenty of flat ones for ~$1k or so.

      Hopefully all the HDMI 2.1 monitors come out this year & support 4k120, I'll probably upgrade to one of them if they're decent prices by black friday 2021…

      • LG un650, but typical LG decided not to sell it in Aus. About $800 to import here.

        There's some high refresh ones but we'll over 1.5k

    • Don't get a Dell VA curved panel. I had one and sent it back. The viewing angle problems drove me crazy - blacks were black in the centre and went grey towards the edges and sides, until you turned your head.

      • +3

        Yeesh. The curve should help alleviate that. Insufferable.

        • +1

          Why is that?

          I have had a good look at the Dell S3220DGF QHD which is also VA and also curved and the viewing angles are fine from the centre.

          More than acceptable, so what is the deal here?

      • I have a curved Dell VA and I haven't noticed this issue. I even changed my background to black and don't see the difference between the centre and the sides, perhaps you got a dud panel?

    • VA panels are quite decent too

  • +7

    Amazing price! I got this monitor when it was released last year and thought the price of ~$540 was good but this a no-brainer.

    The main issue with this monitor is that it's a VA (don't expect a similar IPS for much less than $1000) so the viewing angles aren't great. So make sure you can sit at least 2ft away otherwise the edges will looked washed out. Everything else is great and for the price it's unbeatable.

    • +4

      The KEANU coupon still going around making the world a better place, just like the OG Keanu


    • +1

      How far away should I sit in metric?

      • +9

        You can sit in Imperial, too; after all it’s a 32 inch monitor.

      • 2 ft converted from freedom units to 21st century units is 609.6 mm, about the length of 2 A4 pages of you don't have a ruler handy.

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    how does this compare vs the xiaomi 34 144hz monitor?

    ah just looked…60hz

    • +4

      Different size, different shape, different res, different refresh rates = different target market.

      If you want a large, cheap 4k monitor - get this one. Mine's for PS5 @ 4k60.

      If don't need 4k & your device supports Ultrawide - maybe get tha Xiaomi.

      • +3

        I am so glad that there are still monitors around that don't try to do the whole 144Hz. It just increases price, and I don't need a refresh rate that high. A bigger size on the other hand is great as it help to see.

      • Hey mate, does yours do 4k @ 60Hz?

        I've got this same monitor, but it says it's running at 29Hz. I wonder if it's because I'm using a HDMI cable instead of a DP? Not sure what to do here

        • maybe double check whether your port/cable is HDMI 2.0

          Edit: most 4k monitors come with 2 HDMI port, one of them can do 4k60 but the other is 4k30, so maybe try the other port as well.

        • What's your input? my wife's laptop would only display 30Hz at 4K, a little more digging and we found out it only had HDMI 1.4. To get 4k60 we had to get a USB-C to DP dongle and connect the monitor over DP, which works fine.

        • Hmmm but PS5 doesnt do DP it’s just hdmi … what gfx card have you got plugged in?

        • I only ordered mine this morning, but you need to be using a suitable HDMI 2.0 cable and your device needs to support 4k60 via HDMI - what device are you using?

          Both HDMI ports on the S3221QS are HDMI 2.0.

        • Mine is running at 4K60 over both DP and HDMI.

          • @caprimulgus: Thanks all for the help so far.

            Not sure if it's my gfx card being a bottleneck, but I have a Radeon RX580.


            Edit: used the HDMI cable that came with the monitor

            • +1

              @montorola: The card seems to support HDMI 2.0, so could be the cable maybe? I'd say try a displayport cable if you've got one…

            • +2

              @montorola: Your card supported HDMI 2.0b, which means min 60Hz.

              I can confirm this monitor supports 4K 60Hz on the DP and both HDMI ports, so as others have said, check your cable (or even your OS settings).

              I sometimes use the Apple HDMI->TB3 adaptor, and it's the older version which only does 30Hz, so make sure the entire chain from monitor to your card supports 60Hz.

    • +3

      I bought the Xiaomi but ended up selling it before getting this Dell.

      The Xiaomi is a beautiful monitor, colours pop out, cable management is better and ultrawide is awesome… when your content works on it.
      Massive turn off for me was when viewing videos, you would often get black bars on the sides due to not being in the correct aspect ratio.
      There just isn't a lot of content for the format at the moment and tbh, unlikely to increase that much in the future.

      For my purposes, which is work, browsing and videos, the 4K resolution just makes much more sense.
      The Dell's screen is a bit smaller horizontally and you get a USB hub and (albeit small) built-in speakers thrown in, which makes my desk a lot cleaner.

      I'm not too fussed with the poorer viewing angles of the VA panel, lower refresh rate or poorer colour reproduction.
      At a similar price point, the Dell just fits my needs better.


      • Yes, I'm surprised that the UW monitor deals are so popular as it seems like a pretty niche device to me. Most apps, media, and even games are created for the 16:9 or narrower. UW would only make sense for some games, or for splitting into two virtual monitors.

        • +2

          You'd be surprised. Pretty much every pc game supports it and most work apps it is great for with a huge workspace.

          Even videos, a lot of movies are similar ratios, or at least wider than the normal screen. Some tv shows have black bars but if you have a good monitor without light bleed it doesn't really matter anyway.

    • I think for my work requirements / scrolling sideways. I'd go with ultra wide.

      • The problem with the 34 Xiaomi is that it's basically just a really wide 27 inch monitor. The extra real estate is always in your periphery.

        It has advantages for some specific applications however a 32 inch monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio will be a far more useful and immersive experience for the vast majority of content (significantly more of the pixels are in the zone equivalent to a 44mm full-frame lens where the human eye resolves the detail).

  • +1

    Bought this in November for around $540ish.

    For this price it's a no brainer

  • +2

    Good monitor, works will with the Xbox Series X, just remember its only 60hz. The black levels are very good because its a VA panel, but the viewing angles are not as good as IPS.

    • How does 4K 60fps feel on this monitor with the Series X? Looking to pick one up for the same purpose, and also for my computers

  • Paid $11.40 more for an extra 2 month wait on Black Friday! lol

  • Why?

    I've done 3D graphics and image processing programming, and all the calculations assume a flat display. Just as cameras assume a flat image sensor.
    You'd need to have your face about 20cm away from this for the curvature to make a significant difference to field of view, and then you'd need specialised software to play back your IMAX wide-angle movies without distortion.

    Or is this intended for text display, so it is all at the same focal distance? I guess that makes some sense. What do people use it for.

    • +1

      Office work, and to reduce head movement to see edges.

      • to reduce head movement to see edges.

        I don't understand. Do you mean lateral movement of the head? Or rotating? Neither makes much sense to me. Can you be more specific?

        • +2

          I am referring to human field of view. If you sit too close to the monitor then you may need to rotate the head to focus on information on the sides. Or you need to scan with the eyes. That effect increases as the size of the monitor increases. This increases strain on the head or eyes. That strain may or may not be significant for people. That gets more pronounced on UW screen. With a curved screen the physical width as measured in a straight line from edge to edge is a little shorter. That means there is less movement require to focus on information on all of the screen. One can sit further back but then it becomes more difficult to see smaller information. I am talking about text and detailed information. If it's acceptable to see information on the edges with peripheral vision then what I am describing is not an issue.

          Here is what I mean by rotation

  • +1

    I just got my dell 4k 27" s2721q.

    It says in spec that it can do hdr but on the windows display options it says not available.

    Anybody know how to enable HDR?

    • +1

      Enable it via OSD, i did with my u2720q

      • Ok will try tonight watching Wonder women 1984

      • Thanks! Work like a charm my god…..4k hdr 27" monitors set up.

        I dont think will go back to 1440p, now…..to see.how to return my other 4x 27" 1440p dell. Should have waited…..

  • Dell love Keanu ultra long time!!

  • +3

    Who wants a $30 Dell voucher??? RWRJMNTPNHVTKZ

    Expires 20th Feb 2021.

    Message once used. Go get it!!

    • Someone used it already.

  • Grabbed one with delivery estimated for 16th Feb.

  • +3

    Just be aware that Dell takes forever to deliver just in case anyone expects it anytime soon. I bought a 24" monitor on sale last October. Received earlier this week.

    • The delivery estimate (ships in xx days) is usually listed on each product. I ordered this monitor this morning & ETA is Thursday.

    • You must've gotten a popular monitor or something they ran out of stock with. I ordered this back on the 27th Oct, delivered 29th Oct, metro Syd

    • I ordered a monitor Tuesday night this week, arrived today. Last year in the Black Friday sales I ordered a 32" Dell and it arrived in just over a week with a quoted time of a month. Sounds like something went wrong with your order.

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm how their experience has been with ps5. i.e. HDR and 4k60fps

    • Couldnt get HDR to work with it (yet), looked so washed out. There is this YT channel that shows you how to adjust PS5's HDR level properly with 3rd step goes all the way down at darkest, I wish I'd bookmarked.

      Without HDR, it still looked great. Pity it cant PIP both hdmi, only hdmi+dp.

      There is one setting that you shouldnt touch. Cant remember what the setting is called (at work atm). It has something to do with refresh rate. Change it then you will get drifty.

    • It does not support HDR10, on a Xbox One it only supports HDR video not gaming, and I wouldn’t rave about it.
      Otherwise not bad,

  • Paid $543 before damn it

  • available in dell outlet today:

    1x U3419W: $879.00 (refurbished)

    1x U4320Q: $1119 (refurbished)

  • Can anyone recommend a DisplayPort cable? It's hard to find certified cables under $40 (the cheapest I could find was some startech one on amazon), but I am wondering if it's really necessary vs a cheaper 1.2 cable (around $10-$15)?

    • DP 1.2 can support [email protected], so you should be OK there. IIRC a DP cable comes with this monitor.

  • +3
  • +1

    Waiting for an LG OLED in 42" due later this year.

  • I don't think I will ever find a 4k monitor that also runs 1440p 120Htz :(
    I have a 2018 4K QLED already that does that, but working from home.
    I would like to have 4k for WFH and 2k 120Htz for my XSX. I currently have a Samsung 27 curved 2k 144Htz

    • Are you sure what you are talking about? You expect a 4k panel could some how able to run 1440p 120hz? Seems a totally different concept to me here…

      • Why totally different concept??

        My QLED TV runs 4K60fps or 1440p120fps or 1080p120fps so it is not a concept.

        Monitors usually run 4k but when the resolution is reduced, they cannot increase the FPS.
        I was hoping for a 4k monitor to run lower resolution such as 2k and increase the FSP, that doesn't happen.

  • I just picked up an LG 32UN880-B early this week…which can buy two of these with some changes

    oh well..what happened happened, at least i know well why i didnt get this dell one (regardless of price)

  • +1

    I got 2 of these in November when the big sales were on - combined with some Dell credit to get them at about $450 inc 5 years premium support.

    Really enjoying the dual 4K screens, but one of them just stopped working on DP after a week. I can only get 60Hz through DP, and when I do 4K through HDMI it goes down to 30Hz.

    Support were great and sent out another one which arrived the following day, but then a week later the replacement did the same thing. Again support were great.

    Have not had any issues since then but definitely made me glad to have the support.

    Pretty good sound out of them also

    • Hi OP
      Does it come with a Display Port Cable and USB cable in box?

    • I can only get 60Hz through DP, and when I do 4K through HDMI it goes down to 30Hz.

      Ahh….so this is my issue!

      I've been using HDMI and have been wondering why I'm only getting 29Hz out of it.

      What sort of DP cable do you have? I don't recall getting one in the box.

      • +1

        As I said above, I can get 60Hz over HDMI. Mine is connected right now by HMDI at 60Hz.


  • +1

    "Premium sound: Feel life-like sound, pulsating beats and a bigger cinematic experience with built-in dual 5W speakers professionally-tuned by award-winning Waves MaxxAudio®."

    It's handy to have but pulsating isn't how I'd describe it.

    • +2

      5w of pure power!

      • +1


  • I bought two of these during the BF sale and they arrived mid Jan as promised by Dell (I was skeptical). Anyway, these are fantastic screens. The curve is not over the top like some (Kogan) and the picture is excellent.

    Highly recommended.

  • I wish this was IPS and not curve but around $700!

    • LG 32UN650-W (32" 4K 60Hz Flat IPS) is what you want! (Was previously listed at CPL/MWave for $650!)

      You'll have to import one though, as LG Australia have made the inexplicable decision not to import it! :(

      That's the monitor I wanted, but ended up buying the S3221QS because of LG Australia's stupidity!

      • Are you happy with the S3221QS? I am planning to buy a cheap (under $800) 32 inch monitor as a stop-gap for the next 42“ (or smaller) OLED or high refresh rate 4K IPS screen.

        The only thing that is holding me back from pulling the trigger for this is it‘s a VA panel (and the curve).

        • I am happy with it, but my usage and needs are probably very different from yours: I'm using it as a secondary monitor (mostly in portrait) next to my ultrawide, and almost exclusively for productivity use (and some media streaming). Not gaming on it at all, although I may end up connecting my Switch or future console to it at some point. (My "gaming" PC is a first generation super-low powered ultrabook, and the only thing I've played on PC in the last year is Tabletop Simulator!)

          So yeah…my needs are probably very different from yours! :)

          • @caprimulgus: A curved screen in portrait? That’s kinda new to me. Which ultrawide screen do you also have?

            I am planning the 32 inch for a bit of coding, streaming and Switch/PS5 gaming on the side. I am not intending to do intensive FPS gaming with it at all otherwise I would go for the AW3821DW.

            Is the colour and viewing angle of your S3221QS acceptable?

            • @FrugalNotStingy: Yeah, curved in portrait! :) I was worried about it when I ordered it, thinking it might be weird, and I couldn't find many examples of people using curved in portrait. But I have found it's fine, and it's not really an issue. The curve is subtle enough, and just like moving from a flat to a curved screen in landscape, you eventually get used to it. Your brain adjusts!

              I was also worried about viewing angles (the reviews say the Dell is below average on viewing angles - BenQ EW3270U is meant to be better), particularly because I'm using it in portrait - but I haven't had any issues at all! Colours are fine for me, although I'm not particularly discerning!

              I'm coming from crappy 24" TN Acer business monitors, so I have a pretty low baseline! :) Maybe better to ask someone with more experience in monitors!

              I have the Kogan 34" curved 144Hz (same panel as Xiaomi Mi Display, etc).

  • Omfg i wanna return my philips now. Unopened…

    • Did you get the 328E1CA? I was about 5 mins away from ordering it (though it comes with free headphones now too!)

      • Yes. Delivered last week. Haven't opened it. Reckon ill jump to dell….

  • Any leftover code boys and gals? :)

  • Is this monitor good for PS5/XBX?

    • +1

      The PS5 supports 4k 120Hz, but there's no monitors available that do that via HDMI 2.1 yet - the LG 48" CX can, at about 5x the price.

      This will do 4k 60Hz, which is supported by both PS5 & XBX.

  • +3

    The Dell at this price, is quite a good deal. I picked one up when it was around ~$540 via Dell website.

    I had initially planned to use the Dell as my main monitor for my day-to-day-work, but the limitations of my desk/room meant that I was sitting to close to the screen which resulted in neck/eye-fatigue. Hence, I have now moved it to the side (which had a bit more distance between myself and the monitor) to repurpose it for a PC (4K connected via DP) running a few VM's for my demo environments, and also some light gaming/streaming on PS4 (non-pro). It is a very nice display when you are centred and have enough distance.

    Since the Dell was not a great fit as my main monitor, I also picked up a Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" (around ~$500 via Gearbite) as my main monitor for general day-to-day work.

    When I put the Dell and Xiaomi side-by-side, the Xiaomi display was about an 5cm shorter than the Dell, which made quite the difference in alleviating the neck/eye-fatigue.

    Since I did not plan to use these monitors to edit photos/videos, I was not too fussed about colour accuracy, but I did still apply the colour/display calibration profiles from the RTings website.

    The build quality of this Dell is great, display is nice and crispy, speakers are okay (as expected), good selection of I/O.

    The Dell's aspect ratio is a better for streaming, gaming, general use. Whereas trying to watch a 16:9 movie/show, 2:1 youtube video on the Xiaomi always resulted in wide black bars on the side. The times the Xiaomi is good for media consumption is when you find a movie that actually fits or is close to the ultrawide 21:9, e.g. Life (2017) - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5442430/

    • Heh, my setup is almost exactly the same as you: Kogan 34” main (same panel as Xiaomi), Dell 32” 4K as side monitor. :)

  • Why do you need freesync at 60hz

    • I believe the idea is variable for LOWER framerates (for when games dip lower).

      All freesync does is sync your FPS with the refresh rate of your monitor. Below 60fps (and in the freesync range) on a 60Hz panel, that benefits smoothness and removes screen tearing.

  • +2

    Any vouchers kicking around?

  • Shipping confirmed around midday today, at Depot to be delivered through Startrack. ETA tomorrow, Sydney Metro area.
    Very quick!

    • Mine's not shipped yet, but still has an ETA of today for shipment. As the OP, where's my preferential treatment? :)

      • Exactly! Might depend on where you're located? Still though, should certainly be first come, first serve. Fingers crossed yours gets shipped soon!

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