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5400 flybuys Points When You Spend $90 @ Coles


This equates to 30% cashback in total grocery bill if you have exactly $90 worth of products.

Might be targeted.

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  • 2000 for $50 ending today
    1800 for $30 ready for activation

  • +1

    Got 4400 for $110 spend
    Also had 1000 for a shop over $40
    Plus got the 110 for the shop

    Ended up with 5500 for $110

    Just bought the pantry specials

    • Round 2 I have 4400 for $110 spend 1 day expires .

  • +1

    Wow seems like everyone is different.

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    Before careful shopping at Coles Online (IMO terrible compared to WW online). If they're out of stock of an item, they'll only charge you for the delivered items so you may unintentionally not hit your spend target.

    • +2

      Yeah I was worried about that last time so spent more, but effectively worsen the value of the deal.

      Best to shop in store with a calculator.

      • +1

        I try to do rough maths in my head but i have been known to ask to leave multiple items behind once ive hit my spend target. The checkout staff never seem to be as annoyed about this as I would be if i were them!

        • I guess you know your reason - to hit a target spend. For some people asking, it may be they've hit their budget and just don't have the extra money to buy more things.

          Hard to be judgy if you don't know the reason.

    • +1

      I have rang them before when this happened and they gave me the points. Although it is a pain to do it all the time but in that case it was worth it.

      • Yea, this. I can't believe people return their whole shop or just leave thef points lol. I reach out on twitter (made an account just for this purpose) and they've credited the points to me accordingly. Only happened twice anyway.

    • Its the same for Woolies as well, I usually refuse to accept all the items and ask for full refund.

      • People have said on another thread that you can call up and they will credit you. This was even in reference to a deal which specifically stated you would only get bonus if your final spend was over the required amount. You can definitely do this with Coles.

  • 4000 for $100. Perfect timing for some grocery shopping.

  • 6600 ( $33 ) for $110 I'm in :)

  • 2800 for $70

  • 3000 for $50 spend on one card
    10000 for $190 spend on the other card

  • I got 2x1800 points for $30 spend.

    So actually 3600 points for $30 spend

    • Yeah make sure you try on the afternoon of the last day.

  • $40 1600pts

  • +3

    I received nothing :(

    • Me neither.

  • +1

    $100 for 6k points.

  • $120 for 4800 points

  • 7200 for $120

  • +3

    10000 for $90 ($30 each week for 3 weeks)

  • 6000 for $100

  • $40 for 1600 points. Same offer for the second time this week on the same account!

  • Let’s exchange some ideas what to buy, as I don’t need so much food.

    Last week used half the spend to buy Sukin face and hair products, this week I am out of ideas!

    • Connoisseur ice cream and brown rice

    • Long lasting staples that you are sure you will use, and that are on special, or that never go on special. Never goes on special: UHT milk, Coles laundry powder. If on special: zip lock bags, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, canned goods, and so forth.

  • Wife tells me ours is $120 spend for 7.2k points

  • 9500 for $150

  • Two offers activated
    750 points for 110
    8400 points for 140

  • 500 points for $50 - yeah nah thanks!

  • Got 1200 points for $30.

    But last week got 2 same offers -1800 points for $30.

  • Has anyone tried returning anything to coles lately ? Or are they still not accepting returns

    • Don’t they deduct the points when you return something to Coles?

      • +1

        Yes its deducts flybuys points but you keep the bonus points if you got any

    • Still not accepting any return!
      Included coles products marked “Try It. Love it. Or Your Money Back.”

  • 3200 for $80 here!

  • I get these the day after we shop so often.

  • 5400 for $130… the flybuys offer are really bad lately

  • I got nothing from coles again..

    • You buy too much too frequent?

      • Not often. Few small shops as usually woolies. But $240 online shop when in iso a couple weeks ago..

  • It is on my Flybuys app - 5400 flybuys Points When You Spend $90 @ Coles

  • $210 for 8,400 points.

  • +1

    Got 1800 for $30 spend. We don’t usually shop at coles

  • $260 for 10k here.

  • For anyone who prefers Organic meat, these deals are easier to meet their minimum spends and help with the overall cost to fill the freezer. Also Cleaver's Rump Steak is on special @ 15% off. I Love Stacking!!

  • 4800 for $120

  • +1

    Following offers in the family

    10k for $200 spend

    10k for $180 spend

    9k for $150 spend

  • Mine is $290 for 10k.

    Shame we spent $240 on Friday without even trying before seeing this.

    • You shopped $240 and had no offers?? My god.

      • Once you start getting over $200 regular weekly spends at Coles FlyBuy offers just just so insanely high they don't make sense.

  • 3000 points for $60 spend.

  • +2

    I did my shopping yesterday and stacked 3 different offers.
    6600 pts for $110 shop
    4000 pts for $100 shop
    1500 pts for any shop at Coles then $30 at liquor

    I gamed it pretty well, but disappointed I didn't stop at a perfect $110, actually $118 in Coles then $31 on a 4pines 6er and 4pk rekorderlig.

    • -1

      I normally take extra $2 cans or the like and return the extra to be as close to their set target as possible .
      I have a 28% off doubled stacked Woolies deal to attend to :)

    • A shame that you didn't have the Amex Platinum spend $400 over 6 months at Coles, Woolies etc. and get $400 back! hehe

    • Hahaha. Well played.

  • Collect 1,800 When you spend $30

  • $190 - 10k points.

  • +1

    I just got another one $60 - 2k points. I think that is 3 offers over 2 weeks. Driving me nutz as a one person household. Oh well, specials catalogue here I come..

  • Got spend $80 this week and get 2000 which isnt great

    Can also combine it with
    Tripple points this week
    Spend $80 a week for 3 weeks and get 10000

    So $320 for 12000 thats $60

  • Got the points immediately, woohoo!

    • That is fantastic. I always have to wait about 1-2 days to get the points. Not that I mind, they say so in the T&C anyway.