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Xcellent Global Wine Saver Pump Preserver with 6 Pcs Stoppers $9.99 (Free with Prime/ $39 Order) @ Xcellent Global Amazon


✅ Wine Saver Pump Preserver Set Includes: Wine Saver Pump and 6 Reusable rubber stoppers
✅ This wine vacuum pump is made of Stainless steel and rubber. The Pump and stopper combine together to extract the inner air from the wine bottle for keeping the wine in fresh condition.
✅Recycle - The Rubber stopper can undertake long-time and normal usage, it supports reuse when you want to use it on another bottle.
✅Lightweight - It light enough for carrying, and easy to operate. Very convenient use on many occasions.

Material: Stainless steel and Rubber

Usage: Extract the extra air from the bottle for keeping the wine in fresh

How to use:

To Keep your wine fresh:
1. Insert the stopper plug into the neck of the wine bottle until it is firmly seated.
2. Connect the wine pump with the wine stopper. One hand firmly grip the top of the bottle and base of the pump to hold them in place.
3. Continue holding the bottle while moving the handle up and down until you feel tight resistance.

Removing the wine stopper:
1. Press the pin located in the center of the wine stopper towards the edge of the stopper to release the vacuum seal.
2. Continue to hold the bottle securely while easing the stopper upwards and out of the bottle.

Package Included:
1* Wine bottle pump
6* Rubber stoppers

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  • Great price. I think I paid $5 just for one stopper.

    These are great if you can't finish a bottle in one night

  • Excellent product for quitters .. bought one thx OP

  • How do these compared with Vacu Vin, Oxo or Le Cruset vacuum pumps? I bought a cheap pump off ebay but the stoppers don't hold the vacuum and leak.

  • Xcellent bargain

  • How long are people keeping open bottles around for there to be a need for this?
    Wine bottles are finished on the day or next at my place …

    • Use mine for vermouth. No one sells the stuff in reasonable sized bottles and I've usually got a couple of bottles on the go at least for mixing different drinks.

      Doubt that these are a game changer for the life of the stuff, but they're a bit help when it comes to at least sealing a corked bottle (who the (profanity) thought it was a good idea to put a cork in a 750ml bottle of vermouth? Looking at you, Unico).

  • Spend a bit more and get Vacu Vin. Excellent product and design. You can buy additional stopper separately. I had my over ten years and still in use.

  • Have been almost $30 at one stage, bit the bullet at this price. Thanks OP

  • does it come in a box? Can I give it to my alcoholic friend?

  • These don't work. You'll never be able to remove enough air to either slow or stop the oxidation process.

    Whatever you do, please don’t buy a VacuVin or anything resembling such a device that allows you to “pump out the air from the bottle.” These devices just don’t work as advertised. Sure, they remove some air, but not enough to truly protect the wine. I’ve done various trials at home and in my experience, wines sealed with VacuVin last no longer than wines with the cork pushed a little ways back in the bottle.

    The best option is to buy a half bottle drink the contents, and reuse the half bottle. The lower air ratio will help to preserve the wine.

    • +5 votes

      I bought a Vacuvin. I then bought two identical bottles of wine, opened both at the same time, and drank the same amount from each bottle every day.

      By the third day, the un-vac-sealed bottle was undrinkable. But the Vacuvin bottle was fine.

      I kept the bottles in my fridge for 4 more months. Last week I tasted both bottles. The unvac'ed bottle was REALLY bad. The Vacuvin bottle was still bearable. It definitely didn't taste fresh, but it was nothing like the unvac'ed bottle which left a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

      $9.99 is cheap enough for you to do your own tests. :)

      • $9.99 is cheap enough for you to do your own tests. :)

        Fair enough. I'll remove my down-vote based on the price and experimentation value.

      • almost get a JJJ fun pack with that level of experimenting ;)

    • Exactly. I open a 750ml bottle, use it to fill a 375 ml bottle, which I put in the fridge. Works for at least 2 weeks. (Might last longer but have never checked. :))

  • +1 vote

    Gone already!!!