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Woolworths Chicken Kiev Garlic $1.30 Each (RRP $2.60) @ Woolworths


Use this to convert your ordinary bread into garlic bread! Just add heat. Not sure if it can be frozen for later.
Enjoy while it lasts.

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    Use this to convert your ordinary bread into garlic bread!

    Huh ???

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      With free chicken

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      Might be better to wrap it up, most leak but some I've found explode lol

      • Like a cooked grenade

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    Not sure if it can be frozen for later.

    Some people will tell you it can't.
    Some staff will tell you they're frozen when they get them.
    Some staff will tell you they're not frozen when they get them.

    In any case, I've frozen dozens of these guys over the last few sales and they've not once given me an issue.

    PS, your oven will obviously be different, but for me, I floor the thing to maximum degrees, no preheat, 25 minutes on the dot and these suckers are ready out of the fridge.

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      With that username I was expecting microwave tips…Groovy!

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        It's not TheNukeOfDukem

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        I get the reference and all, but I did actually make up a mini pizza on Saturday for a quick mike job snack. You're never gonna beat an oven pizza (and an oven pizza is never gonna beat a pizza shop pizza), but know what, turned out surprisingly decent for a fun little "mess around in the kitchen with the kiddo" kind of thing. https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/microwave-mug-pizza/

        I'm gonna try to make this chick's microwave brownie tomorrow, I've never been able to get the texture quite right the odd time I've tried making real brownies.

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      Deli staff here 👋

      If it's defrosted in the case it can't be refrozen but you can ask us to grab the ones from the freezer. If it's still frozen in the case you can refreeze :)

  • I bought a few the other day at this sale price. They weren't bad but we're strangely more cheesy than garlicky, not what I was expecting.
    But for a junk food weekend treat they still satisfied our cravings.

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    Chicken kyeahnah

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    Real Chicken Kiev should be with butter, not cheese!

  • How much would each of these weigh approx, about 150 grams?

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      I have weighed one I bought and it was ~175g

    • 150-200g usually

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    ….hopefully chicken as well!

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      PROCESSED MEAT Chicken (55%)

      • mmmm….PROCESSED MEAT Chicken. +drool+

      • 55% chicken is close enough to call it chicken

  • Handy dinner for when camping I've found. Thanks OP.

    • How do you cook them camping? Wrapped in foil and chuck it in the fire?

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    My local woolies also had a ham and cheese flavour too, for the same price

    Edit: here's the link, only works if you are signed in for some reason

  • This is a very common deal at our nearby woolies. We stopped eating it because of presence of processed meat.

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