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Apple 1.2m Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable $35 + $7.95 Postage (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


Do you have a pair of AirPods Max and don't GAF when people call you a sheep for enjoying something that they don't? Do you too enjoy it when people in the comments laugh saying that the APM are the most expensive set of headphones ever without realising that headphones can go into the tens of thousands? Do you like black? If so, this is for you! (They don't have white).

Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable to connect your AirPods Max to a 3.5mm output.

$55 at Apple. $35 at Catch. Was a little cautious that it was not original, as currently Apple are the only manufacturer of a Lightning to 3.5mm (third party 3.5mm to lightning won't work with APM because of the need for an inbuilt DAC.) Received one today though, and it is certainly genuine.


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  • Wow that Apple tax for a cable

      • from what I hear the DAC inside of it makes it reasonably priced at RRP.

        …and you hear this from where exactly?

        • Can’t find it in my bookmarks folder “Random sources for possible future internet retorts”, unfortunately.

          Oh well, like it or not, if you want to connect a pair of APM up to a 3.5mm source, there’s only one way to do it, and this way saves 36% off RRP.

  • big apple tax

  • Definitely cheaper options available.

    • UGREEN
    • 3.3ft
    • $19.99 w/ Amazon Prime
  • I've tried and can confirm you can't just use any cable or adapter, you need the special cable made by Apple

  • Boy the price! Does it come with an Apple iPhone with it?

  • So Apple, created a problem. Didn't include the cable required to solve said problem, and charge 10x the price to solve their own made up problem. I genuinely don't understand the appeal to these headphones. I actually like apple, and have several of their products, but this is a little ridiculous.

    • Well there's no problem… if you have an iPhone. Apple doesn't care if you want to connect these to something with a 3.5mm jack. But they will sell you cable regardless.

    • I don’t see the point in paying extra for wireless earphones and then paying extra again to make them wired. Wired ones would be much cheaper from the beginning if that’s what you wanted haha

      • As above, these aren't for earphones. They're for headphones.

        • Interchangeable term to most people mate, the point is still perfectly valid regardless of if he called them earcup sound makers.

          • @ONEMariachi: But they aren't interchangeable.

            If they are being used interchangeably then that comment (and the one above) are VERY biased. (Edited this to that to hopefully make clear I'm referring to the comment you and I are both replying to).

            Not once have I ever heard a person complain about a pair of wireless headphones coming with a 3.5mm aux port. (In fact, one of the common complaints of the AirPods Max was that they don't come with a way of plugging them in to be wired by default.) Yet all of a sudden it is silly to want to plug a set of wireless cans into something that doesn't support bluetooth? So either the comment is using a bad faith argument to be highly biased about Apple, or it is praising Apple for not including the cable in the first place because "what's the point of buying wireless headphones only to plug them in?"

            I think rather the previous commenter didn't notice that these AirPods were the headphone type (they are relatively new, after all). I agree with him that paying extra for wireless earphones only to turn them into wired would be silly. For no other reason than it would look kind of ridiculous. I would also buy a different set. But paying extra for wireless headphones, and wanting to use them with a different range of devices? Of course people do that.

            • @Morien: You don't get to decide how people use language mate. That's not how it works. I understand the term is wrong, but a large percentage of people use them interchangeably. Just like people use the word literally when meaning figuratively. It's dumb, but doesn't change the reality that that is language evolving. It's not for you or I to decide if it is or isn't interchangeable.

              Further on,

              At the end of the day, the point is still very valid though. Paying triple the price for Apple branded wireless headphones, that don't have a feature you want (literally every single other ear-muff-sound-creators have them), and if you are happy to waste 3 times the price for headphones that have the same capabilities as $300 pairs, then you have the money to buy a separate wired headphones that would be significantly better experience for the purpose- so buying a cable is still weird behavior (or even trying to save $10 on said cable, after having overspent $500 on the headphones in the first place is beyond absurd.)

              Of course, people are absolutely able to buy whatever headphones they want- everyone understands this, it is their right to do so. No one is saying they can't. However this is a forum, and expressing these opinions for those less in the know is the whole point of a place like this. So stating that a pair of XM3/4's (which are the same in every way to the Airpods- but include the standard aux input) + a pair of HD600's, would be virtually identical in pricing, and give you a far superior experience. Is as equally as valid a perspective to take on said post as is the wish to want to buy said headphones in the first place.

              • @ONEMariachi: I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. Words have meaning, and while no, I don’t get to decide how that language develops over time, it is better for me to understand his meaning before giving a counterpoint (like that people do use their wireless headphones however they want).

                If he meant headphones, I disagree. If he meant earphones, I agree. If he responded saying “I know this cable is for headphones and not earphones”, then I might reply by saying “then this is my use case”. If he responded by saying “oops, didn’t notice”, then I haven’t jumped down his throat”.

                If you want to make your point about the XM4 + HD600 combo, then ok, fair enough. But we can pretend any point is a good one if we say the words meant different things.

                • @Morien:

                  But we can pretend any point is a good one if we say the words meant different things.

                  This is a bullshit response and you know it. Now you're just being stubborn. I'm going to leave this conversation here, but I genuinely think you need to be less of a pedant, and actually try too have proper organic conversations with people like you so claimed you were trying to do, because it doesn't seem like you are in fact trying to do that, when you immediately turn around and go, nuh uh, you're wrong. With no real substance. The above sentence is an extremely childish response and is discussing in extremely bad faith. Have a good hard think about it.

                  • @ONEMariachi: Ok ok. To be fair. No, I wasn’t trying to have a conversation. Really, I was trying to share a bargain. I didn’t post this in the forum section, after all.

  • Or - you can find a pair of Apple lightning headphones - run over by a car on the street. A quick resolder with a jack socket and voila!!!!

    • Haha. That's not bad. Won't work, though. AirPods max's need an analogue source to be converted to digital, that DIY cable (and all of the other cables mentioned by people) will only take a digital source and convert it to analogue.