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[Preorder, Switch] New Pokemon Snap, Super Mario 3D World Bowsers Fury, Monster Hunter Rise $29ea w/ 2 Games Trade-in @ EB Games


Get the following Nintendo Switch games for $29ea when you trade in 2 selected games;

Full list of 1000+ eligible games can be found here. Full credit and a big thank you to Puglife

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    Anyone got a list of games?

    These deals would be so much easier if EB just put out a list of games

    • Someone posted a list for the Cyberpunk deal before. I called them and almost none of the ones I tried were eligible.

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      Agreed. I've never bothered to do these offers as I always expected that any genuine discount off the new game would be lost in poor trade-in values.

      • Yeah, I feel better off selling the games on Gumtree and cover the full price of the game

  • I grabbed quite a few games from recent Ebgames clearance. Buy one get one promotion all the games I bought is valued more than $10. Which is well worth trying. I basically got Super Mario 3D and Monster Hunter Rise for 39$ each after trading four games which I bought individually for $5 each. In short it is a great deal if the games you are trading is off sales item.

    • The ones I got were all under $10 value, guess I was unlucky. I had watchdogs 2, farcry new dawn, sparklite, big bash boom( only $1 lol).

      • I don't think you were unlucky, I am guessing the games EB wants is games that you can sell easily on market place of Gumtree for $30+ so basically, is somewhere $30+$30+$29 to get their offer.

    • Hey, what games did you trade in? thanks :)

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        I traded Warriors Orichi 4, Man of Medan,One Punch Man and one more can't remember. But they were all $10 or $11 cheers

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    I got Super Mario 3D World Bowsers Fury on pre order straight up with trade in as it comes with pre order bonuses (steel case and stickers) which i am fairly certain will go for a bit separately on eBay.

    • You'd be wrong - usually ebgames exclusive Steelcase are landfill worthy

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      Didn't realise Super Mario 3D has a Steelcase preorder bonus. Will cancel my Amazon Order and preorder from EB Games.

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        You can also get it from Gamesmen but they dont come with the sticker set however it is cheaper.

        • Just missed your comment.

          Already pre-ordered from EB Games (as I assumed it was EB Games Exclusive). Will have to try to cancel/price-match my order.


  • Most games listed at the pre-owned price of $28 or greater will qualify

    • some of those games they have listed would sell for double if not triple the price on ebay alone than the value of Mario 3D world.

      • True. I'm just giving people a rough idea what games would qualify. This deal cost me $39. Its a good deal if you can find some games cheap

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    Here is an updated list of eligible games. List updated on 2/2/2021

    • Now to work out which 2 of those games are on sale and buyable to make total cost sub $50

      • I used Pillars Of Eternity 2. I paid $9 in a recent sale from E.B. it can be bought for $9.95 but is very limited. Also Kingdoms Of Amalur, but again is hard to find. Some games you may find cheap on FB/Gumtree are things like Need For Speed, No Mans Sky, Outer Worlds, Batman Arkham Knight, Ark or one of the Assassins Creed Games.

        • +1

          Thanks for the list! It helped alot. Ended up picking up Batman Arkham Knight for $9 and Borderlands The Handsome Collection for $10.

          Ozbargain in me had to pay using Suncorp Benefits 6% off EB Games gift cards, so in total I paid $46.26 for New Pokemon Snap

    • You are a legend

    • i actually have 2 3DS games in teh trade list i got from EB games clearance for $4.95 each LOL

      • which ones?

        • Kirbys Epic Yarn and yokai Watch 2

          But I might also trade in my Animal Crossing New Leaf and happy home for pokemon snap.

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            @SpeedRunnerLink: Kirbys Epic Yarn is a steal for $4.95

            As for trading those two games for pokemon snap, I wouldnt trade New Leaf as that game alone is worth $40+ second hand.

            • @brandogs: Sounds good, prob sell them off seperate and then buy snap when its on sale.

    • Thanks @Puglife

      Is it worth trading in

      Sushi striker NS
      Saint row re elected NS

      For Mario 3d world?

      I got those at $5, $10 respectively, not sure if I should keep them. Those are not my cup of tea either

  • can't seem to order for pick up? websites pushing me a delivery option. anyone else having the same issue?

    • I went in store to do the order from EB Games with no additional charge for postage.

      confirmed there is a very limited about of game cases available so its first come first serve

  • Just finished it, its ok but pretty short if you have already done on Wii U. Bowsers fury doesn't have a lot to it.

  • Not sure about the other 2 games but Super Mario 3D World Bowsers Fury has a cut off date to trade towards on 18 February.

  • Does anyone know if they take disc only games or do they lose value?

    • What do you mean?

      They take 3DS, Switch, XB1 and PS4 games

      Full list of 1000+ eligible titles

      Edit: Do you mean disk without the game case?

      • Yes without the case, I know they sell them with diff cases but like will my game go under the $10 value? anyone had experience?

        • Best just to call your local store and ask if it affects value. My best guess would be yes it would as it isn't in resellable condition as they would have to supply a new case for it

        • All the games I used for the trade in deal were worth exactly $10, I did use games worth more than $10 and what they did is took $2 off for each game without a cover or that it was scratched (even tho they weren’t, but what can you do).

          Is best to take your games and talk to them about charging you the $2 off without taking it from the trade in value of $10 or more.

          • @kazuyamishima: Yeah I ended up finding a spare case and they still charged me the $2 should've jsut kept the case.

            Atleast it didn't take value off the game so still counted towards the deal, just cost 31 for the game that's all

  • Almost every switch game to ever exist is on the trade list. Even rubbish like Just Dance 2017, which used to sell in bargain bins for $10.

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