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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 & Gigabyte B550M GAMING $379 Delivered/Free with mVIP/Pickup @ Mwave


The >=$200 purchase free delivery (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Metros only) ends at Thursday 11/2 11:59PM.

A very good bundle deal if you include the free delivery.

Ryzen 5 3600 tray ver. $280 or retail ver. $315.
Gigabyte B550M GAMING $145.

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    A decent mid-range combo given the current environment

    • I currently have a Ryzen 5 2600 and B450 Tomahawk combo. Would it be worth upgrading to this?

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        Depends what your workload is but it's unlikely to make much difference. If it's for gaming unless you're already running a 2080/3070 and looking at improving high framerate gaming there's not going to be any noticeable difference.

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        High fps 1080p gaming - upgrade to 5600X, your motherboard (will) supports Zen3.
        1440p gaming - upgrade GPU and then upgrade to 3600.

        • by 1440p, you mean 2560x1440 or 3440x1440 ?

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            @jianh: 2560, the same would apply to 3440 too.

          • @jianh: I always assumed 1440p to be 2560x1440, I usually see 3440x1440p referred to as 1440p UW

  • Great deal I have the same setup solid mobo

  • It seems they don't have free delivery for SA…

    • My bad, I've updated the description.

  • Thanks, purchased. Have been looking to upgrade since I brought the 3060Ti and feeling bottlenecked by the 6 years old i5-4590

    • I recently switched out my i3-4150 for an i7-4770. Suddenly I could start playing 4 year old games properly (Assassin's Creed Origins was glitching like anything and Doom was taking forever to load while the CPU ran at 100% all the time).

      Granted, the 4130 wasn't a good CPU to begin with and it was never meant to be my gaming CPU. I just never got around to replacing it.

      • I was looking at upgrading my kid's PC from i5-4590 to i7-4790K but it's around $200-240 not including CPU cooler for a second hand CPU. I decided I'd much rather upgrade motherboard, RAM and CPU and go AMD as I can then pass on my 3700X CPU when I upgrade to a 5800X maybe next year.

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          Yeah, one reason I went the 4770, paid less than $100 used for it (I think $80+post, overclockers australia forums). The 4790k would have maxed it out but an extra $150 for 15% more clocks wasn't worth it.

          Running a low profile, silent cooler so never would have gotten much out of an overclock anyway.

  • What ram would be good with this purchase also is the stock cooler sufficient for gaming? Ive seen and heard that it can get quite hot and loud. If so what aftermarket cooler would you guys reccomend?

    Does this discount make it better than a 10400f combo?

    • +1

      If it gets close to 10400f in price. The Intel is 198 aud atm on alliance computer eBay but the motherboard costs another 100 bucks. Intel still cheaper.

      • I missed that computer alliance deal on Intel i5 yesterday. This deal looks good also.

    • Don’t even think about putting the stock cooler on. Mine was purchased last week, with stock cooler it gets 45 degree when idle!
      Shot straight up to 95 degrees (and throttled) when gaming. Reinstalled twice suspecting thermal paste issue, same result.
      Got a hyper 212 on it, idles at 35 and games at 75. If I over clock it to 4.4ghz I get about 10% boost but +10 degrees when under load. Still pretty stable in every way.

      I used g skills 3600mhz 2x8gb. Ram is not very important u won’t feel much difference on the MHz.

  • Damn it. I literally ordered my upgrade parts yesterday, this would have been perfect.

  • What does the M in B550M stand for? Is it mini? Is this a mini motherboard?

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      Micro ATX - inbetween ATX (standard full size) and Mini ITX.

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    A good solid deal. I just got a 9600k and z390 board for $350. 9600k a bit better than the 3600 for gaming and does well with higher speed rams. If I didn't have the Intel and was still looking I'd jump at this deal. It's very good

    • Did u get them new or used?

      • Brand new

  • OoS :(

  • Missed this :(

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      I just missed the Intel i5 deal a day before. Then yesterday this deal came up. You might get a better deal by waiting…

      • thanks mate! fingers crossed something comes up soon :)

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          Hopefully mwave puts a discount on their i5 10400f bundles i feel like its better than the ryzen 3600