This was posted 8 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bonsoy Organic Soy/Almond Milk 1L $3.90 ($3.51 S&S; Min Order Qty 3) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


It's not as cheap as they've been in the past, but better than WW/Coles when on special.


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    Honest question, how does this fare against a cheaper alternative (example: ALDI soy 1L milk for ~$1.09)?

    • I've tried a lot of different brands and Bonsoy is my favourite in terms of taste, but taste is subjective so you may not think it's worth paying a premium for.

    • Taste and texture wise, its the best there is. I buy in bulk when theres sales so I rarely pay full price. Cheaper alternatives are watery and bland.

    • Vitasoy is 2nd best in my opinion and usually around $2.80 from Woolies or Coles

      • Yeah vitasoy soy is never below$3 these days (at least the last 1-2 years so screw them, Chinese company too.

        Bonsoy is the best, taste and ingredients, worth spending a bit more particularly if you use it froth for coffee.

        I noticed vitasoy barista was half price at Coles the other day @2$ , grabbed one for the Work fridge. The lost of ingredients are a bit more nasty

    • What's your use case? This is best for coffee (re soy milk… Oat milk is better for coffee imo though). Other soy milks are better and more cost effective for other purposes.

  • I was surprise to see this particular brand soy milk at local Aldi for $3.95.

  • This is the BEST vegan milk alternative you can buy. No other alternative even comes close to the creamy fullness of Bonsoy's products.

    • You haven't had happy happy soy boy. That's probably what most f off pretencious cafes in melb serve these days

      • I haven't.. Where is it sold?

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      Oatly is far superior in my opinion and oat milk doesn't burn and coagulate as easily in coffee as soy.

      • I'll have to look into this one too. I use my milk for cereal/protein shakes - is this oat milk still creamy?

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          Creamier! It's pretty expensive for cereal/protein shakes. I reserve it for coffee. I have the vitasoy Calciplus soy milk for my cereal/shakes.

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        agreed Oatly tastes amazing but has Blackstone as a major shareholder that part owns companies responsible for deforestation in the amazon if that's anything you care for. The alternative milk Co makes really great oat milk too that heavily rivals Oatly.

        If anyone has any questions related to milks I'm a barista so shoot away lol

        • Oh what serious? That's wild and very unexpected. No ethical consumption tho so… Swings and roundabouts.

          I like alternative but it's harder to find and buy. Alternative is second best for me, not far behind oatly but still behind it. Least they're made in aus too. You're shipping oatly from miles away which is ridiculous.

          Also worth noting alternative is owned by sanitarium which is a pretty dodgy """company""".

          • @DisabledUser220804: Yeah, I also don’t buy any products that are owned publicly on a stock exchange.

            Often there are criminal enterprises that are involved in buying shares even if indirectly via index funds.

            To get around the problem, I bought a cow and get the milk fresh and without any possibility of allowing the bad elements in society profit from my purchases.

            Don’t worry, I requested for police check from the farmer from whom I bought my cow. Nothing like farm fresh milk.

      • Gave oatly a try this week. It was ok, but not for me, back to Bonsoy.

  • Cheers OP, needed to stock up

  • Where are these for $2 on special at small grocers, I bought 50 of these from somewhere I cannot remember where and they were $2 each.

    I’ve heard discussions they’re in Newtown for $2ea as well, anyone care to share

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    i don't trust them

  • Packaging makes me think it's a cigarette brand…

    • No wonder. Cigarette companies in 50’s pretended to be healthy similar to these white piss

  • Forgot to place an order yesterday, missed it. Good deal nonetheless.