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Bonsoy Organic Soy Milk 1L $3.15 S&S (Min. 3 Qty) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Same as last time, enjoy!

Start the day right and treat yourself by making your morning coffee with some decent soy or almond milk.

Woolworths also have them for $3.50 each if you don't have Amazon Prime.

Mod Note: Deal marked as expired, as both items are on back-order therefore no more 'Subscribe & Save'.

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  • Does the price get locked in for you every month if you choose S&S ? Or does it revert to whatever price is at the time your new order comes out ?

    • Unfortunately not, if the price changes between now and your next order, you will pay the updated price instead of the original amount.

      • Thank you.

        • Some may consider this unfair, but I suppose that's the price we must pay (pardon the pun) for being able to modify/cancel the subscription as we please.

          • @Lorindor: You can also skip the delivery if the price is higher than what you can get at Aldi or when coles/woolies have it on special. I am on a subs but skipped it this time as the total was close to paying it in full price.

    • It's floating price for both S&S and non-S&S.

    • Just have to monitor the price coming up to the next subscibe and save dispatch I assume and hope on sale?
      Mine shipped with the same price and don't think it was on sale but can't be sure. Signed up for every 2 months for 6 but need to get a few in between

  • Note that there is no cashback on subscribe and save.

  • Love the soy version now time to try the almond 👍 thanks OP!

  • Pretty good deal if I didn't already buy like 8 cartons of milk with this deal.

  • The Woolworths branded soy milk is also a good alternative at $1.60 w/ a high % of soybeans and no filler junk like most of the other brands.

    • High % of soybeans but IMO low % of taste.

      People gotta stop comparing soymilks generally. It's like comparing music. Without specific indicators it's just a matter of personal preference.

    • It's not bad, but I much prefer Woolworths branded Soy milk. Easier to froth too.

  • How does this compare to So Good?

  • I ordered 6 of the soy on S&S and my first payment is only $8.90. It said I had $12.10 of promotions applied but I'm not sure where the extra promo credit came from. I already used my $10 promotional credit for a different purchase.. Any ideas?

    • I also received this, but just assumed it was a left-over gift card credit.

      • I used my original $10 credit on some headphones. One of my friends also got the credit for the gift card offer, but ended up getting another $10 credit applied shortly after for some unknown reason. I wonder if I got another $10 applied like he did, but didn't realise. Weird!

  • When attempting to select quantity, my screen gets greyed out.

    Happens in both the app and in the browser, anyone else have the same?

    • Yes. Same. I still did the S&S but just clicking on set it up now, I think it's called,it automatically selects three and one month, then from that page adjust the time and quantity. It's the first box where it says, something like, save 10%.
      I selected 4 cartons and 6 months so when it arrives, I can cancel.

      • Glad I'm not the only one.

        Thanks for the workaround, I ended up using VNC to access my PC and place the order on desktop, which worked.

        Never had this issue before, hope it's fixed soon.

  • Will all respect, is it really worth buying almond milk?

    Can't you just make it yourself at home easily - i.e. almonds + water into blender.

    • Isn't it the same with any plant milk?

      • or you could milk any mammal potentially if you had one

        • Reminds me of….
          Lister: What kind of milk are we using now?
          Holly: Emergency back-up supply. We're on the dog's milk.
          Lister: Dog's milk?!
          Holly: Nothing wrong with dog's milk. Full of goodness, full of vitamins, full of marrowbone jelly. Lasts longer than any other type of milk, dog's milk.
          Lister: Why?
          Holly: No bugger'll drink it. Plus, of course, the advantage of dog's milk is that when it goes off, it tastes exactly the same as when it's fresh.

        • Yeah but you're forgetting you need to get the semen from masturbated males, then stick your hand up the female's arse to position the vagina and cervix properly so that the inserted sperm gun gets to the right place and delivers its load properly, then have her hang around months on end till her child grows inside her womb, then have her birth the child, then take the child away and have it killed so you can take mum's milk, then stick milking machines on mum's boobies, ignore her mastitis and other afflictions (unless it increases somatic cell count in the milk to the point of it being illegal to sell, in which case you don't let the animal rest, rather you just administer antibiotics because hey, time is money and an animal without milk or something else to steal from give ain't worth keeping alive right?), then pasteurise the milk unless you want to risk it, then slap on some sticker about my uncles happy farm with pictures of rolling hills and talk about strong bones which humans apparently never had until about 10000 years ago when we started milking other mammals from other species for the first time in our entire evolutionary history but is now necessary and a sign of manliness and helps prevent manboobs, then repeat the process again when mum starts drying up, or dispose of her by grinding her up into hamburger patties and using her skin for appointments in your car seats and leather-clad diaries and boiling up her bones and cartilage to use in gummy bears because she's cheaper than the alternatives, because she's essentially a waste product when she's got less milk to take from than the next generation's girls.

          So not really easy compared to buying a carton of almond milk.

        • "You tried to milk him, didn't you Focker?"

    • Convenience?

    • Is it really worth buying eggs?

      Can't you make them yourself at home easily - i.e. chickens in a coop?

  • "The quantity limit for Bonsoy Soy Milk 1 Litre is 6. You can order up to that number of the item in any 7 day period."

    Ordered 6, but I wanted to order more. Meh.

    • I setup the 6 S&S then a week or 2 later a cheaper S&S deal showed up and I grabbed that one, so now I get 12 a month (on the same date, in a single box), that's 1/2 my requirement at least, might try again on this deal.

      Not sure if I managed to glitch it or it's a 'feature'

      Edit: just added another 6 S&S from this link, looks like I now have 3x of 6 S&S @ $3.15 ea (but if you try to do it several times on the same day it doesn't seem to work)

  • I don't think this soy milks fortified, and for that price Aldi low fat soy milk sounds godly.

    Oh it's all I buy.

  • So there's zero consequences if I do 1 order then immediately cancel the S&S? That's wild

    • If you cancel the subscription before they ship it they'll cancel the order. Wait until you get the 'dispatched' email and then cancel.

  • no more almond milk in subscribe and save, only available instantly; but says 2-4 weeks to ship at $3.50 each.

    I noticed they use roast almond paste for the milk which was interesting to see.

  • can someone double check that the almond milk can't be S&S anymore? I can't see it on my login but wonder if its because i previously had a S&S for this that i cancelled.

  • my only gripe is no resealable mechanism. If they make a turn cap I'd have this in the pantry constantly.

  • No available anymore :(

  • Expired soy milk? Doesn't sound very appealing..

  • Ordered yesterday, delivered on the GC today… I assume we have a local distribution warehouse now.