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Bonsoy Organic Soy (Min 2) / Almond Milk (Min 5) 1L $3.50 ($3.15 Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Amazon/Woolworths


At $3.15 with Subscribe & Save it's basically as cheap as it gets, previous $3.15 deal. However minimum purchase quantity is now 2.

Edit 6pm - Soy Milk Sold Out Amazon. Almond Milk still available.

Alternatively $3.50 at Woolworths: Soy or Almond in store or online with click & collect (Min order $30) / Delivery.

How to get free subscribe & save delivery without prime?

Edit: It's been discovered you must have an active subscription to receive free delivery with sub & save, you can reactivate an inactive/cancelled subscription if need be. See here

Click on "First Delivery on 'Day Month'" and ensure "Get it with your next Subscribe & Save delivery, with 10% savings and free shipping." is clicked when selecting subscribe & save; if you don't have prime. You can also select your subscribe & save date here. Once your item has shipped, it's safe to cancel your subscription here.

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  • Almond too for the hipsters

    • Thank you, will add that in.

    • How 2020. Soy was hipster only a couple of years ago.

    • Almond seems to have min quantity of 5 rather than the 2 which the soy has.

    • That’s too mainstream. It’s macadamia nuts milk now.

      • Is this really a thing? Like I couldn't care if folks drink yaks milk for all I care.

        People are to conscientious about others.

        • Yeah. I was drinking soy milk most of my life before it was cool (we were taught as kids how to make soy milk from scratch with 100% soy beans and water). Macadamia nut milk is actually quite nice if you are not allergic to nuts… it’s just me but because it has a creamy taste as a nut compared to others (cashews or almonds etc) the milk is creamier tasting too

    • almond is old fashion. try oat milk

  • I wish they had a lid/cap.

    • Yep, such a pain. I pour it out into a separate jug because of this issue

      • Why?

        It's easier to recycle without a lid, and just as easy to use use. If you cut decently it's a better pour than from a round hole. As for protecting the contents - I leave this stuff out all day without fear of it going off.

        • We used to put it in the fridge door but occasionally would get drips of bonsoy on the floor in front of the fridge from opening/closing.

        • Either you don’t store it at the fridge door or you don’t have kids slamming fridge doors.

          I don’t even put eggs in the door trays now.

          • @slowmo: Cut a tiny tiny hole and squeeze it out works well

          • @slowmo:

            Either you don’t store it at the fridge door or you don’t have kids slamming fridge doors.

            I do/have both. Never had a problem. Don't know if it means anything but I usually store it with the short side without the spout parallel to and closest to the door, but not religiously, and both at the hinge end and the opening end.

    • Such a pain. Cut the hole too big, potential lost of freshness. Cut the hole too small, hard to control the flow leading to spillage.

      I use a fold back clip after opening, it helps but not leak proof.

      They can really learn from Vitasoy.

    • Use an office binder clip. Stops drips

  • How to get free subscribe & save delivery without prime?

    I can't see the options. Specifically "Get it with your next Subscribe & Save delivery, with 10% savings and free shipping." I do see "You save 10% on auto-deliveries for this item through Subscribe and Save" but nothing about free delivery.

    (I normally won't buy from amazon but if they're paying for the delivery at $3.15 / carton then let them do so.)

    • Hmm okay, this happened to someone last time. I'll ask a few others. It's supposed to offer free shipping even without prime as per here

      Each scheduled shipment is free. If you want your first shipment sooner, you can either meet the minimum spend or pay the usual fee.

      As long as you let it shipped on your scheduled subscribe & save date.

    • Same for me. I remember doing it many months ago. I think they may have removed it or If possible can somebody guide us in the right direction?

      • I'm seeing the same issue now without prime, even though all the subscribe & save documentation says delivery is free still. I tried activating an inactive subscription to see if that would fix it, but no good. Last time the user was told this was a system glitch, not sure if it's true or it's removed on purpose. I'll just edit the deal for now as it seems too problematic.

        • Mine just started working again somehow on Almond Milk:

          One-time purchase:$3.50
          Subscribe & Save: 10%
          You save 10% on auto-deliveries for this item through Subscribe and Save. Learn more
          First delivery on 19 Sep change

          Click "Change" and ensure "Get it with your next Subscribe & Save delivery, with 10% savings and free shipping." is selected.

          I add a different sub & save product to my cart as a test, which had free shipping, then came back to this listing and notice it was also working.

      • I worked it out for future reference.

        You have to have an active subscription, if not the select date section here won't load and you can't change it to free delivery. I reactivated an old subscription and set next delivery date to feb 2021, just for the sake of being able to order with sub & save until then. Still quite messy and makes it even more difficult to explain, but it works.

  • I wish I could get 24, as that's about how much I use in a month, I don't see why they limit it on a monthly sub

    • Just under one a day?

      That’s a lot of soy. Woah. My manboobs would be even bigger with all the Extra estrogen.

      • Actually it isn't that clear that soy has an estrogen effect.

        As a phytoestrogen - it can bind to the estrogen receptor, but it may also block actual estrogen from having an effect.

      • +3 votes

        You'd need cows milk and its mammalian oestrogen to do that much pectoral pumping.

  • What's so good about Bonsoy brand almond milk compared to Australian made ones?

    • Yes or this vs Blue diamond almond milk? They usually go on special for around a dollar?

    • It tastes distinctly different to other brands like So Good, Vitasoy, Woolies brand etc. It's really nice and creamy. I wish it was the same price as the others though!

    • Amount of actual soybeans used is much higher at 14% so it tastes better, and it has less emulsifiers and preservatives that cause reactions in some people

      • Ahh yes this too, I remember seeing a few popular soy milk products having only around 4% soy beans. Even if other soy milks have similar amounts of soy beans, it still tastes quite different. It's all personal preference though!

    • how does it compare to the generic aldi, woolie, coles brand

    • Has the extra ingredient "job's tear" which I believe makes the soy milk more creamy like (probably taste thicker too)

  • I tried this and to be honest, personally, I prefer the Aldi ones.

  • Soy milk bit better for an environment and health.

    Taste? that's a different point of view

  • My fav milk for coffee <3

  • If you drink soy milk by itself, I would recommend getting the refrigerated soy milks (in a 2L plastic carton) from Asian grocers. They are a lot cremier than these box ones, and normally doesn't have any additives at all.

    • But added sugar cane. I mean you can get the non added sugar but they taste like crap!

    • I wouldn’t call them creamier, they are more watery if anything. They also have that strong soya bean taste which may not be everyone’s cup of tea especially if one wants their soy milk to be milk’s substitute for coffee, tea or drink it straight.

  • Too slow again today.

    Soy milk is gone

  • How's Bonsoy almond milk compared to Milklab?

  • Soy milk back in stock at $3.42 with sub & save now, for those still looking.